carpets for hotel and home use

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Product Description:

Wilton Carpet

Quick Details

  • Material: 100% Polypropylene

  • Style: Jacquard

  • Pattern: Cut Pile

  • Design: classic

  • Technics: Machine Woven

  • Use: Hotel, Commercial

  • Size: 25 x 4m

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Repeat size: 100 x 200cm

  • Use: Commercial

  • design: double face fabrics

  • pattern: Jacquard

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:PP Fabricted Bags,loading capacity : 5000.00sq.m / 1 x 40FT FCL
Delivery Detail:30 days


100% Polypropylene yarn ,
face to face carpet,
width 4m,
Bar, conference room,
hotel guest room usages,

Product name: Machine woven wilton carpet

Surface Material:

100% PP


Heat set Cut Pile

Yarn Count:



320x420 etc

Pile Height:


Pile Weight:



Polyester Jute Backing / Felt Backing / Imported Latex Backing



Packing Details:

Yellow Elegant Wilton Carpet with polybag wrapped

Area of Suitability:

Heavy Commercial Use



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Q:How big is the carpet of Yoga
Standard type; width; width: 1, widening type: Long 185cm: Long 198cm: Long 170cm: 120cm4, double type: 40cm*60cm 80cm3; the carpet of Yoga generally has, special type: Long 180cm
Q:What is this stain on my rug?
If the stain is rust, bleaches like OxiClean won't work. Rust is oxidation, and bleaches oxidize further. You need a mild acid. If the rug is machine washable, try pouring white vinegar onto the mark. Let that sit for about 10 minutes. Then launder. If this doesn't work, try using Iron Out. You can find Iron Out at most hardware stores. Home Depot also carries it. Follow the directions on the package. Naturally, if the rug is not machine-washable, take it to a dry cleaner. Hope this helps. -
Q:Do i need to use a carpet stretcher to install carpet. How to install carpet?
If u want your carpet to be in correct position and without rippling then at the time of install carpet u should use carpet strecher .If u dont use carpet stretcher then it will look fine just right now but after a year puckers will start appearing every where.Carpet stretching is, generally, done in two different situations: During the initial installation and for a carpet repair. The initial stretch, during installation, ensures that the carpet is tight, secure, and even across the entire floor covering.
Q:What carpet is best to clean up?
Both environmental protection and will not damage the floor. The bottom of the EVA has adiabatic function, it became the most popular carpet as soon as it appears on the market, similar to the puzzle, high thick buffering capacity carpet can relieve the worry, to effectively prevent noise, can improve the temperature efficiency in air-conditioned room, due to the color of the carpet and assembly. The surface material is flannel. Therefore, Rubik's cube carpet appears, like Rubik's cube. About the name of rubik cube carpet , after being assembled, strong cohesion, there are 9 kinds of different color cube carpet
Q:new carpet while pregnant?
You could always have the new carpet delivered early and air it out in your garage for a couple weeks. New carpet does contain formaldehyde and other fun toxins so make sure you can air out your home well.
Q:best method to make rugs non-slip?
1 st two posters are right buttttttt....... You ll have to get the anti slip mat made for your situation. They come for rugs over a hard surface and for rugs over carpet. And for rugs over hard wood. This last one is important. These are made especially to let the wood breathe. GL
Q:How do you get candle wax out of carpet?
The best way I have found is to do the following: Remove the chunks of wax and as much as you can with your fingers. You may use ice as the others have suggested for this step. Heat your iron on a NON steam setting but pretty hot. Lay a paper bag over the wax spots and iron them. You may have to do this several times with clean paper but the iron melts the wax and the paper absorbs some of it.
Q:Nail polish+ carpet any suggestions?
I have another suggestion. Two products that are more concentrated that nail polish remover; -- Goof-Off (NOT Goo-Gone). Try local hardware stores or Ace; big-box stores don't carry this, I think. -- Bestine. Try Art's supplies stores. Both of these are very heavy-duty cleaners; you HAVE to have serious ventilation, like open windows and fans. But they are fabulous cleaners for tough spots. I blotted an ink-pen leak off of a raincoat with Goof-Off and it was like it had never been there after one blot. I also got some stuff that looked like melted silly putty out of carpet at rental property with Goof-Off. It took repeated pours/blots with a lot of paper towels, but it did dissolve the stuff. I found out about Goof-Off from a construction contractor. I think Bestine is raw chemical in nail polish remover. It is used to dissolve rubber cement and clean paste-up wax in graphics shops. I used to work with it, and it's a nasty but effective chemical. Just read/follow precautions on their labels, and be sure to test for color-fastness. If you do use one of these, be prepared to bag up the rags/paper towels etc. in several layers, and get them OUT. The fumes will permeate regular bags, and fill up your house and give you a major headache, aside from the risk from fumes igniting. I kid you not, be careful. They do the job but they are DUE respect.
Q:Cleaning OLD rugs?
If the rugs do not have a rubber backing on them, and are not braided rugs, you can run through the washing machine set on delicate. Hang to dry. If you can not run them through the wash, place them in the driveway. Put a small bit of laundry soap on them, use a brush to scrub them and then hose them off and hang to dry. If it is installed carpeting, then have them professionaly cleaned as a present for them
Q:cat urintating on carpet?
It could be any number of reasons. Is your cats literbox clean? Cats will refuse to use the literbox if it smells bad to them. Make sure its kept clean. Does your cat have a Urinary Tract Infection? That can cause cats to urinate in the strangest places. Were there any sudden changes that she had to deal with, like a new litterbox, something new near her literbox or a new type of liter? Sudden changes can stress cats out, and when cats are stressed they can urinate in strange places. Cats also urinate in strange places when they are upset.

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