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Office Carpet Texture Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Office Carpet Texture supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Office Carpet Texture firm in China.

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Blankets are divided into four categories by material: 1 pure woolen blanket: Pure wollen blanket is made by quality cotton wool, it is elastic and shinny and a kind of high-class decoration materials which is suitable for high-class guest room, hall and stage. 2 blended blanket: Blended blanket is a kind of decoration material consisted of wool and various blended fiber, so its price is lower, but the usability is improved. it has increased 5 times in abrasion resistance and decorative property is just below the pure blanket , and it is cheaper. 3 chemical fiber blanket: The chemical fiber blanket is called the composite fiber blanket, made by tufting and woven composite fiber. it is elastic and cheaper and has good wear resistance which are suitable for buildings surface construction. 4. plastic blanket: Plastic blanket is made by the even mixing of PVC resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials. plastic carpet is colorful,comfortable and durable, but it is easy to burn and self extinguishing, fear to be wet. plastic blanket is suitable for hotels, shopping malls and residential water stage; plastic blankets is also suitable for bathroom because it is waterproof, preventing skid. if you ask what kind of blanket is better, well, in fact each blanket has its own advantages. what kind of blanket you should buy should depend on the comprehensive evaluation , the cost performance and the needs of decoration.
A homeowner wants to carpet three rooms that measure 12 ft × 12 ft, 10 ft × 14 ft, and 21 ft × 20 ft. How many square yards of carpet should be ordered, rounded to the nearest tenth.
12 X 26 FT
My neice spilled pink nail polish on a beige carpet, what can i do to take it out?
If it didn't go into the carpet, let it dry. If it is just lightly on the surface, you can take a razor blade and scrape it off after it dries. If you try to use nail polish remover, it will smear, spread, and make it look worse. The best thing to do on carpet is to try to remove it when it's dry and can be scraped or cut off. I slopped latex paint on my carpet. After it dried, I took thin shears and got just behind the dried paint and cut it away. Although nail polish is not a latex, I still think this is the best way to go. If you must try to use remover, try to get the dry polish off as much as you can first. Then with the remover, stay limited to just the area of the spill, so as not to spread it.
I have a shag rug in my room. It's right infront of my mirror where I brush my hair, so now there is always hair caught in the shags of the rug. Also, dog hair gets caught in it from my dog. Vacumming doesn't get the hair out.How do you clean a shag rug? I need to get the hair out of it!Help!
I suggest...brushing it/raking it. Sounds weird but back in the 70's when shag rug was in, raking was introduced to the carpets. If you rake it, it combs the direction of the carpet, but also pulls materials in from deep within the carpet. If this doesn't work...try a lint brush with teeth. Not a roller that picks up sticky stuff.
Bearing in mind that the magic carpet can only go the same speed as walking, and the invisibility would be permanent.
magic carpet. i don't want to be invisible, cause then i wouldn't have anyone to talk to.
Carpet has the characteristics of hiding dust. two, When burning, there is particles floating upward through the carpet, this is that the carpet has thermal insulation effect. hinder the floor heating to dissipate heat;
My light colored carpets have left over soap stains from when a cleanser was used to remove pet stains. Now there are white stains on my carpets. I have tried filling a carpet cleaner with hot water and going over the stains with that but that seems to have just spread the left over soap stain. HELP! How do I remove these stains for good?
What did you use for a cleanser? If you used a product designed for laundry use, you may have damaged the carpet dyes permanently. If not and it is just plain soap, do what you do when you put shampoo in your hair, you rinse it out. Leaving soap ,from spotting stains, will attract dirt/soil because the residue becomes sticky and acts like a dirt magnet. For around $30.00 you can purchase a shop vac, small one of course, that will vacuum water. Rinse and suck, rinse and suck, numerous times on these spots, to remove the soapy residue. Dry with a terry cloth towel and a fan. (BOX TYPE) If you continue to allow a leaking pet on your carpet, you will be working on stains from urine for the rest of you life. If you would like further advice for removing urine from the carpeting, come back with a new question. See you
I am about to buy a house but want to install new carpet just wonderin on average how much it costs
Depending on the quality, anywhere from $5 to $50 per yard. Plus pad, plus installation. Start shopping.