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Storage cables have basically 3 types: IDE, SATA and SCSI, and are referred to by those names. Power connectors are sometimes called molex connectors after the company that first made them, or just power connectors and their applicable voltage they supply.
you could make it work if you are planning to make a usb cable for power and another one for the receiving and sending of data. but if you are meaning to just plug in the usb cable from the hard drive to a port then no you can't a usb is ussually 5V and i don't think that's enough to power up a hard drive. just buy a power cable they aren't that expensive. if you have enough money to buy the external hard drive you wouldn't mind spending 5-10 dollars for a power connector.
will my PSone power cable work on my ps2?
If you mean on the fat PS2 then it will. The PlayStations work with each others cables, so the PS2's cables will work on the PS1 (That's how I have mine set up) and vice versa.
i have a ASUS M4A87TD-USB3 mobo and a Corsair 550 Watts Power Supply. Ive looked in the manual andit says you need to connect the one that ive connected and a 4 pin. It says that if you dont connect the 4 pin the computer wont boot! is there a way around this or it f**ked?
Before purchasing a power supply you should always first check to see if it is compatible with your motherboard in the following two aspects: 1) Does it provide enough power for the motherboard 2) Does it have the appropriate connectors for my motherboard. There are also issues with certain high performance processors requiring very clean or high regulated power supplies (i.e. very little ripple, etc). As long as the power supply offers the voltages you need on one of the connecters, there is probably some sort of adaptor you can purchase... or you could hack something together. But, again, the power supply may have intentionally left off the connector you need because it does not fulfill the strict electrical specifications required by your motherboard. In other words, if you don't know what you are doing, it is probably best to just purchase the correct power supply for your hardware. Forcefully adapting an inappropriate power supply into your machine may later result in unstable system performance.
My brother lost the cable from the wall to the back of the power supply for his dell somehow, and I have one for a different brand (gateway). Are the cables themselves an interchangeable industry standard?
Yes, okorder /
I have a cam camcorder battery charger power cable and I want to use it as a ps1 power cable. Is It possible. The both look the same.
If your talking about the end that looks like an 8 then yes it should work fine. That is a unerversual power cable. However if your PS1 has a small single round hole, i would be careful. Make sure the power is the same, you can check this by looking on the bottom, it should tell you what the conversion is, for ex: like 120v to 6v. Make sure your not throwing to much poser into your ps1.
Explain why a bird sitting on a 400 kV power transmission cable is not electrocuted?
2)Explain why a bird sitting on a 400 kV power transmission cable is not electrocutedmany thanks for your answerPepe
I removed the seats to my 2002 Dodge Intrepid SE and noticed that there was a small cable sticking out from the carpet underneath the seats. Since I have the SE model my car didn't come with the power seats. My question is are those cables there to attach the power seats?
Yes, all wire harnesses are made to serve the power needs of all possible options rather than building different harnesses for each individual car.