Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane Suppliers for Pond

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$0.97 - 1.98 / m²
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TT or LC
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10000 m²
Supply Capability:
500000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 Structure of Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane Description

Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane are made from polyethylene polymer materials that blow molding,its main function is to prevent the liquid leakage and gas volatile.According to the production of raw materials can divide into HDPE geomembrane liner and EVA geomembrane liner,etc.

Main Features of Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane

1.landfill,sewage or control the waste residue seashores seepage.

2.Lake dam,tailings dams,sewage dam and reservoir,channel,storage of liquid pools(pit,ore)

3.The subway ,tunnel,anti-seepage lining of basement and tunnel.

4.To control the roadbed and other foundation saline seepage.

5.Dike,the front of the sam foundation seepage prevention bedding,level of vertical impervious layer , construction cofferdam,waste field.

6.Seawater,freshwater fish farms.

7.Highway,the foundations of the highway and railway;the expansive soil and collapsible loess of the waterproof layer.

8.Anti-seepage of roofing

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Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane Suppliers for Pond 

Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane Suppliers for Pond


Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane Suppliers for Pond

Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane Suppliers for Pond

Plastic Sheet HDPE Geomembrane Specification :


Length50m/roll,100m/roll,150m/roll or as your choice
Width5.0m-7.0m or as your choice
ColorWhite/Black/Blue/Green,mainly black
Delivery portQingdao
Package:woven bag or as customers' requests
Product time

2-20 days

Features1.Good physical and mechanic performance
2.High tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability
3.Puncture-resisting, aging resisting, ultra-violet radiation, oil and salt, and corrosion resistance
4.Good adaptability to high and low temperature, non-toxicity, long service life
5.Good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects
6.Complete width and thickness specifications, low cost and easy installation.
NoteWe can do as your demand,please feel free to contact us for more information



1. How about the delivery time?    

    Two weeks upon receipt of down payment. 

2. What kind of payments do we accepted?   

   T/T, L/C, WesternUnion, MoneyGram. 

3. What's are the MOQ?   

    Normally the MOQ is 5000 SQM in theory. 

    And we can provide you free samples for quality inspection.  

4. Do you charge for the samples?   

    Accordeing to our company policy, the samples are freee, we only charge the freight fee. And we will return the freight fee in your second order.   

5. Can you produce the product according to customers' requirements?

     Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome




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Q:What kind of projects can geotextile and geomembrane be used in?
Civil engineerings. They can be used in projects of seepage control of the landfills, sewage works, landscape lakes, urban roads and of maintenance and of landscape, etc.. Water conservancy engineerings. They can be used in the projects of seepage control of artificial lakes, reservoirs, canals, dams, etc. Highway and railway constructions. They can be used in the projects of tunnel seepage control, road maintenance, railway construction and slope protection, etc.
Q:What is a geomembrane used for?
Anti seepage, isolation, waterproof,
Q:What are the features of film mulching door sheet?
1. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and non polluting raw materials do no harm to the environment and users because the harmful matter has been removed through special refining. Heavy metals (such as lead) are not suitable for the stabilizer. 2. The color is natural and realistic, and the dye is stable without difference, the color of moulded cabinet panel is bright, the pattern is natural and realistic, and the film color of each batch is consistent. 3. Stain-resistant and easy- to-clean film surface will not generate static electricity to absorb dust and the oil stain or stains on the surface canbe removes with ordinary cleanser within 12 hours, leaving no trace. 4. scratch, wear, moisture and temperature resistant. If you scratch the surface with fingernails, no traces will leave. If you wash the cabinet, the surface color will not change or fade. If you use it in humid environment within 85°, it will not degum. 5. anti-light, non-discolouring, fastness. Shaped panel color will not change when it is used indoors and the white panel will not turn yellow. 6. Although the color of filmed board is not as various as mirror board, the fashionable designs and colours can meet the individual needs.
Q:Who need the national standards of geomembrane?
Ha ha, service of manager Zhang is perfect.
Q:how to do when the film wrinkling
painting membrane wrinkling (one) the phenomenon the film surface has stripes. (two) the reasons 1.the paint quality is poor, drier excessive agent, solvent evaporation is too fast. 2. The paint is too thick, and the brushing is too thick or uneven. 3. Environment temperature is too high. (three) Measures 1. Select qualified coatings, and forbidden adding drier at will, strictly control the paint denseness. 2. brushing should be uniform and consistent in thickness.
Q:what's the application of composite geo-membrane? What are its features? what's the variety of composite geotextile?
Water conservancy: Reservoir anti-seepage channel seepage-proof dam slope protection and so on highway: reinforced pavement, anti-cracking, etc
Q:What is the mechanism of vacuum tube coating?
Evaporation coating is to vaporize a substance by heating so that it can deposit on a solid surface. First proposed in 1857 by M. Faraday, this approach has become one of the common coating technologies in modern times. The structure of the evaporation coating device is shown in figure 1. Vaporized material such as metal and compound are placed in a crucible or hung on the hot wire as the evaporation source and the workpiece to be coated, such as metals, ceramics and plastics are placed in front of the crucible. After the system is vacuumized, the crucible should be heated so that the material therein evaporates. Atoms or molecules of the evaporated material is deposited on the substrate surface in condensation mode. The thickness of the film ranges from several hundred angstroms to several microns. Thickness depends on the evaporation rate and time (or inventory) of the evaporation source and is related to the distance between the source and the substrate. For large-area coating, the method of rotating the substrate or increasing evaporation source is often used to ensure that the thickness of the film is even. Distance from the evaporation source to the substrate should be less than the mean free path of vapor molecules of residual gas to prevent vapor molecules from colliding with residual gas thus causing chemical action. The average kinetic energy of the vapor molecules is about 0.1 to 0.2 eV.
Q:Is electrothermal membrane electric heating blanket useful?
It is really easy to use, but now people are afraid of radiation, both electric heating film and electric blanket are sure to emit radiation, so electric furnace dose less harm to human body
Q:How to use 3M light box film?
There are many kinds of light box film, colored semi transparent film, uniform light film, light blocking film, double color film, etc. Color semi transparent film is the most commonly used. There are many colors for you to choose. Customize colors according to customers' demand. Make back lighting display board by cooperating with soft lamp-box fabric. The construction method of film sticking is divided into: Dry paste method and wet paste method. It depends on different products.
Q:What is the construction process of concrete project?

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