Fashionable Polyester Hook Carpet/Rug

Ref Price:
Loading Port:
Xingang, China
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
2000 M2 m²
Supply Capability:
2000M2 Per Week m²/month
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Detailed Specification for Polyester Hook Carpet:




100% polyester.

Pile Weight


Pile Height



Grey-white cotton with natural soft latex


Customise pattern and various colors


50x2000px/60x2250px/120x4250px//160x4250px/120x4500px/ 140x5000px/160x5750px/200x7500px or customized size.




 Polyester Hook Carpet



Package for Polyester Hook Carpet


Package of Polyester Hook Carpet:


Each piece of rug be rolled up in an individual standard plastic bag.


Q:The carpet in my bedroom is matted down where I walk constantly [like the doorway area]. Is there anything I can do to make the fibers nice again? Standing straight up like they new again?
When I move furniture and the carpet is pressed down where the feet used to be, I put an ice cube in each divot, and by the next day the divots are gone. I don't know if this would help your problem, but it's worth a try. Another idea is to call a carpet cleaning company to see what they can do. I know after they clean the carpet, sometimes they comb or rake it, which left ours looking really fluffy.
Q:Where can I find a coupon code for Hopscotch Rug
Tinkerbell okorder Sales Rank: #31,809 in Toys Games
Q:What kinds of carpets hold up well with kids and pets. We have berber now, and it seems to trap stains and pet odor than typical carpet. Any suggestions?
Carpet now is amost always stain resistant odor resistant. You would want almost a commercial grade carpet, a lot are very attractive. But carpet's gotten very expensive - hardwoods are actually about the same price or less. You might want to consider this alternative with kids pets.
Q:I usually take more care when i use pastels but i really felt like doing something creative in the spur of the moment so i got out my soft pastels and art supplys and when i was done i noticed some pastel got on the carpet does anyone anyone know how i can get rid of it?BTW my mum only just put a new carpet which was pretty expensive in so i need to get rid off it without her knowing preferabbly or shel be really mad :SPLEASE HELP!!
Hoover with soft brush attachment just hover(hover not hoover) above the stain as close as possible so that you don't press it in to the carpet.DO NOT put anything wet on it or press it in any way.If still there use the brush attachment lightly on it while hoovering.
Q:I just purchased an indoor-outdoor rug for my kitchen. I thought maybe it would wear better and not show every little spill or dirt.I had a black rug in there before and it showed everything.My problem is that I can't seem to get the wrinkles out of it.Down the sides of it are ripples and they won't go away. Therefore it won't lie flat on the floor and I'm afraid someone might trip ovr it and get hurt.
you could stretch it out and tack it down with some small nails?
Adults have, children had better not sleep too much on the ground, they will backache when they grow up.
Q:we want to replace the carpeting in our sunken great room, which has a crawlspace under it. What can we do to keep the carpeting from getting musty? Can you put vapor barrier under the carpet? The floor in the great room is wood planks but is there a way to stop moisture from rising and making the carpet smelly? The room is heated but for some reason the carpet gets musty smelling over time.
The dirt surface in the crawl space needs to have a total covering of heavy plastic sheeting. Let it come up the sides a bit and secure with rocks or blocks. That will solve your moisture problem, unless the dryer vents into the crawl space, which is bad.
Q:How do you remove paint from carpet?? It's a reasonably large spot of bright blue paint on cream carpet :S And it's been there for a while too... Any suggestions would be great!
No matter how careful you try to be when you're painting, a few drops of paint always find their way onto the carpet. Doesn't it seem that the amount of paint that spills varies in direct proportion to the brightness of the paint color? While it's best to clean spilled paint from carpet immediately, if a few hidden drops do dry then you may need to use more intense cleaning methods to remove them. Step 1 Apply a small amount of paint remover to the dried paint stain using a cotton swab or small brush. Goo Gone or RX for Spotting are two specific products that might loosen the dried paint sufficiently to clean it up. If the spilled paint is oil-based, a solvent or paint thinner may be necessary instead. Step 2 Gently rub the paint stain with a stiff, bristle brush. Pieces of dried paint should come loose and you can easily pick them up and dispose of them. Step 3 Clean the carpet with a standard carpet cleaner to remove any remaining paint residue. Follow the directions on the container.
Q:What material is persian rugs/carpets made of?
Real Persian rugs, wool or wool and silk. Current rugs with Persian designs may be machine made with olefin fiber. Just remember real Persian rugs have not been made since 1935. That's the year Persia became Iran
Q:very dirty small children juice spills food spills please help!!!
Or... if it's synthetic, take it out onto the driveway hose it down, put some soap on it and brush it in lightly, then rinse it with the hose. My family used to put an old shower curtain down under the high chair. Works wonders. Good luck.
We produce beautifully patterned carpets, exquisite craftsmanship famous. After years of development, we have formed a series of distinctive varieties, by foreign merchants of all ages and trust. There are more than 2000 kinds of product design, color fidelity, novel designs. Fruits and vegetables, animals, figures and other colorful designs products to meet the needs of our customers and consumers, due to the traditional designs and modern decor, decoration combining our products more applicable to all grades of homes, restaurants and hotel. Our Company's products are divided into three categories: cotton carpet, acrylic carpet, wool carpet.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Tianjin, China
Year Established 1984
Annual Output Value ¥10,000,000 - 20,000,000/year
Main Markets North America; Australia; European
Company Certifications ISO 9001 Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Xingang
Export Percentage 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5 - 8 people
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
Product Price Range

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