Wonderful TF Card Reader

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Wonderful TF Card Reader


 Features of card reader


* Standard micro USB 2.0 interface

* Work as a USB disk drive

* For your computer

* Support M2/T-FLASH series

* Support function with read,write,copy,save

* Data transfer rate up to 480MBps

* The color of body and surface can be custom made


PARAMETERS for card reader










Supported Systems

Windows 2000,2003,XP,Vista,Mac 10.45 or later,Linux 2.4 or later



 Why choose us?


* We are factory: Good price & fast delivery.

* We only do private tooling, high quality materials & exquisite details.

* Reliable quality with patent.

* OEM/ODM, customers design is welcome.

* Excellent service, fast reply.

* Sample order or trail order for test is acceptable.


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Q:unlock Japanese Phone Sim card reader?
ask att
Q:Multi usb Interface card reader?
Check and make sure you don't have any settings for the multi reader or XD card set to protected or read only mode. It should work both ways, but your multi interface card reader may not be compatible with the computer or OS you're using. Try a different USB port to see if anything changes. Best of luck.
Q:How do I get songs from my computer to a USB Memory Card Reader to put on my phone?!?
hi first put the memory card in the mobile after a min take it out and then put it in thecomputer. open the folder and then there should be a folder called music/sounds. drag and drop your music there. then put the memory card back in your mobile.
Q:memory card reader problem for my canon 40d?
You may want to try an external reader. They're available where ever cameras are sold for little $$. Windows will see a reader as a drive you simply copy / paste. I had that problem with my lap top. It just quit reading my cards. I was using external readers for a long time before I got my lap top but I decided to try it. It worked twice.
Q:connected usb card reader but don't know how to download to it.?
if you have xp or vista it should be in my computer try to test if other simular usb things work like flashdrive. if they don't work then you ubs port may have been fryed or your computer isn't setup to use it's usb ports. if your useing windows 98, or other than xp or vista like window 98 or windows me. then you probably will have to setup your card reader with some software downloaded or found with the card reader anyway you should include the additional details of your operating system and if usb flashdrives work. ok i got you message usb card readers are fairly new so they wouldn't be anything than plug and play so you cant really do anything to your computer to make it work. the way i'd go about it is doing two tests, 1) firstly plug you usb card reader with card in it in to someones elses computer if it doesn't work then you only have to worry about the card reader. 2) take the card out and go to a digital prints station in k-mart or what ever and put you card in it if the station recognizes the card then it's most deffinatly a dodgy card reader and you might have to buy another one, conversly if the card is a sd type then you might be able to use a digital camera to read and write files i know i do.
Q:how do i use the card reader?
Hi, All you need to do is take the memory card out of the camera and push it in to the right size slot on the card reader. Then plug the USB connector and push it in to the USB port on your computer. hope this helps.
Q:how can you tell if your computer has a memory card reader?
i have never heard of a memory card reader. all computers have memory sticks. just open up your computer and you will see them.
Q:How do I find my memory card reader on my computer?
if you're using xp or vistathe windows will detect the memory card once you insert the media to the readerbut if not you can manually click my computer and there you can see lots of drive been showed therethe icon for card reader is a bit different from your hard drive.just click on all the reader icon until it display a valid dialog box with ur filesthis is what i actually do with my pc :)hope this help
Q:Memory Card reader not working?
the connector port that it plug into may be undesirable on the motherboard,also bypass the the gadget manager on the right click view click instruct all contraptions hidden and see once you've any purple x's
Q:Memory card reader on computer issues? :(?
Hi. Doze your card show in computer if you manually explore to it .? Windows start key Computer removable storage / mass storage device. If yes then set your auto play to your preferences to ask what you want to do when your card is placed in drive or explore , import etc. Windows start key Control panel Autoplay . If NO was the answer then re-install the drivers for your card reader , you need to go to your computers manufactures website and select support or downloads then select your make and model and download the drivers for your reader.

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