Should I install the bathtub first, or the cement board first?
you are into some deep RE-construction if I were you it would be best to visit the hard...
I am trying to figure out how much I would need in Cement Board?
Don't say I suck at math lol. That's nothing to laugh at, it's something to be ashamed of....
im having wood floors put in. wood & cement dust everywhere. how do i get rid of the dust during installation?
No, you can't spray anything to dissolve dust. You have to just wait til they're done and ...
Using cement board outside?
this area needs to be filled with easy to use Sak-crete and then float base for tile and t...
why is gypsum always interground with cement clinker during the final stages of portland cement manufacture?
Gypsum is added to cement to control the setting. Cement contains C3A and C3S as the major...
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