Cooling Tower/ Torre de Enfriador/ Tower of cooler

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Cooling towers, thermal and nuclear power plant circulating water Cooling device.According to its ventilation mode, can be divided into natural ventilation cooling tower and mechanical draft cooling tower.

Cooling tower [1] according to the water and air flow condition is different, different types of cooling tower, carrier, is a cooling tower industry on the issue of academic debate for a long time, which effectively promoted the development of the technology of cooling tower, their foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in the argument, the cooling tower technology constantly improve, to saving energy and reducing consumption, improve efficiency, reduce investment targets such as technological progress continuously.
Cooling tower heat size can be good or bad, high and low noise, power consumption, drift how much is the key to measure quality of the cooling tower water, user and designer when choosing the cooling tower is repeatedly inspected is one of the most focus of attention.
Cooling tower is a concentration of air dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid science, chemistry, biological chemistry, material science, static and dynamic structure mechanics, the processing technology for the integration of a variety of disciplines such as integrated product.Water quality of the function of multiple variables, cooling is multi-factor, multi-variable and effect more integrated process.

Cooling tower is the use of air and water contact (directly or indirectly) to cooling water equipment.Based on water circulation coolant, absorb heat from the system and emissions into the atmosphere, so as to reduce the temperature of the circulating water in the tower, cooling water recycled manufacturing equipment.With cooling tower industry development, more and more industries and enterprises use the cooling tower, and also has a lot of enterprises into the cooling tower industry development.


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It generally doesn't. The biggest fear is that the electromagnetic radiation might cause an internal power surge knocking out the microprocessors on some satellites, knocking out Satellite TV, Mobile Phones etc. A really serious CME might overload a power grid. We have had several solar flares and CMEs come off the sun so far and there have been no problems so far, the main concern though is for the telecommunications industry that need to look after their satellites.

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