Micro sd card reader usb to tf card reader adapter

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Product Description:

card reader


1. Read and write M2+microSD/T-FLASH, support microSDHC card.

2. Hot plug and play.

3. Portable, gift design.

4. No need power charger.

5. USB2.0, it is compatible for USB1.1, 480Mbps high speed.

6. Support: Win98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Linux2.4.X MacOS10.0 or above.

7. Packing: product size: 32(L)X16 (W)X 7(H)mm
                inner packing: 135(L)X 105(W)X 13(H)mm
                N.T.: 3G
                G.W.: 19G
                Carton size: 58(L)X 55(W)X 22(H)CM   400PCS/CTN
                G.W.: 9KG 


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Q:I have purchased a new USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader with all current fomats of memory. The problem is is shows Disks E,F,G,H,I and none works. I constantly get timeouts and cannot transfer photos on any of them but H tries to look operable but still does not work. I have diabled a second DVD drive thinking that would help but alas not workable access to copy photos. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Gary
These drive will show up for the device, but the only way you will be able to access anything is if you happen to have a card in one of the slots. Otherwise, its just an empty drive.
Q:I bought a usb card reader, does it store files like songs and word documents, if so how do i save them to it? I plug it in and nothing comes up or anything. 10 points!:)
It can't store anything. You can put memory cards[1] in it, and it can read and write data to and from them (then THEY can store the data (any kind of data, a computer file is just a computer file, it doesn't matter what is in it)). [1] compact flash, SD, and various others, which ones are supported depends on the particular card reader
Q:I tried checking to see if my memory card readers are broken, but none. I used different types of pro duo cards, but after awhile it pops up error. I use to have it working fine. Does this mean i need to buy new memory cards? I have tried SONY and SANDISK and they all turn out the same. Gets me very frustrated.
My first guess would be to format the card for what it will be used. I am guessing a w800i is a phone or a camera. If you cannot format it right on the phone or camera, try to format it on the computer. Yes, it will erase anything that was on it before, but i would rather start over with pics and music than buy a new card. Hope it works for you.
Q:Can anyone give me research information on the new square up readerfor example the year it came out, the functions, etcThanks!
Square okorder
Q:Mobile phone charger bad how to do?
Their own gift is not what good quality of things, it is likely that no product posted a small card, can be used very well.
Q:I just bought a brand new internal 3.5 inch card reader with one USB 2.0 port and all you are supposed to do is connect it to your internal USB header (which I did) and when I powered on my computer the power light comes on on the card reader but nothing happens if I connect a mouse or other USB device the system will not notice it I have XP if that helps any
A card reader should not need drivers to work with Windows XP. You would only need drivers if you were using Windows 98 or earlier. All I can think of is that you haven't connected it to the header correctly; or maybe you've got the connector the wrong way round. Or maybe the header is faulty (if you have another USB header on your motherboard that has something plugged into it, perhaps you could try swapping them over).
Q:I just bought a casio ex-z70, and I bought it with no charger and no usb cable plug. It took me about a week to finally find a casio charger. and now i cant find a usb cable plug. Instead I found a memory card reader, but i was wondering what it was and if it worked like a usb plug. Will it transfer all my pic. to my computer?
memory card readers usually read multiple camera cards, so if you have 5 cameras you can just plug all their cards into the card reader instead of having to plug in each camera. they are pretty much all USB so you just plug it in, then plug in your camera card to the reader. windows will detect it as a new drive letter and should pop up and ask if you want to view the files, from here you can copy them to your my pictures folder or wherever you want.
Q:Electric car charger fan does not turn how is it?
But some of the charger is used in intelligent cooling.
Q:After clicking to safely remove a memory card, the 4-in-1 card reader remains shut down until I reboot the computer. How can I either a) easily restart the reader or b) safely eject the memory card and still keep the reader active? (This is an HP Pavilion desktop, about 3 years old).
HP would be the rapid one among those 3 with 2GHz chip! DELL with XP-expert would provide you the main working device, and with XP, the working device promises swifter the Vista in HP. ACER has much less RAM, yet greater valuable reveal! i visit p.c. DELL for swifter device! i visit p.c. ACER for greater valuable reveal and value! in case you're thinking approximately upgrading the RAM to 2G with above 2, then p.c. HP!
Q:I am looking at purchasing a digital camera and have decided on one. When I browse sellers, they all bundle something different to try to entice you to buy. One has a card reader included. What is this and is it necesssary?
This is a gizmo that typically plugs into your computers USB slot that allows you to put in the memory card from the computer. Make that you have USB slot. Some of the card readers are for laptop PC Card slots, which fewer and fewer laptops have these days. Almost all digital cameras have a USB jack and USB cable that can be used to transfer pics, however this does use the battery. 2 gb's of images can take 20-30 images to transfer, so the card reader is convenient but not typically required.

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