Single-ribbed Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing Indoor Outdoor Carpets

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Product Description:

Single-ribbed Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing Indoor Outdoor Carpets

Single-ribbed Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing Indoor Outdoor Carpets

Product Specification

Single-ribbed Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing Indoor Outdoor Carpets

The door mat perfect for heavy traffic area, front door, outdoor, living room, bedroom, kitchen and office,  ect.
Also, the doormat is both protect your floor and add tasteful decor to your life.

Products Functions

Single-ribbed Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing Indoor Outdoor Carpets


The surface material allows you to scrape dirt and debris from your shoes. Let the welcome mat clean off your shoes.Super easy to clean, just rinse it in water and let it dry, comes like a new mat.


100% Polypropylene Surface and Environmental Protection PVC Backing. Our barrier mat not only helps catch dirt and mud, the
simple pure pattern also suits most scene in the house. The soft surface works well in the cold winter as well.

Friendly Tips

1. If you email or call to us, we will get back to you within 24 hours quickly;


2. Make sure of the model No., size, color, you will get a better price at once;


3. We provide the copy of certification if needed for the bath mat;


4. The price of the models are subject to our final confirmation;


5. We sincerely hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits.

Single-ribbed Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing Indoor Outdoor Carpets

Single-ribbed Jaquard Carpet With PVC Backing Indoor Outdoor Carpets


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Q:your own hook rug pattern?
There's an old low-tech technique for copying things like this that's been used for many years. Make a photocopy of your original. Draw a grid over it, using a ruler and being very precise. Or, photocopy your image onto grid paper. Draw a grid on your rug base -- yes, use a ruler and be very precise. Make sure the grid on your rug base has the same number of squares as the grid on your aper. They will be different-size squares, of course, but make sure there are the same nuber of squares. Now, carefully copy the contents of each grid square from the paper to the rug base. Turn the whole thing (yep, both the paper and the rug base) upside-down and work that way if you have trouble copying it right-side-up. You will find it much easier to copy one square at a time, and you'll have an excellent pattern for your rug. Have fun!
Q:Geometry: Area Problem dealing with carpet?
9 by 12 = 108 ft², and $27/108 = 1/4 dollar per ft², or $0.25 / ft² 8 by 14 = 112 ft², and $28/112 = $0.25 / ft² price is the same, so he buys the size that best fits his needs.
Q:Why does my rug keep moving?
An area rug pad will solve this problem. They are inexpensive and easily cut to the size you need. An area rug pad will also extend the life of your area rug.
Q:How can I get a huge wrinkle out of a rug?
Lay the rug flat on the floor and put heavy books on top of the creased part. Leave the books on the rug for at least 5 days. The books will smash the wrinkle out. You might want to put the rug in a spot where it won't be in the way. :) -
Q:Cost of new carpet?
I had some pros come and do My floor in the basement and my steps and it was only about 300 sq ft and it cost me almost $700 ...... You need to shop around and look for the best that you can afford and do only the rooms that need it!!
Q:where can i get little patches of carpet?
I needed small pieces of carpet for my travel trailer to put down when it was wet and muddy. Something cheap I could throw away. I went to carpet stores that sold and installed carpets. They have great buys in pieces of beautiful carpet left over from installations. Anywhere from 1 x 2 to 3 x 5 for twenty five cents to a dollar. Make your own deal. If you don't find what you want in one place, go to another.
Q:What covers the carpet?
Buy children's commonly used bubble desert floor, the kind of section of flowers, there are, you can easily remove, wash, and you can also according to the size of the floor.
Q:What size carpet is the 80 x 80 tea table suitable for?
Both sides are not to step on it, than ten cm oval table carpet you suggest that three sides have stepped, and all round nice, this area is whole to the sofa, 1.6 long, was too big, the carpet is too prominent.
Q:best method to make rugs non-slip?
you need to put a rug pad underneath the rug. they sell them at ACE hardware and similar stores.
Q:I burnt the carpet............?
If it's only the very top part of the nap in the carpet, you can try snipping off the burned parts. Trim around the area somewhat as well, so the snipped dip in the carpet isn't as obvious. If it's too deep to cut, but only a small area (smaller than a quarter) and/or out of the usual area, you can try painting it over. Match the color, paint the spot, and then clear-paint it over to seal it. If it's bigger than that AND deep, um , area rug?

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