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I thre some milk on my carpet and i cleaned it up, now it smells horrible!!! How can I stop this?!!
in case you are able to perceive the place that's, you're probable acceptable, that is puppy smell. desirable wager, spray it with listerine (the unique stuff). you're able to could try this a pair of situations, and it will smell like listerine for some days till at last it dries, however the smell will bypass away. in spite of the undeniable fact that, bypass to a puppy shop, and ask them what to apply on dried urine smell, and clarify the placement
Okay, I'm buying my first carpet for the house. Help!What kind of things do i need to look out for?What's the deal with underlay? I'm 24, but i've never had to buy a carpet before as this is my first house, and i have no idea what i'm looking for.Any help will be greatly appreciated :)
ViVre pretty much had the answers for you. I used to sell carpet. You want to make sure you have a good installer as well. Sometimes if it's not stretched enough it will relax and develope ripples........if this happens, don't be afraid to call the installer back to restretch it. Also vacuum it every other day or so with a good vacuum. The info I gave you will help your new carpet last you a lot longer.
my carpet ripples up and i cannot make the rug straight unless i pick up the furniture and pull on it. I'm getting tired of doing this! HELP!
instead of tape which will leave a residue you can velcro closures. put one on the carpet and one on the rug it'll hold nicely just to walk across.
I have a 5x7' area rug on my carpeted floor that moves an inch every time I walk across it. I want it to stay still, but I must be cautious cuz the whole point of the rug is to protect the carpet which I can't afford to replace. I've tried putting heaven stuff on top of the rug (ie. hamper, edge of dresser), but if I do, it still moves and bunches up on one side.
Tacking it down will pucker the rug and make a tripping hazard or you ll step on the nail heads and hurt your foot. They make a special , very thin mat especially for this . Sold almost any where carpet or rugs are sold. Put under the rug , and since they are tacky and leave no residue the rug stays in place and won t walk on you. Get the type for rugs over carpet since they make a couple of kinds. These will loose the tackiness after a few months since they ll attract dirt but you toss them in the washer or rinse out and they come right back to life. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL
1. Carpet laying is simple. It has various shapes and patterns, and its installation time is short, which can create a vigorous atmosphere for the room. 2. Carpet is a kind of flexible pavement material, its good skid resistance and softness can make people not easy to slip and knock on it. So lay carpet on the ground of children's room, increasing a line of defense for children's security. 3. Carpet can absorb water, so it doesn't matter if the water spills on the ground usually. 4. Because the carpet has close porous structure, it can absorb and isolate the acoustic wave, and has good sound absorption and sound insulation effect. Not only can maintain their own bedroom quiet, but also can prevent the sound being too noisy to disturb the downstairs tenants. 5. Carpet's insulation effect is good. In winter, its warm effect is reflected, firstly visual warmth, and then texture. The carpet is an integral part of our family decration.
My couch is black leather. I have a glass top coffe table with black legs. My tv is black, and the TV stand is black w/ a very dark wood. Also some other dark wooden misc peices that match. I want to paint the walls a fire engine red to make the room pop, but I also need a rug. I've been searching every store everywhere, but NOTHING seems to match. We tried several animal prints, but it ended up look tacky. Any suggestions??
I would never do the room fire engine red......I would do it tomato soup red which is good enough to make it pop without it being to loud. Try Pier One for a rug
have new carpeting. when I replaced the accent rug on top and placed dinette set on it, the accent rug curls up
Your accent rug is new and it generally rolls back as it was rolled when stored before installation. Try curling it the opposite way and leave in that condition for some time..When you open it again hopefully your accent rug lies straight.. Fix it and you're good to go! Cheers!
How to carpet! To specific operation!
Carpet laying in wood or cement ground, pits, pits on the ground with sandpaper to draw with putty filled, then rinse the ground dry stand-by with water.