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We provide various types of geomembrane products, free samples and the latest product quotation according to your needs. We are a geomembrane supplier from China, and we can provide you with factory prices and various inspection certificates.

What is geomembrane?

Geomembrane takes plastic film as the anti-seepage base material, and is compounded with non-woven fabric. The anti-seepage performance of new material geomembrane mainly depends on the anti-seepage performance of plastic film. Plastic films for anti-seepage applications at home and abroad mainly include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), EVA (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer). In tunnel applications, ECB (ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt blend geomembrane) is designed and used. They are polymer chemical flexible materials with small proportion, strong extensibility, high adaptability to deformation, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and good frost resistance.

Characteristics of geomembrane

The composite geomembrane is made of plastic film as the anti-seepage base material and non-woven fabric. Its anti-seepage performance mainly depends on the anti-seepage performance of the plastic film. Plastic films used for seepage prevention at home and abroad mainly include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), which are polymer chemical flexible materials with small proportion, strong extensibility, high deformation adaptability, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and good frost resistance.

The service life of composite geomembrane is mainly determined by whether the plastic film has lost its anti-seepage and water separation function. According to the national standard of the Soviet Union, the polyethylene film with a thickness of 0.2m and stabilizer for hydraulic engineering can work for 40 to 50 years in clean water and 30 to 40 years in sewage. Therefore, the service life of composite geomembrane is sufficient to meet the service life of dam anti-seepage requirements.

Scope of application of geomembrane

Zhoutou reservoir dam was originally a core dam, but due to dam collapse, the upper part of the core wall was disjointed. In order to solve the problem of seepage prevention in the upper part, an anti-seepage inclined wall was added. According to the safety demonstration and analysis of Zhoutou reservoir dam, in order to solve the problem of weak seepage surface and dam foundation leakage caused by multiple landslides of the dam, seepage prevention bodies such as bedrock curtain grouting, contact surface grouting, backfill curtain of grab sleeve well and high-pressure jet grouting seepage prevention board wall are adopted in vertical seepage prevention. The upper inclined wall is covered with composite geomembrane for seepage prevention. The lower part is connected with the vertical cut-off wall and the upper part is 358.0m high.

Performance characteristics of HDPE geomembrane

1. HDPE geomembrane is a flexible waterproof material with high anti-seepage coefficient (1 × 10-17cm/s);

2. HDPE geomembrane has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and its operating environment temperature is 110 ℃ at high temperature and - 70 ℃ at low temperature;

3. HDPE geomembrane has good chemical stability and can resist the corrosion of strong acid, alkali and oil. It is a good anti-corrosion material;

4. HDPE geomembrane has a very high tensile strength, so that it has a very high tensile strength to meet the needs of high standard engineering projects;

5. HDPE geomembrane has strong weather resistance, strong anti-aging performance, and can be used naked for a long time to maintain the original performance;

6. Overall performance of HDPE geomembrane. HDPE geomembrane has strong tensile strength and elongation at break, enabling it to be used under various adverse geological and climatic conditions. Strong strain force to adapt to geological uneven settlement;

7. HDPE geomembrane is made of high-quality original plastic and carbon black particles without any preservatives. HDPE has been used in China to replace PVC as the raw material of food packaging bags and fresh-keeping films.

Application of HDPE geomembrane

1. HDPE geomembrane is applicable to environmental protection and sanitation, such as waste landfill, sewage treatment plant, power plant regulating tank, industrial and hospital solid waste, etc;

2. LDPE anti-seepage membrane is applicable to water conservancy projects, such as anti-seepage, leakage stoppage and reinforcement of river, lake and reservoir dams, anti-seepage of canals, vertical core walls, slope protection, etc;

3. HDPE anti-seepage membrane is used in municipal projects: subway, underground works of buildings, planting roofs, roof gardens, and sewage pipes;

4. Polyethylene anti-seepage membrane is applicable to gardens: artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs, pool bottom of golf courses, slope protection, green lawn waterproof and moisture-proof;

5. HDPE geomembrane is suitable for petrochemical industry: chemical plants, oil refineries, anti-seepage of oil storage tanks, linings of chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks, secondary linings, etc;

6. Polyethylene geomembrane is suitable for mining industry: the bottom lining of washing pond, heap leaching pond, ash yard, dissolution pond, sedimentation tank, storage yard, tailings is impermeable, etc;

7. Low density polyethylene film is suitable for traffic facilities: road foundation reinforcement, culvert seepage prevention;

8. LDPE anti-seepage membrane is applicable to agriculture: anti-seepage of reservoirs, drinking water pools, impoundments and irrigation systems;

9. HDPE film is suitable for aquaculture industry: intensive and industrialized aquaculture ponds, fish ponds, lining of shrimp ponds, slope protection of sea cucumber circles, etc;

10. High density polyethylene anti-seepage film is applicable to salt industry: salt field crystallization pool, brine pool cover, salt film, salt pool plastic cover.


Q1: Can you provide a sample for us?   
A:Yes,We can send free samples,but customer need to pay the freight.

Q2: What is your minimum order quantity?
A:The minimum order quantity is 5000 ,but it is negotiable.

Q3:What is your payment terms?
A: T/T,Western Union,Paypal,L/C...

Q4:What is your delivery time?
A:Production time usually costs 2-20 days.  

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Q:The working principle of the water film dust collector?
Its working principle is: Dust containing gas by simplified lower tangential rotation along the introduction, rise, dust particles by centrifugal force and is separated into the inner wall of the barrel body, the inner wall of the adsorbed water layer flow, with the water in the end part of the cone, the dust discharge port of unloading. The water film layer is formed by arranging a plurality of nozzles arranged on the upper part of the cylinder, and cutting the water along the tangential direction to the wall of the device. In this way, the inner wall of the cylinder is always covered with a layer of a thin water film which flows downward, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the dust removal effect.
Q:How to purchase geomembrane?
warp-wise tearing strength, warp-wise elongation at break, puncturing strength, broadwise breaking strength, film material thickness, CBR bursting strength, unit area quality inspection, permeability coefficient, broadwise tearing strength, broadwise elongation at break, warp-wise breaking strength.
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Q:Geomembrane's introduction
Geomembrane, geotextile and geomembrane belong to composite permeable material, mainly used for impermeable geomembrane, cloth membrane and two cloth membrane, width 4-6m weight 200-1500g / m2 tensile, tear-resistance, bursting and other physical and mechanical properties, it can meet the demands of water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, iron, tunnels and other civil engineering, due to its selection of high material and production process of chemical warfare agents added so non-regulated temperature environment to test the quality indicators per unit area (g / m2) 400 500 600 700 8009001000 Notes membranes degrees (mm) 0.25-0.35 0.3-0.5 breaking strength (kN / m) 5 7.5 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 18.0 CBR top crossbar to break strength (kN) 1.1 1.5 1.9 2.2 2.5 2.8 3.0 tear strength ( kN) 0.15 0.25 0.32 0.40 0.48 0.56 0.62
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Q:whether the sound insulation membrane of windows and door is useful?
Doors and windows soundproof membrane effect is still very good, under normal circumstances, a qualified good installment doors and windows soundproofed reasonable film thickness is sufficient to achieve a compliant body sound insulation, windows and doors sound insulation membrane is to prevent noise intrusion, you can add a layer of tight sound insulation film or a relatively strong absorption of cotton close to the transport routes. In order to prevent TV, stereo, piano disturbing your neighbors, you can add ultra-thin glass absorption cotton in television, audio background wall, the effect is very good.

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