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I went to a heritage craft festival last year, and there was a lady making rugs. It was at a Colonial period mansion, and she said the rugs were found in the storage of the family, and never finished. So she was using similar materials, and following the pattern to finish them. I guess it was rug hooking, but I don't remember her calling it that. She would take a very thick piece of wool and pull it through the backing to make a little loop, then, on the same piece of wool, just make a loop in the next hole, no knots, no cut pieces..she said the fabric was so tight and the wool so thick that it would hold it in, and eventually the bottom would become felt from walking on it (she showed me the older portions of the piece). Is that the same as regular modern rug hooking? it doesn't seem like it...does anyone know if this sounds right? does anyone rug hook like this? Thanks!
If this an high priced purchase and you're questioning of keepin this rug for a protracted time, think of roughly your furniture. Will you opt to alter up that room in some years? if so, %. the rug which will strengthen with you and your loved ones. If that may no longer an high priced purchase or you could cope with to pay for to purchase a clean rug each and every so usually, then bypass with what you quite like. area rugs are an incredible thank you to alter the topic of the room without changing hundreds of dollars worth a furniture. solid success.
I have just gotten a large area rug and Ihave put it on a bare floor. Do I need to put something under the rug. It is not slipping or anythhing.
They have non skid for carpets in the throw rug department at Kmart or Walmart. But you can use extra carpet padding and it improves the cushion of the carpeting a lot. Much more comfy. I just did it for a 5 by 7 in my entry way. It made a huge difference. See if you can get a piece the size you need from a carpet installer. The sponge will actually tape together with duck tape allowing you to use scraps.
My cat ruined my carpet, and I want to rip it up. Where do I take the carpet ?
If you have curbside garbage pick up, they will take it if you cut the carpet in 4 foot wide sections, rolled up and tied.
I would like to make a rag rug what type of fabric is the best to use?
A combination of old tee shirts and towels work nicely. They offer different textures and are readily available. Hope that helps!
OK, my pet pooped on the carpet, didn't notice it for awhile. It dried, I picked it up, vacuumed the carpet as well as I could, sprinkled a little (not too much) baking soda into the carpet and rubbed in it. Then I put diluted vinegar (half and half with water) in a container and soaked a paper towel, wrung it out and scrubbed the carpet with it. I didn't use a whole lot of vinegar, about half a cup solution (which would be 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 of water) for an area the size of a large cutting board.I plan on leaving it overnight and in the morning scrubbing it out with a bit of water - will the vinegar harm the carpet in the meantime or am I OK? Nothing was put sopping on the carpet - the paper towel was just damp.
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i want to make a rug/mat for door way floor using 3 Colors but wouldn't have a clue how. what im asking u is what craft is used for example knitting or cross stitching thanks in advance
Go to a store that has crafts and hobbies stuff. they can help you.
I just moved into a brand new house to then spill bright red nail polish all over the carpet any ideas on how to get it out without ruining the carpet?
This happened to me a few weeks ago. Mine was the ENTIRE bottle that my cat knocked over while I was asleep!! I got it out though!! You have to use a lot of nail polish remover....this will make it spread a little, but for me that was ok.. Once I got out what I could with the nail polish remover, I put a mixture of 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 tablespoon ammonia on it and saturated it. After that, I put saran wrap over it and then put a stack of books on top of it and left it over night. This helped tremendously! Then I just used boiling hot water, carpet cleaner, and a little more nail polish remover to get the rest out. It worked too. I posted this same question when it happened to me, so check the link below to see what people said about it.
where do i find jute rugs for decent price?
www.okorder /. I once carried Jute Rugs several years ago. These prices seem about right today. You can google Jute Rugs and find other sources. They're all made in China.