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I've lost the power cable (and other regular connection cables) for my Dell computer but have some from another computer (but don't know the make of them). This might be a stupid question but..can I use these for my Dell computer or do they need to be Dell cables?
Go ahead and use it, no problem. For the sake of convenience, all PC power cables consists of three wires. .. one for Positive (Phase line), one for negative (Neutral line) and last for Earth. OK, you can also easily make up one if you have the plug connectors.
It's provided to me by my ISP which is Cox. If I were to unplug the power cord what would happen, would my phone no longer work without another technicians appointment. I know that the motorola cable modem with no phone service you can power cycle that one.
Turn off the modem. Wait 5-10 seconds. Turn the modem back on. If there isn't an on/off switch on the modem: unplug the modem, wait 5-10 seconds, plug the modem back in.
My setup is an alpine MRX-M100 powering 2 alpine type R 12's on 4 ohm, and also an old eclipse PA 5422 speaker amp. The main thing is I have 4 gauge running from my battery to my amps, but I have this sort of distribution block that turns the 4 gauge wire into 2 8 gauge wires. I know that this probably isn't the best for the MRX-M100, but it's all I had or what I could afford at the time. The main thing I wanted to ask was is this bad for the amp, and what would it be like if I had 0 gauge coming off the battery so then it would be 4 gauge going to the amps? Would it be louder? Could I turn it up higher? because right now if I turn up the volume past a certain point the subs will just stop playing. If I just shut off my head unit and turn it back on they start up again. Your thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated!
The thicker the cable the more power you can get to the amp...
Hello,if you want to split your power distribution cable,how do you do so ?? I want the cable to be divided into two other smaller cables,do I use a T-joint or what ???Thx!!!
What sort of power cable? If it is mains or an automotive power outlet, you can get splitters for those.
Hi I have a 94 Cadillac Deville 4.9L and im trying to figure out with cable on my alternator is the power cable and which one is the ground. I have included a pic to help.
usually only power wires run to the alternator, most arent grounded by a wire, they are grounded through their case and the mounting brakets to the engine, but all charging systems are a little different. I see your ground runs to the mounting bolt, and so that wire that goes to the mounting bolt on the alternator would be your ground wire to the battery. the large wire on the back of the alternator in your picture has BAT beside it, that is the wire that would be the power wire back out to the battery. i would suggest to get a haynes or chilton manual for this specific vehicle if your not sure of things such as this.
I lost the Power cord for my PS2 Slim and I am wondering if I can use the PSP Power/Recharge Cable while I wait for the replacement to arrive in the mail?
No you can't, the PSP AC adapter has a lower volt ammount then the one required to power a PS2 So your going to have to play your PSP while you wait for the replacement PS2 cord to come to come
So my aunt gave me an old NES, but all she had was the system itself and a few games. She didn't have any of the wires. Luckily I found this retro game store near me and bought a few cables that I thought was all I needed (The power cable so it would actually turn on and the audio video cord) but apparently I need something else? I'm not quite sure.....Does my NES just not work? The red light comes on when ever I press the power button but there is no picture on the screen! Is there something I'm missing? Did I put something in wrong??? There is another spot in the back for another wire but I don't know what it is. Any help would be awesome.
Power cable? You mean AC Adaptor? Well, you need an NES AC adaptor and an NES RF Switch. The RF Switch is that little gray box with the coax screw on it. If your tv (or whatever you're plugging the console into) doesn't have the old analog plugs that a coax cable can screw in to, then I don't know of any other solution?
The power is a 24 pin and does not have a green wire. It has a grey, 6 red, 3 blue, a yellow , an Orange, a purple, a dark blue, 8 black, and a brown
MATERIALS 1.) power supply 2.) power cable 3.)paper clip Step 1 Plug in the Power Cable to the wall, and then into the back of the Power Supply. Make sure the Power Supply is flipped to 1 and not 0. I like to remember 1 is for power because 1 looks like I, and I have ADHD. So I always haves me some powers. 0 is like O which is like my OH face. Then I am drained of power. Step 2 Take the paper clip and bend it into a 'U' shape. We want the two ends of it to be next to each other, or relatively close. Step 3 Now we are in the final step. Locate the Green wire on your PSU. There should only be one Green wire, whether you have a 20 or 24 pin power cable. Alright, we found it. Now we get have to find a Black wire on your PSU as well. There are a few, but we should be fine. Finally, take the paper clip and insert one end into the Green wire and the other end into any Black wire. And there we have it. Your power supply is alive and kicking. Again, this is a good way to test fans for functionality, CD-ROMs, and Floppy Drives. Almost any component that will plug into this is fine. I would not advise for your hard drive in case of data loss, but if it's a questionable hard drive (why else would we test it?) then you I'm guessing you don't care if it has anything on it, or it's too old to matter.