Anti-slip base living room floor mat bath room mat

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1.Floor mat and rugs manufacturer
2.200 designs are available
3.Small order accept
4.samples are in free
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1.Item Name:   Shiny chenille heigh pile floor mat

                           Room mat with  anti-slip bottom


            [ 1 ]  Description :   Microfiber chenille soft shaggy floor mat


       [ 2 ]  Item no. :    Shiny CHENILLE   floor mat    

       [ 3 ]   Material :           Shiny Microfiber        

       [ 4 ]     Size :       40*60cm    50*80cm   60*90cm  70*140cm

       [ 5 ]  Colour :      light yellow .   purple.  silvery grey .  orange. blue.


                                    lilac.   cream-colour .reddish  . light green .  coffe . camel .


       [ 6 ]    Style :               Plain

       [ 7 ]    Payment :         Western Union ,D/P , T/T , Cash  

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