Long Range rfid / Smart Card Reader

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Long Range rfid / Smart Card Reader


2) Supports EM technology,125kHz
3) Comprehensive interface
4) Build-in antenna
5) Permanent reading and sending of ID number
6) Electronic potted, weather proof
7) Robust casing for harsh environment
8) LED and beeper indication
9) Pigtail for easy installation
10) OEM and ODM are welcome
11) Application: car parking, person / item tracking

1) Interface: Wiegand (26 / 34 / 42-bit), Magstripe, clock and data, RS232
(9600, n, 8, 1), EIA and TTL levels
2) RF frequency: 125kHz
3) Technology: EM technology, EM4100 cards supported
4) Antenna: integrated antenna
5) Power: 7.5 - 13.6V DC, 300mA typical (200mA at 7.5V)
6) Response time: 200ms
7) Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 50mm
8) Material: ABS
9) Operation temperature: -20 to 60C 
10) Reading distance: 90 - 110cm, depending on transponders
11) Cable: 10-way, 1m long


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Q:connected usb card reader but don't know how to download to it.?
Reboot with the USB reader connected to the PC and then try to find it. Sometimes windows does not recognize it when you first connect.
Q:Square up debit card reader?
Square okorder
Q:Do micro sd cards come with readers ?
i dont know what the above guy was thinking. no it doest comes u have to buy it separately
Q:are there any SD card readers that can corrupt or erase SD Cards unexpectantly?
Ditto. I use a $15 all-in-one card reader for both CF and SD cards. Never had a problem.
Q:My PS3 Super Slim 500 GB will not recognize my USB card reader!!!?
Some card readers are only compatible with the PC. There's no easy way to know. There's nothing you can do about this, so you're better off getting a USB memory stick or external HDD.
Q:I recently bought a Rosewill RCR-102 52-in-1 Card Reader. After inserting my disk, it says I need to format.
Have you tried your card reader on a different computer? Have you tried different types of memory cards? Have you tried different USB ports? You have another cable to try? Looking over NewEgg's customer reviews for your reader seems to point towards not working with Vista. There seems to be a few with rapidly failed readers too.
Q:What would be better at a Halloween party: cotton candy machine or tarot card reader?
Tarot card, and buy cotton candy pre-made.
No, that's not what a reader is for. A reader is designed to read existing files only or to write them to or from the card. Your problem will require some extra software. There are free download recover programs out there. Google photo recover software
Q:anyone ever get freaked out by card readers?
Card readers(the genuine ones) have special gifts granted by God.However, be aware that any supernatural gifts can also be granted by the Devils As for all the predicted events that happened to you, it may be a coincidenceor maybe not Think of this way, if you are a true servant of God, why not you ask the Almighty to show you and guide you for the best of your life.what makes the card readers better than you.have faith in Godyour prayer shall be granted
Q:Help! sandisk memory card reader!?
There ought to be no subject as long because of the fact the reader can examine this type of card you pick for to get admission to. in case you have an SDHC and an older SD card reader I even have heard of a circumstances the place it could no longer examine the extra moderen SDHC playing cards. desire this permits. Mark

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