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I need to do a 400 square meters' artificial grass purchasing for our school, but I got different prices from different dealer, which one should choose?
After I bought my artificial grass last year, I realize the more expensive, the better quality.
Which is the best man-made lawn?
In the choice of artificial turf brand, you need to know about the quality of enterprises, enterprise life is not more than 10 years, which results in the country, has had a national and even the world above the level of the site, how much is the registered capital of an enterprise.
I see many artificial grass suppliers are from China, but considering the quality, is China really the best place to buy it?
Yes, I think so. China can provide very competitive price with good quality artificial grass.
What are the advantages of aluminum foil rubber tube?
High-grade appearance, clean, generous, especially for supermarkets, exhibition centers, gifted education courses, workshops and other non-ceiling construction sites. UV protection, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant. Has excellent resistance to water vapor permeability, can maintain the original thermal conductivity. Greatly improving the life of the product.
what problem need to pay attention to Artificial turf installation?
Artificial lawn or rubber filler material is commonly sand particles. Sometimes a mix of both, the proportion of the two on the basis of the case may be. Usually 70% to 70% of mixed rubber particles + sand.
How can I choose artificial grass for my dog?
Have no idea of that.
Football artificial grass , what are the features and advantages, how to maintain?
Home decoration wooden floor how to choose?
The surface resistance: the floor because there is no wear layer or abrasion resistance is very low and is called false floors, the floor on the surface, and the composite floor really no difference, sanded several times, will find the decorative patterns are polished and white immediately. This kind of floor is a fake floor. If many people in your family, don't pay attention to maintenance, can choose some high wear resistance; but if you pay more attention to the maintenance of the floor, the floor is strong, hardware wear fewer opportunities, choose a relatively low wear resistance may be more affordable. Household wear resistant revolutions at 6000 rpm or more.. Use sandpaper brush, poor quality is very easy to find. The abrasion resistance of composite flooring mainly depends on the coating of three alumina crystals (commonly known as precious stones). The higher the content of three aluminum oxide per unit area, the higher the content of wear of the two aluminum.