OEM smart card reader;2013 best selling smart card reader;smart card reader for bank card/ID card

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OEM smart card readers



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This is a new product which is a smart card reader used for reading cards to make you more convenient from the ATM/bank.The CHIP support EMV2000 level 1 certification .Through the computer you can use this smart card to read the information of bank card/Credit card /ID card card and so on.The best for your choice!





Power voltage


Power consumption


Connecting Interface

USB 2.0(full speed) 12Mbps

IC card communication speed

Up to 115,200 bps


Operation temperature:0~45 

Storage temperature:-35~70




Compliant IC card standard

Memory card:Synchronous 2-line,

3-line and I2C Interface

CPU card:Comply with IS07816-1,2,3 T=1 and T=0 proprietary

Driver support

Win7/Vista/Win XP/2000/ME/98/NT4.0/CE;Linux;Mac OS X

SDK(software library)

PC/SC compliant,CT-API;Proprietary API

Bundle software

SIM/UIM Card editing software

Support driver standard

CCID,PC/SC standard,WHQL


ISO7816 Comply,EMV2000 L1 certified


N99:W85*H72*D17mm   N68:W61.8*H68.3*D16.5mm 




Approx 120g

Housing material



IC card:200,000

Card acceptor type

User card: Friction type

Cable length(cm)

USB A 120cm


2 LED indicators: green,blur &red


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Q:Card Reader is not working?
One thing to make sure of. With a standard SD card, you push the card into the laptop to insert, and to take it out, you push it in again, and it should pop out enough for you to remove. If this is a micro SD, there should be an adapter with it that makes it regular size.
Q:Memory card reader wont upoad pictures?
Have you tried going to My Computer and looking under Devices and Removable Storage? If not, go there and if you see your reader, open it and select your photos and right click on it and go from there. You can just make a new folder and drag your pictures to it also.
Q:What is the input / output current and voltage of the charger?
For example, iPhone charger input 100-240v 50-60hz 0.15A max output 5v 1A
Q:Electric car charger fan does not turn how is it?
The fault is mainly to control the fan's transistor (usually 8550 or 8050) damage, or the fan itself is damaged or the wind is stuck by debris.
Q:Magnetic Stripe Card Reader/Writer?
This is actually a good question. But you have to be careful, because the answer is both yes, and no. What I mean by that is, is that you can buy them both ways. You can purchase just readers, or just writers, or a combined unit (usually way more expensive). So you just have to ensure that you read the product description before you purchase.
Q:usb 2.0 card reader driver?
XP has built-in support for USB Flash drives and memory card readers, so you don't need any drivers. Try using another USB port or using the reader on another computer to see if the reader works correctly.
Q:Charger output current is not enough impact on the battery it?
When the charge current is between 0.1C and 0.2C, we call the slow charge. Charge current greater than 0.2C, less than 0.8C is fast charge. And when the charge current is greater than 0.8C, we call it ultra-high-speed charging.
Q:Memory stick and digital card reader help!?
Plug your card into your card reader. If you are using the camera as one, put the card in it and plug it into the computer. It will begin to install the drivers, wait until it says something like your device is installed and ready to use. Then, you are ready to go. You need to go to My Computer either on your desktop or Start---My Computer (or computer in vista) ----then you will see all of your drives there. You should see your Hard drive which usually has the letter C like this C: and you will see your CD drive and anything else that has a storage medium show up there. Click on any of them but the C: drive, and you CD drive (usually drive D:) And it should open and you wont see your pictures, you should see a folder called DCIM or the model of your camera as the name, click on it and there is a chance you may see another folder, if you do just click on it, your pictures will be somewhere in there. Then when you find them, you may either put all of them on your computer by pushing CTRL and A together, this will select all of your pictures, if you only want some, you need to hold the Ctrl button while you are selecting the ones you want, but don't let go of Ctrl, or else it will deselect everything you just selected, except whatever you just clicked on. Then when you are finished selecting, drag and drop them wherever you would like your pictures to be located on your hard drive, I'm guessing your My Pictures folder lol
Q:Are you a Tarot card reader?
Yes, although I don't do it regularly. For myself at times and at the request of friends. I don't take payment because a) I need the practice; b) I still have to refer to my cheat sheets; c) although I've been told they're uncanny, I am not confident that I have any real skill in this area. I wouldn't feel right taking payment for something that could be nothing. I understand what you're saying about charging for your time. Partly because I'm still having to look things up, doing a reading is time consuming. It also takes energy. I always center and ground myself first, lay the spread, write the cards down, list the meanings, then analyze the big picture to come up with what it might all mean and how it's all connected. Not brain surgery there, but it does take time!
Q:Does anyone know if you can Fit an Interanal Media Card Reader inside the ZIP bay on and old Mac G4?
get an external media card reader! Don't bother trying to upgrade. If your ol' mac has USB (my g4 did), you can use ANY windows/mac card reader (I do). And you can take your 20 dollar investment along with you when you retire your g4!

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