Sampling Cooler/ Enfriador de Muestros/ Cooler for Samples for Feeding Water

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Product Description:

Sampling cooler used for boiler room or soda assay sample cooling

 power station, the water in the boiler and heating system mostly 

higher temperature, and high temperature is not convenient to 

sampling, also not easy to determine, in the sample should be cool,

so let's introduce the sample of sampling point sampling cooler for 

cooling, general requirements to ensure traffic in the 500-700 ml/min, 

the sample can take a 30 to 40 degrees cold, satisfy the People's 

Republic of China power industry standard DL/T 457-457.
Sampling tubes adopt stainless steel tube, can not use carbon steel or 

brass tube, in order to avoid the sample is in the process of sampling

tube of metal corrosion products pollution.
Sampling cooler is suitable for the high temperature of the liquid and 

gas media such as sampling, has a compact structure, high heat transfer

efficiency, convenient washing, long service life, etc.

Specifications and Models:

QYL-133/0.3 QYL-159/0.35 QYL-219/0.45 0.38 QYL-273/0.55

1: sampler for stainless steel tube and shell for carbon steel.
2: the sample cooling pipe generally choose diameter 10, 12, 14, 16, 18mm 

(or the user specified) interface optional welding and flange, 

cooling water interface for DN25, external thread.
3: the general selection is often: QYL - 159/0.32, and QYL QYL - 219/0.40-273/0.54.
4: whether to need to be combined (i.e., whether to support, water tank, valves, etc.).

Types of sampling

1. Boiler water sampling
Boiler water sample generally removed from the sound of continuous 

drainage tube, led to the cooler again.Sampling points should be near 

the outfall to elicit the exit of the drum, as far as possible and as far 

as possible in a drum derivation after first before discharge valve.
2. Water sampling
After water sampling points generally located in the feed water pump, 

high pressure feed pipe economizer before, should be in a small pipe, 

vertical pipe to pipe connect water supply samples which led to the 

sampling cooler.After water sample tube should be located in feed

water dosing enough to each position.

3. The water sampling
Water sampling points on general in the exit of the condensate pump,

the condensate pipeline, should not be installed in the entrance of the 

condensate pump, because of the entrance of the condensate pump 

pressure below atmospheric pressure.
4. The hydrophobic sampling
Hydrophobic general sampling in the drain tank.Sampling points are usually 

located in around 300 mm from the bottom of the drain tank.
Samples by sampling cooler, 5 will steam condenses into water.Steam in the sampler 

flow generally for 20 to 30 kg/h.Demand for sample which leads to the catheter and 

cooler, the same as the water sampling.


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