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I recently bought a 4gb PNY SDHC for my camera, and i want to know if it can be used through any card readers.
Secure Digital High Capacity :) your card reader must be one as well or you risk malfunction. I have one in my phone 8GB and i can use it on an older card reader, but it messes up half the time, during file transfers. If i hook up through the phone directly its ok. but 3 different older card readers dont show anything. it will work but be careful :P
how can you fool this device to pass
Funny that such a question is coming from a guy with the name Mohammed. No, you cannot fool an id card reader. These machines are specifically built to be tamper-proof. You are most certainly not going to find the expertise required to defeat such systems on YahooAnswers.
I have A n95, the plug where you put the computer cable broke so i put all my pictures on my laptop with a memory card adapter thing a Interal USb 2.0 multi card reader, but how do i put images from my laptop onto the memory card?
When the card reader is connected to the computer with a card in it, simply go to 'My Computer' and find an icon that will be named similarly to this: Removable Disk (F:). You might have a few like that, but just try each of them until you find the right one (you will see other files and folders there which your Nokia created). Once there, look for an images or pictures folder and just drag and drop your photos from your 'My Pictures' folder (for example) into the other folder.
i can't put video on my cellphone
u need to have an separate card reader or an in biult card reader in ur laptop.insert the memory card into the card reader hen transfer ur videos normally like u do it with ur pen drive.e.g. copy and paste the videos into the videos folder in ur card
Does it connect to USB? What does it cost?
Yes okorder
I need one soon, and I can't wait to order it online.
I don't know if they would have a dedicated CF card reader, but they should have a multicard reader that includes CF. $10 would be about right for an SD/SDHC-only card reader, but I think a multicard reader that includes CF would be more in the neighborhood of $30-40.
What are the advantages of the card reader?
Compared to other methods, the use of readers can get a relatively high read speed.
are there any moving parts in a compact flash card reader?
No, other than your hand moving it into or out of the slot.