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I mean like the power connector cables. All power supplys have the same cables to supply power from the PSU to components right?
no all smps don't have same cable you have to purchase same smps as you using right now or according to your motherboard
I bought a 1999 Volkswagon jetta and there is no sound coming from the speakers. There are speaker cables, power cables, and input cables in the trunk. The powers cables ( there is 2 of them) are both connected to the negative terminal of the battery. There is also 2 input cables. Do I need an amp in order for my speakers to work? If I do how do I connect it? I connected my ipod to each speaker individually and they all work.
what your probably missing is actual RCA cables from the head unit or you speakers were supposed to be connected to a amp and when the original owner took the amps he didn't connect the amp back to the stereo. so if you want theres more than one thing you can do. have a shop connect the speakers back to the head unit. get an 4! channel amp and have it hooked up also by a shop or you can try your self but i recommend a shop doing it if your not confident. but theres really no mechanical problem so you don't have to drop any money on replacing any speakers certainly if they sound good up to your quality when you heard them.
When I put the laptop into hibernation, the power pack still makes a considerable amount of noise. Since the memory was saved to the hard drive, is it okay to disconnect the power cable? Please note that the battery on the computer is pretty much dead and lasts for about 2 mins tops on normal mode
Yes, the battery wont eventually run out as other people have stated. Hibernation is similar to standby (low power mode that saves what you have running for resume) except it doesnt go into a low power mode. Hibernation saves to your hard drive and then the computer uses no power. Basically, YES you can unplug it and it will stay like that until you start it up again.
I am doing a test if the power supply.Can you have the computer on and plugged in with PSU out in the open, leave on the carpet ?Can you have the power cable plugged into the psu first and then try to plug in the psu cable into the mother board. Would this electrocute you? if you accidentally knocked over liquid onto the power supply while the computer is running and you touched the motherboard at the same time while you are perfectly grounded. Can this electrocute you? unpluging the psu connector while the computer is on?
If you have already pulled the fan off, do so again (without reaching into the power supply. Take a good look at the shaft of the fan. I'll wager there either is, or was, a set screw in that shaft. Most likely you'll need a hex wrench to get that locked back into place. This would also explain the lack of air flow when it is working without making a racket. Good luck. Best regards, Jim
I was replacing the hard drive of my desktop computer but now I don't know where the cable [see picture] fits. it obviously goes somewhere since the computer does not turn on now. The Hard Drive is SATA if relevant. Thank you!
That's the main power connector for the motherboard. It probably plugs into that white socket behind it on the board, but check the motherboard manual to make sure you put it in the right place. It's pretty hard to plug things into the wrong place most of the time, but check to be sure.
I am getting a new 160 amp high output alternator for my 2005 Mazda 3 2.3L. I am running a 1000w amp with two subs. I have the stock alternator in it right now. There are two power cable kits available for me to get. One that has 4 gauge wire with a 100 amp fuse and the other, 1 gauge with 150 amp fuse. Which kit should I get? Can I just add 4 gauge wire along with my stock wire instead of the 1 gauge kit? What are the fuses for and which one would work better? I know nothing about this. Thanks.
A fuse is a necessary circuit protection device, if there becomes a short in the circuit, it can cause a fire, the fuse is a precise conductor which will break if too much current (energy) is being drawn. A 4 gauge wire will work fine, and you need a least a 160 amp fuse, any less and it will blow if your alternator is at full load.
I need the cables/cords for the Xbox 360...all the cables/cords
Power Cable AV Cable or HDMI Ethernet (if you don't have the slim and want to use the Internet)
Power cable ZRYJV-4x70 + 1x35 What does it mean? Can you explain it?
51 laying of cables 511 cable laying should meet the following requirements: 1 cable type, specifications should be consistent with the design requirements