Hi speed Powered 3.0 USB Smart Card Reader/ USB 3.0 Card Reader

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Hi speed Powered 3.0 USB Smart Card Reader/ USB 3.0 Card Reader :


Product Details

1.All in one USB Smart Card Reader best choice for smart phone,Ipad,Iphone.

2.USB (universal serial bus) 3.0 specification, Superspeed 5.0Gbps

3.Supports: ( SDHC/MMC, TF/Micro SD, MS, XD, CF, M2 ), no external power or battery needed

4.System require:Windows98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.2 and later versions

5.Can read 5 different card at the same time

6.Low-speed (1.5Mbps)/full-speed(12Mbps) /highspeed(480 -Mbps) /super-speed (5 Gbps)






Model Number:HY0062A-3Output: 5V
Style:USB Smart Card ReaderChipset:GL3220
Interface:USB3.0Transfer rate:5Gbps
Current:500mA per portVoltage:5V
Power Supply:No external power supply neededMaterial:ABS
Application:Desktop and laptopCapability:Plug & play and hot swapping
Color:CustomizedLogo printing:Available
Mini order qty:100pcsPacking:Blister
Certificates:CEWarranty:1 year
Per crtn qty:80pcsCarton size:48*32*32cm
Net Weight:6.5KGGross weight:7.5KG


OS Support: 

Windows (95 SR2 or over, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista), Linux 2.4 and Mac 10.4 or over, Windows(7, 8), Android System       

 Card Support: SDHC/MMC, TF/Micro SD, MS, XD, CF, M2    


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Q:My memory card reader isn't working?
the connector port that it plug into may be undesirable on the motherboard,additionally pass the the gadget supervisor on the coolest click view click teach all contraptions hidden and notice in case you have any pink x's
Q:Have you ever visited a psychic/palm reader/ tarot card reader?
My mother is a medium. She converses with our dead relatives. She does not run a business and does not do readings for others. She does not make a dime on it, and has no reason to make up stories about a false ability to her family and friends. She called me last week when my daughter caught Rotovirus and asked if she was ok (before I told anyone about her being sick of course). That's the most recent example I can give you. But I will admit, there are a lot of phonies out there. Try finding a Spiritualist church in your area. You won't find any fakes there the real ones would pick 'em out in a heartbeat. ----Add Evil? You've got to be kidding me. My mother, while meditating, recites prayers in their original Hebrew to God. There are evil spirits and there are evil forces in this world. But just because someone can do something you don't understand does not make them an evil person. My mother is a wonderful loving person, who worships nothing or no one other than the one and only Lord our God.
Q:Why won't my SD card reader work?
It could be physically unplugged and/or damaged. If you feel comfortable, open the case up, and find the back of the card reader and just push the connectors in to make sure they are secure. Card readers are simple things and usually don't require custom drivers or anything so it should just work fine if it's plugged in correctly.
Q:how to get on AKO with CAC card reader from home?
Bo, I can barely turn on my computer.
Q:how to upload pictures from SD card reader?
Is the SD card seated properly in the card reader? The SD card is likely to actually be a SDHC card, which is formatted differently from regular SD cards, run system updates and see if anything changes.
Q:Memory card readers to replace camera cord?
I have about 4 of them. 1 in my camera bag, 1 built in laptop and 1 attached to my desk top and a spare just for the heck of it. You put the card in the reader then open the reader in computer like a drive, find your pictures folder and copy/paste to your computers pictures folder (it's always best to back up all pictures to an external source like an external hard drive or back up to DVD).
Q:Help with SD memory card and SD memory card reader.?
all micro sd cards are the same, go to an office supply store , way cheaper than your carrier, you can load the micro sd card download music through your usb cable, you don't have to use a reader
Q:stuck sim card in a sim card reader?
I sounds like you put it in backwards or upside down, you could try getting something super sticky and attaching it to just the card and pulling it out also do you mean sd card? if your getting pics from your phone you need to take out a micro sd card if you pu the sim card in a micro sd reader you got a bigger problem
Q:Sim Card Reader ??
I answered this a while ago with : I'm sorry but I do not know that answer, but I'm sure someone out there does. I only know it has something to do with a cell phone, which I do not own. I have no use for one. Sorry I could not help you with that one.
Q:I have a built-in card reader but it shows up in the Safely Remove Hardware. Can I disable that?
no The computer doesn't THINK anything. You can't remove those empty drives from My Computer and keep them functional, any more than you could remove your Optical drive from your My Computer listing. You *did* notice how even when you don't have CD in the drive, the optical still shows up. right? That's the SAME thing as the card reader showing up without a card in the slot. Same thing. SAME THING. To reiterate, no, there isn't a way to disable that without actually disabling the card reader. If you are easily confused by the drive letters, try renaming your main hard drive away from Local drive to something easier for you to remember. If you are anal retentive and just the thought of those empty drives showing up in My computer makes your skin crawl, even when you are not looking at them get over it or take your medication. But that whole thing about having to treat a memory card like a USB device you are SUPPOSED to tell the computer you want to remove the flash memory before you actually remove it. Not following procedure can and will damage flash memory. Vista takes things one step further. If you don't follow protocol, Vista wants to scan your flash card every time you put it in afterwards, to ensure it is not damaged.

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