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Quick Details

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Style: Mini

  • Pattern: Embroidered

  • Technics: Handmade

  • Age Group: Adults

  • Design: Tibetan

  • Feature: Anti-Slip

  • Use: Door, Bath

  • Size: 40*60cm(customizable)

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: floor ma

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:according to customer demand
Delivery Detail:7-15 days


very cheap door mat

Door mat

Colour  12 colours or According to your requirements

Design  many designs for you

Size  40x60cm or According to your requirements

delievery time  within 15 days after receiving deposit

payment term  TT

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Q:is it better to get your carpets professionally cleaned or to rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself?
i always go for the professional cleaning. By the time I drive to the rental place and get the machine, do the cleaning, then drive to the store and back again, I've spent more than half a day to do an inferior cleaning job. The pros can do the same thing in the time it takes me to make one trip to the store and back. Especially true if the carpet is really dirty. If you get a service with a truck mounted machine, they have so much more suction that they can do a better job, and the carpets dry faster too.
Q:Do these sheets and rug match?
made for each other
Q:math 245 problem, what dimensions should the rug have?
(21-2x)(22 -2x) =<132 21*22 -42x -44x +4x^2<=132 462-86x +4x^2 <=132 4x^2 -86x +330 <=0 2x^2 -43x +165 <=0 2x^2 -10x -33x+165<=0 2x(x-5) -33(x-5)<=0 (2x-33)(x-5)<=0 x =5..................Ans Hence strip of 5 ft is left Then dimension should be Length =22-10 =12 feet ......................Ans Width =21 -10 =11 feet .......................Ans Area of rug will be =12x11 =132 feet
Q:How to deal with bedroom carpet near the door
When indoor decoration is completed, make a mark, which considers from a beautiful and practical point of view, by the way. Fifth, the device is qualified acceptance, it only makes home full carpet: even if you don't use carpet, you still need to do. Fourth, if the floor heating paves along corner, you should pay attention to: According to the personal economic situation, the waterproof should do well: The door bottom should reserve the height of the thickness of carpet plus 1cm from the ground (or the door will not open), seventh water pipes, now at home, try to buy high-quality carpet: The door of carpet and hard material junction do not to use loose sand, wood finishing have done mirror processing: Cement floor has done self-leveling or mirror processing, there is no certain height of the people; there is no furniture and sundries debris piled up indoor(convenient for construction) second: The bottom of skirting line should reserve height that the thickness-1cm from the ground
Q:How to treat a reallllly bad rug burn?
Apply Cold Water to the Rug Burn You can treat a rug burn the same way you'd treat other first degree burns. The first step to treating a rug burn is to hold the injured area under cool, running water for about ten or even twenty minutes. Do not place ice directly on a rug burn. This could actually cause more damage to the injured area. Keep the Rug Burn Dry After removing the injured area from the water, gently but thoroughly dry the area with something soft and gentle, like a cotton ball. You want to keep a rug burn dry at all times. So, after baths and showers, give make sure the rug burn is thoroughly dry. Clothes Can Irritate a Rug Burn When fabric rubs against a rug burn, it can cause pain an irritation. It can also slow down the healing process, something you definitely don't want. So, if possible, try to wear clothes that won't rub against a rug burn. For example, if the rug burn is on your leg, wear skirts or shorts whenever possible. If the rug burn is on your arm, wear short sleeved shirts instead of long sleeved shirts. Making minor changes in the way you dress while your rug burn heals can make a world of difference. What Not to Put on a Rug Burn There are some things you definitely don't want to put on a rug burn, because they'd cause more harm than good. Some things you should avoid putting on the area are butter, lotions, powders (like baby powder), perfumes, sunscreen, alcohol, and baby oil. All of these things could cause irritation, and make the rug burn worse, and make it take longer to heal.
Q:Prayer rug disrespect?
Looks to me like a prayer rug.
Q:air bubbles under carpet?
Carpet doesn't get Air Bubbles - it's just not possible. What you have is a badly stretched carpet. It's bunching up... You need to either have it stretched or replaced.
Q:what is the meausure of RUG?
Rugs are measured by length and width, and by the height and density of he fibers in their nap.
Q:how to repair flattened carpet?
Depends on how old it is and the quality of the carpet. If it was purchased in the last 10/15 years and your talking a large area,it may or may not have the memory retention built into the carpet. If it does, a good cleaning by a professional , truck mounted person can bring some life back yo it.Some lower quality carpets don t have this and you may not be able to. If your talking small area like a chair leg that has crushed it down, try 2 different methods.One is to let a ice cube set on the spot and then vacuum it. Two is to take a steam iron and steam the area. Don t touch the carpet with the iron, you ll melt it.Just inject steam into the dent. Work it a bit with your fingers to bring it back up.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:how long it takes to replace carpet?
An empty place the carpet can be done , ripped out and replaced in a day with a 2 man crew. A one person operation may take 2 days. That you can find out when you schedule the job. With rip out , disposal, new carpet and installation, your looking at 3000$ ( +- of course) . This is based on the 1000 s/f you say. This may not be all carpet.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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