Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

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Product Description:

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Product Description


Schneid intelligent heating panel adopt imported insulation fireproof PET material, and have below features:


Low investment cost: combine decoration and heating in one, integrated heating panel, automatic control after connect to electricity, low electricity consumption and easy installation


Low maintenance cost: no need maintenance, easy repair


Quick thermal conductivity & low energy consumption: National certified energy saving low consumption, green material new product,quick thermal conductivity, thermal conversion can reach more than 98%;


Healthy: After connect to electricity, it will create far-infrared which was named “light of life” in medical science, and it is widely used in human health and treatment.


Safe and Intelligent: Professional electricity leakage protection settings, creative “intelligent thermal management system”, can realize time-sharing partition management, intelligent and thermostat, can automatically switch on or off according to room temperature.


Environmental friendly: no formaldehyde and no radiation. Approx. 100% recyclable materials, environmental friendly.


Fire proof and damp proof: stone base, can withstand fire and water, anti-termite, anti-corrosion, anti-aging.


No deformation: New technology one-time formation production process, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, no deformation


Anti-termite: Resistant to termite and insect attack, will not split, rot or warp.


Resilience: Inner hollow design reduces noise and provides underfoot comfort.


Durabilityspecial surface treatment technology, wear proof and stain resistant.


Strong weatherability: mold proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and resist deformation


Easy installation: Locking system-ensure the strongest pulling strengtheasy installation and easy dismantle;


Application: can be used in hotels, schools, and at home.


Specification: 300*600*15, 600*600*15,150*1000*15


Schneid products mainly consists of wear proof & fire proof layer, heating chip, environmental protection base, heat preservation & insulation layer, special connectors and intelligent temperature controllerit can realize board warming in 2mins, and room warming in 15mins, and bring you a warm and comfortable environment !


Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system

Formaldehyde free warm intelligent floor heating system


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Q:what is the best wearing bambo flooring?
The company is local to where I live, so I don't know it's availabilty if you live outside the Bay Area. If you are going the DIY route I STRONGLY recommend getting the floating/click installation versus the glue down/nail down product. The floating stuff does cost more (for example, usually starts at about a $1 more a sqaure foot), but renting nailing equipment and buying adhesive is also expensive. We spent about $300 on flooring glue (Bostik's Best) for a 210 sq. foot room. In comparison, foam padding and plastic sheeting for a floating floor of the same size would be around $70. The floating (engineered) pieces are also about 3X the size of the hardwood planks, so that really works out to be about half the time cutting and laying the product. If you are putting bamboo in the kitchen area, you may want to consider a laminate that has a bamboo pattern due to water damage potential. I don't think hardwood is really recommended in the kitchen/bathroom areas. If you are looking for a sustainable option for the kitchen, Forbo Marmoleum(natural linoluem, versus the vinyl sheeting that most homes have) is plant based and carries something like a 40 year warranty. The prices tend to be $4-$6 a square foot, so comparable to bamboo . I recently saw that Armstrong carries a natural linoleum product that I think is suitable for kitchens. I think their website says that is available at Home Depot and Lowe's, among other places.
Q:Floor seam solution: 1, the floor paint a small crack, serious, resulting in film stripping
HUMEI OKorder and the United States plastic sports floor HUMEI OKorder and the United States plastic floor flooring
Q:How can i get shiny floors?
I had a vinyl floor that had a dull film built up from wax. First I warn you, use a mask and open doors and windows if you do what I did. I mixed double the recommended sudsy ammonia to water and mopped. It dissolved the build up and I was left with a clean but not shiny floor. Next I used Armstrong floor cleaner and I was delighted with the shine. It looked like new. I will never use another floor cleaner because it does not build up.
Q:Sticky Kitchen Floors!??!!?
The problem is that you are sticking to what you are mopping with. When you mop you should use the hottest water you can get, dilute some cleaning solution that you use, (I use bleach since it also sterilizes) mop the floor applying the cleaner liberally. The dry out your mop and mop up the liquid that is on the floor. After you have cleaned the floor, rinse out your mop with clean water (very hot), wring as much water out or the mop as you can and damp mop to pick up the residue. Let it air dry.
Q:Radiant in-floor heating?
so the radiant heat is in the concrete slab correct? if yes then i would take up the wood flooring, alot of work but will be worth it. I would think you would have a big heat lost leaving the wood floor on, plus how thick the floor would be after putting tile on top of it. To get the glue off try heating it with a large torch if you have access to one or if you know a plumber. I did this taking up a linoleum floor and it came right up easily. heat the glue just until it gets soft then with a scraper or wide putty knife it should come up. are you doing the tile floor yourself? unless are good at it don't you will want to make sure the floor is prep the right way or you will have problems later. plus if you have a tile guy do it you will have a warranty with the job------------good luck with it
Q:Is it good for the bedroom or the carpet? The
Small area with a better carpet, the winter is relatively warm, but also tiger ridge Hong Kong Fan Fan song but seized good wash, a large area with a carpet to clean up the trouble of the wood flooring better point, but the use of carpet protection is also not how to clean up If you do a disinfection for a month, it 's a good place for the carpet, and now it' s less carpeted, because it 's very dirty and clean up. Today's flooring market is not a few years ago solid wood flooring dominate the world situation. A variety of flooring on the market are also mushrooming emerged. To break the words that are not allowed to be some of the better, I suggest you go to the top ten brand network maigoo look at 2017 various types of flooring well-known brands, the floor of the overall cost-effective brand Gloria, peace of mind, blessing Flooring, Yangtze, Bayer floor, Chunzhou Oude, good good good, Bei Yake, the European elephant, Xin Yan these cost is relatively high. Of course there are the elephant del Der rising up to Filinger.
Q:Paint garage floor.?/?/?/? ?
Honey all you have to do is get a few gallons of floor paint. It is oil based enamel and you can get colors like Battleship Gray, Light Gray, etc. and it doesn't cost alot. Any hardware store carries it and the cheapest prices on it I have ever seen has been Big Lots and Walmart. Paint right over it with a paint roller and paint tray. What you could do to prep the floor is get a good, strong bristle floor broom and sweep it really good to help get those chipped spots loose and away from that area.
Q:Floor scrubber for ceramic?
I would suggest preventing the dirty floor...less time spent washing. Perhaps you're already doing the following, but if not, these are things that helped me... When our dogs come in, and if it's been wet out, we have an old towel to dry off their feet. If there feet are muddy, we have a warm wet rag to clean off the mud, and then we dry their feet. We have the towel and/or rag waiting at the front door. The only at the table. Spills made by anyone are wiped up immediately. No shoes in the house. Vacuum the floors every/every other day. I wash my floors every 4-7 days. I wash all my floors on my hands and knees with a rag, and liquid cleaner, added to hot water. This is the the best way to get your floors clean. Good luck to you!
Q:Slate Floors?
Slate is a nice looking and durable natural material, yet I would hesitate to put it as flooring in the bath or kitchen due to the moisture inherent in those rooms, and the possibility of fissures in the slate. The risk may be slight that you would install a slate tile with a natural crack or fault. Yet if one or more were installed in an increased moisture area, there is the pathway for moisture to intrude into the sub-floor and or framing. There are many products available that mimic the appearance and character of slate, that are made of ceramic or composite which would have no natural fissures. If you are set on natural materials, and slate is the answer for you, I would recommend a good sealant overcoat as a preventative to future possible water damage. Hope this didn't mud up the picture for you. And being only my opinion, you may wish to speak with a flooring contractor or two for their recommendations on the matter prior to your final decision.
Q:How to fix a water damaged sub floor?
OMG, what a mess. Well, normally builders will waterproof the subfloor the instant after they lay it down. Your's didn't, but I'm not sure that's the problem. You have hardwood floors on top of subfloor on top of 16 center joists? Man, that shouldn't be spongy at all. Something is definitely wrong, but it could be the joisting, the rim joists, the mud sill, the main support beam, the subfloor, or the hardwood floor. Normally framing carpenters will glue and nail a subfloor as it's installed and then waterproof it (usually with that el-cheapo Thompson's stuff) as soon as it's all down. They will come back later, after the building is dried in (a roof has been framed, sheeted, and tar papered) and shoot screws through the subfloor into the joists. The glue hasn't quite set up in that time and it reacts well to the screws, no squeaks. I have no clue why your floor is spongy. I guess you could have had a complete delamination failure of your subfloor, but man, I've never heard of it. Did they try to use something not rated for subflooring? That's about all I can think of. Sorry for your bad luck, I sure hope it gets better. BTW, it ISN'T standard practice to sand a subfloor before installation of a finished floor. That isn't a normally necessary step and somebody screwed the pooch on that one. One or two delaminations occur on every job, but not enough to SAND the damn thing. Sue the hell out of your framing carpenter. That's what bonding and insurance are for.

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