Single Chenille Jacquard Indoor Carpets and Rugs

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1000 m²
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40000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Description of Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

Style name:

Polyester Jacquard Carpet 
Raw Material:

Polyester chenille yarn

Use:Bathroom, bedroom, parlor, toilet, decoration, movie house, outdoor etc
Restaurant, hotel, restaurant
Weight: Top:600 - 750 g/m2  Bottom: 400-450g/m2
Size:25*75 / 40*60 / 50*80 / 60*90 / 70*140 / 70*120 / 70*180 /  80*120 / 80*100 / 90*90 / 90*14 / 90*150 / 120*170
Pattern:As customer's requirements  
Packing: Each rug packed with a OPP bag .
Technics:Needle punchded/non woven
Productivity:40000 square meters per month . 
Place of origin: China
Standard quantity: 2800-3000 M2 in 1x20'GP container , 6500-7000 M2 in 1x20'GP container 
MOQ:500 piece( Our company design )    2000 piece ( The guest design )
Delivery time: Within10-15 working days after receiving your advance money
Payment term: T/T, L/C
Port: China Main Port


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Q:What is it like playing on a carpet court?
Compared to hard courts, carpet courts will cause the balls to bounce lower. This is because the carpet surface is more foregiving, i.e. softer, which absorbs the energy from the ball. I'd say it plays most closely to grass. Due to the friction of the surface, spins have a greater effect, eg. skidding slices. Soft and great for the joints though. The speed of the surface is dependent on the makeup material and thickness of the carpet, but usually pretty fast. Is this tournament indoors? Have you played indoors before? There are those factors to consider as well, such as ventilation (for breathing), ceiling height (b/c if you hit it, you lose the point), and echo (from hitting the ball). All those factors are worth considering as well. Good luck!
Q:How do I get my carpet cleaned?
use this stuff called AWESOME. you can get it at some 99 cent stores or any other store. its very cheap but i use it for EVERYTHING!! i swear by it. it really works, even though it says to dilute don'tt, just pour it straight on, let it sit and clean in a bit. GOOD LUCK
Q:The carpet is wet and musty. How do you remove it?
The carpet has a musty treatment:First: first, disinfect the houseSecond: ventilation to the house, keep the house air circulation, is conducive to musty smell evaporate;Third: if you can bask in the sun, as far as possible to let the sun into the house, the sun has a strong bactericidal ability;Fourth: if you don't feel well, you can spray some air freshener.Fifth: you can use Xinyuan carpet musty available for carpet deodorant, musty, achieve immediate results;
Q:Handtufted 100% wool rugs. Do they all have a smell? Is it normal to find twigs or seeds woven into the wool?
these have been made by a craft work shop where the wool has been spun by hand and probably in a workshop in a rural work shop where as it was woven twigs etc have been picked up from the floor it was crafted on the best bet is to wash the rugs if possible if not then contact the rug importer and complain
Q:What is an under rug used for?
It is an extra layer to put under an outer rug for example it replaces a stable blanket that goes under a jute or stable rug. It gives extra warmth and rather like when we wear a blouse or a polo neck under a woolen jumper! It can also prevent friction which could cause sores or bald patches especially on the shoulders. I wish we had them in my day - a 5 foot girl trying to put two or three heavy blankets on a 17-18hh horse and THEN a rug is very hard work!
Q:Is there any type throw rug that will not slide on a nylon rug?
they make a non skid pad to solve this problem try one of them, they go under any rug you want to use
Q:I want to replace my carpet what do i do after i take off my carpet??? please help.?
If you're asking how to install new carpet, think carefully before you attempt it. Carpet mechanics have several years experience before they can do it professionally. You need the proper tools. A power stretcher is a plus. The ability to use the proper tension so as not to tear the carpet but assure a tight stretch. A knee kicker a must., and the ability to kick it without damaging your knees. Even those experienced have this happen. If not used properly it can tear out carpet fibers, leaving a bald spot/s. A seaming iron a must, and the knowledge to use it without melting the pile of the carpet. Using the proper heat on the seaming tape. Proper carpet knives, and the ability to properly cut a true and straight edge when seaming fills, and at doorways. Following the wires of the pile when trimming. Knowledge in cutting Across wires in order to make good seams. Proper trimming shears to trim carpet pile when necessary. Wall trimming tool, and ability to trim the correct amount of salvage in order to tuck, without scarring walls. If tack strip needs any replaced, the knowledge to place them at the correct distance from the wall to suit the type of carpet. Ability to hammer nails in the strip without hitting the walls. Strip can be as close as 1 /1/4 from the wall. Inexperienced installers have damaged walls. Problems can be encountered with concrete and must be solved properly. Padding will likely be replaced and adhered to the floor at a correct distance from tackstrip. This is not a job for amateurs. Carpet is too expensive today to screw it up. You could injure your back and knees.
Q:Is This A Suitable Selection Of Rugs For A Horse?
Wow thats quite a list :P but anyway i live in the UK to so i know about how cold it gets one thing i would make sure to do is that on the middleweight and heavyweight turnouts, make aure they have necks, either detachable or built in. This is because it gets cold so your horse needs to be as warm as possible also it depends on the breed of the horse but you might want a lightweight summer turnout sheet , maybe for windy days, light rain or just to keep your horse clean :) an exercise sheet is a good buy if you hack out alot or dont have an idoor school and you wont need the fly sheet until the summer as with the L/W turnout :) good luck with your horse hope this helped x
Q:How do I get a spot of blonde haircoloring out of my carpet?
Blonde has a kit with a 'cookie cutter' and seam tape). I would consult a carpet repair specialist, though. Because silk, wool and synthetic fibers have different absorbance properties, they will react to dyes differently. There may also be stain-shields, like Scotch Guard, that need to be removed in order to properly treat the area.
Q:What do I need to put a carpet down?
Get an area rug, it's far less work. Carpeting is a miserably difficult job, right up there with installing a door or a window. It's really hard on the knees too and you need a special tool. It really isn't fun.

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