Write ISO 7816 Smart Card Reader-58

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This is a new product which is a smart card reader used for reading cards to make you more convenient from the ATM/bank.The CHIP support EMV2000 level 1 certification .Through the computer you can use this smart card to read the information of bank card/Credit card /ID card card and so on.The best for your choice!




Power voltage


Power consumption


Connecting Interface

USB 2.0(full speed) 12Mbps

IC card communication speed

Up to 115,200 bps


Operation temperature:0~45 

Storage temperature:-35~70




Compliant IC card standard

Memory card:Synchronous 2-line,

3-line and I2C Interface

CPU card:Comply with IS07816-1,2,3 T=1 and T=0 proprietary

Driver support

Win7/Vista/Win XP/2000/ME/98/NT4.0/CE;Linux;Mac OS X

SDK(software library)

PC/SC compliant,CT-API;Proprietary API

Bundle software

SIM/UIM Card editing software

Support driver standard

CCID,PC/SC standard,WHQL


ISO7816 Comply,EMV2000 L1 certified


N99:W85*H72*D17mm   N68:W61.8*H68.3*D16.5mm 




Approx 120g

Housing material



IC card:200,000

Card acceptor type

User card: Friction type

Cable length(cm)

USB A 120cm


2 LED indicators: green,blur &red


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Q:how do you use the memory card reader is my adapter to fit all the way in and click should a light come on?
It's hard to tell because we don't know what kind of computer you are using. Generally, you have to make sure your computer can read that type of memory card and make sure that you are inserting it correctly. If you think the memory card is in correctly, you can try checking My Computer to see if it recognizes the memory card. From what I've experienced, most memory cards from phones aren't recognized by the computer's memory card reader, however, the computer still recognizes it in My Computer. I hope that helps.
Q:My card reader on my computer?
One of the cables may have come loose inside the case, or it could have just died :( Or as Eric said, a bad driver. Go to the maxtor website and try to find the drivers for the card reader. Install them and see if that helps.
Um, computers don't normally have credit card readers so where exactly did you put your credit card? I'm guessing you either put it in the CD-ROM slot or possibly an ExpressCard slot. The ExpressCard slot isn't all that deep so you should be able to get it out, but if you put it in your CD slot that's a whole different problem. Honestly I'm not sure how you would get that out without totally taking the drive apart or risk damaging it by putting things in to get the card out.
Q:How do I choose a charger?
More than 2000mA can (such as 2500mA), less than 2000mA may not work.
Q:are there any SD card readers that can corrupt or erase SD Cards unexpectantly?
try not to remove your card while reading or writing. $15 is good enough to get a SD card reader.
Q:Are there any tarot card readers on Yahoo answers?
Yep. Me. 9 of cups can have several meanings depending on the question asked and the placement in the spread. It is a card of reassesment before committment in the affairs of the heart, whether that be your hearts desire for life or a relationship. It can mean you need to decide what fulfills you, what are your dreams you want' fulfilled. I can also mean that you are about to have your dreams come true or you are looking for fulfillment. Cards don't mean much and can be ambiguous without the relationship of the question, placement in the spread, type of spread and surrounding cards. Check out my free lessons on the sites below
Q:dell inspiron 15 laptop has too small sd card reader?
Hi kid, Dell computers are usually shipped with 8 in 1 media card readers and support following media cards : Secure Digital (SD) Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC) Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO MSXC Memory Card MultiMedia Card (MMC) xD-Picture Card Inspiron 15 is shipped in different variants with different types of media card readers inbuilt ranging from 3 in 1 to 8 in 1 media card readers. I would suggest you to refer to the Owner's Manual for your system from dell.to/11iojrK -Enter the service tag of your system -Click on Manuals and Documentation and check the media card reader shipped and the types of media cards supported. Also, some cameras utilize an adapter to read the memory cards i.e. the memory card is first inserted in the adapter and then in camera. I would suggest you to refer to cameras manual as well for type of memory cards supported. Hope this helps. Thanks Regards, Sundeep B
No, that's not what a reader is for. A reader is designed to read existing files only or to write them to or from the card. Your problem will require some extra software. There are free download recover programs out there. Google photo recover software
Q:my 5 in 1 card reader is not workingit can read SD\MMC\MS\Pro\xD.?
Tyler reads swifter because Tyler can examine 325 words in a minute and Talon can examine 220 words in line with minute.Or once you go multiply the propotions, you'll see that Tyler reads swifter then Talon.
Q:Can a Media Card Reader with an SD Slot be Updated to read SDHC Cards?!?
What model is your card reader? Not all card readers can read SDHC. This is probably what is going on with your card. Your card is probably fine, but you'll need a new card reader that can read SDHC or you can just use your camera as the card reader. But I would strongly suggest a card reader over using your camera. I don't know if they are any card readers that can be updated by firmware to read SDHC.

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