Exhibiton Machine Made Shaggy Wool Carpet Credit Insurance

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Exhibiton Machine Made Shaggy Wool Carpet Credit Insurance

We CNBM International Corporation is one of the main professional manufacturer of rug & carpets. We can supply various kinds of carpets,such as Hook rug, Hand Tufted rug, Shaggy rug, Faux sheep skin rug, Sisal & Seagrass rug and so on.


CNBM carpets&rugs are suitable for home ,meeting room, apartments ,hotel, guest rooms, living room and other rooms.


CNBM Carpets&rugs can match with various kinds of furnitures.


CNBM Carpets&rugs can be customized with your designs. 


CNBM Carpets&rugs keep the pace with fashion home.


Product: Shaggy Rug 

Shaggy rug is famous by its wide varieties. We produce shaggy rugs of Polyester shaggy rug with viscose, Chinese knot rug, soft Micoriber shaggy rug in plain color or in patterns.



100% polyester or acrylic or chinese knot or microfiber .

Pile Weight


Pile Height



Grey-white cotton with natural soft latex


Customise patterns and various colors


50x80cm/60x90cm/120x170cm//160x170cm/120x180cm/ 140x200cm/160x230cm/200x300cm or customized size.


1) Super soft surface and fashion pattern but cheap price meets you needs.

2) Anti-slip rubber backing in case of pepole slip on the floor.

3) Good water absorption keeps water out of your building.

4) Using super environmental protection material.

5) Easy to clean and store,machine washable.   
6) Ideal for promotion gift and home decoration. 

7)Stock for supply,ready to use.

Exhibiton Machine Made Shaggy Wool Carpet Credit Insurance

Exhibiton Machine Made Shaggy Wool Carpet Credit Insurance

CNBM International Corporation

(CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.With the advantages in Cement, Composite Materials, New Building Materials and Engineering, We are enlarging sub-brand. Currently, we have wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries and branches in 5 countries with a view to realize localization. Meanwhile, we have established strategic partnerships with hundreds of domestic manufacturers and sound business relations with clients from over 120 countries. In line with the business, CNBM International launched E-business platform Okorder.com. It conformed the best resource and logistics to meet the customers’ request  with 24 hours full-time service.

Our Vision: Initiate new global trading structure; create new value for benefit related partners.

We will do utmost to promote rational use of resources under the new structure, meanwhile, create new value of  “green, environment friendly and sustainable’ for a more prosperous future.

CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept.

At CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept., we design and weave  beautiful carpets of superb durability - with axminster, tufted and wilton carpets to suit all hospitality environments. · There is no size limitation on rug size.  Rugs can be created with a variety of materials from pure wool to woolen silk, from natural fiber to chemical fiber.

1.Q: Which carpet type do you supply?

A: We supply hand made and machine made carpet with wool, polyester, nlyon, etc.

2.Q: Do you supply OEM produce?

A: Yes, we supply OEM produce, also any style carpet will be customized.

3.Q: Do your company guarantee quality?

A: Yes, our company will test the quality at producing process and before export. So pls rest assured, the quality will be guaranteed.

4.Q: What payment term do you support?

A: T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.

5.Q: Do you have any discount?

A: If you buy bulk and have a long-term cooperation, we will have a best discount for you!


If you are interested in our carpet, pls contact with me.

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Q:Apparently I put too much woolite on our carpet, and it won't come out. Ive tried wet rags but it just keeps foaming. Is there an easy way to get this soap out?
use a steam cleaner
How about velvet? It's durable.
Q:I used my mother's carpet shampooer to clean some minor stains on my carpet and now my carpet stinks and it didn't before!
ideally the suitable thank you to get this out could be to have the carpet professionally wiped sparkling, yet that may no longer consistently an decision. right this is a vogue that I each and every each and every now and then use to handle nasty spills on my carpet. positioned some million/4 cup of carpet shampoo or upholstery cleanser in a extensive bowl of warm water and sponge sparkling the 'fishy' spot, getting down into the fibres. those cleaners may be got here across at any branch or ironmongery keep. Rinse with sparkling heat water and a sponge and allow it dry. while dry, sprinkle a beneficiant volume of baking soda on the section and paintings it into the carpet. go away it for extra or less an hour then vacuum thoroughly. The cleanser will get rid of any oil or liquid from the fish and the baking soda will deodorize the carpet, solid luck!
Q:I have a rug that is a 5 x 8 and it is still wrapped in the original plastic. Can I ship it through UPS that way? With the label on the plastic?
ups, or put a spell on it and find Alladin, or carry it u have lots of choices!!!
Generally PU wheel chair is relatively good on the market , its characteristic is wear-resistant, this kind of wheel is generally a double colored, so it will not damage the floor or carpet. if use good wheels chair, smooth. Do not let the carpet to adapt to the chair, but the chair to adapt to the carpet, sliding noise is small, it will cost as much as 50% more than the average cost of a single color wheel, it will not restrict the use of carpet material
Q:I have never purchased new carpet and do not know where to begin. What type of carpet is best for high traffic areas? This will be stairs, hallway and bedroom.
Go for wool or a wool blend for long life.
Q:theres a rug outside of my bedroom door, and my cat keeps dragging it down the hallway.. She never does it when anyones watching either
Mine does that too with our bathroom mat all the time..it's just play interaction..
Q:My bathroom is a sage green color with a white shower curtain, and black and white pictures in silver frames. currenlty I have tan towels and tan rugs, I hate it! What other colors would work?
I love the color sage green; there are several things that you could do to give your bathroom a update and they can be pretty inexpensive. 1. I love the color raspberry with sage green. I think you could get a shower curtain in raspberry and leave the tan rugs but get a raspberry towel. This should still pull all your colors together and give you an updated look. I think you will find out that you don't mind the tan rug 2. Go for a spa look! White towels and white rug, leave walls sage green use black for accent - give it a zen look. I really like the white towels and rug since I can bleach them and feel that they are cleaner. 3. Another color that would look good and is sometimes overlooked is a navy blue. Get the towels and rug in Navy and let the shower curtain and pictures be your accent colors. of course these suggestions are based on you keeping your same wall color... good luck
Q:How would you carpet your walls?
Carpet as wallcovering ?? It would look like a padded cell - the Safari Room at a mental institution ? ( Just kidding ) I would like to suggest a few alternatives. The first being trying to source out that print in a wallpaper. I am absolutely certain it exists somewhere, try the internet. Carpet on a wall is too heavy looking and, retro. Carpet in that pattern in particular, would be way too overbearing in Iarge amounts. I would rather see you work with a fabric in that pattern, on your walls. But treat it as a large, flat panel and hang it at the head of the bed on dowels. You could also hang it against the wall and tie it back at the head of the bed framing the headboard and centering an African art print in the middle. You could cut the fabric in a psuedo pelt shape, mount it on stiff board and hang it as a skin. Keep the carpet on the floor as a smaller matching area rug. Mix in faux zebra print cushions or throws. Paint your walls in rich sand and brown tones and consider black bedroom furniture. So, go ahead and use that print, but don't assault your senses with it in carpet on the walls. Mix it up in small quantities with similarly inspired prints and colours for a more refined, finished look. Have fun !
Q:We moved into a new home, and until we change the carpet out, is there a temporary fix you can use to hide unsightly bleach stains on carpeting?
I wish!!!! I spilled bleach on my dark blue carpet in my bathroom and I tried alot, even bought some fabric dye. Not much you can do except throw a rug down over it until you get some new carpet.

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