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 1. Description

Material:80% polyester,20% polyamide or 100%polyester, or 20% cotton and 80% polyester.
Color & Design:Our existing colors or customized PANTONE color. Both designs from supplier or buyer are acceptabe. And before mass production, buyer should confirm all colors or designs.
Size:14"*21",15"*20",16"*18",18"*24", 2' * 3', 3' * 5', 5' * 8', accept customization.
Thickness of foam:0.4~25px
Certificate:ISO9001,SGS audit.
Fabric Weight:220gsm,240gsm,260gsm,280gsm,300gsm etc.
Logo:Embroidery / Printed Logo on Wash Tag.
Edge:Own production line or hand made.
Packing:One piece one poly bag, 10 or 20 poly bags in one big bag. Or Bulk pack or individual paper cardboard attached, or Customized packaging.
Washing:No Machine washing except special instruction.
Sample:Free for standard items
MOQ:50 pcs for pure color.
Sample Lead Time:3 days after confirmed.
Mass Production:30 days after deposit received and color / design approved by buyer.
Payment term:30% deposit and balance TT against BL copy or 100% LC at sight.
Loading port:Tianjin, China

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Good price with good quality.

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40~50 days.


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100pcs per design.

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Q:My 2yr old spilled ALOT of syrup on our large area rug...I tried HOT water, blotting the area, scrubbing the area and carpet cleaning solutions....any suggestions? Rug still extremely sticky when we step on the areas where the syrup is soaked in.
Hi, okorder / ...
Q:My puppy decided to chew the carpet going from my living room into my kitchen (which is laminate). Unfortunately, my attempts thus far have just made things worse. I was trying to put a transition piece in, but could not get it to stick since beneath the carpet is just concrete. My lease is up in 3 weeks and I'm getting a bit panicked. I read online that you can take a piece of carpet from a closet and use that piece to seam to ripped carpet, then grab some similar carpet from the store to replace the closet area. Any suggestions to make this process go easier? I think I just need a tack strip and some special tape that I get from lowes. Any other suggestions?
I would suggest you to hire professionals for carpet repairs because carpet repairing is very laborious job. I think this would really help you
Q:Hi. We're currently redoing our spare bedroom complete with new carpet, new paint, and new molding. We've ripped up the old carpet and removed the old molding from the walls. We plan to paint next weekend. My question is, do we install the new molding before or after the new carpet is installed (in about two weeks after painting is done)? Which is the best way to go?
Oxyclean. If it's the powder then wet the spot and saturate the area with the powder. Let it sit for a while. Maybe even overnight. You will have to have a carpet cleaner or shop vac to suck up the old oxyclean. Then you will probably have to reapply several times. I do this with my laundry that gets mildew and mold on it and it works like a charm. If you use the liquid oxyclean that comes in the spray bottle then just spray it on and suck it up with the carpet cleaner or shop vac. This is the method I use on my carpet with pet stains and I love it. hint: liquid tide in the carpet cleaner works wonders too.
Q:I found this carpet last year by Shaw- Kathy Ireland's Young Attitudes line it's called Grape Harvest. Where and how can I find it? It's such beautiful carpet? If anyone knows where I can buy it please share. NO SMARTASS COMMENTS SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE
This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find discontinued carpet? I found this carpet last year by Shaw- Kathy Ireland's Young Attitudes line it's called Grape Harvest. Where and how can I find it? It's such beautiful carpet? If anyone knows where I can buy it please share. NO SMARTASS COMMENTS SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE
Q:I have had a rug over top of a heat vent for a while, but I wanted to make sure it is safe.
It depends upon what kind of heat vent you have. If it is a floor furnace, it would get hot enough that it could start a fire. If it is a forced air heating duct, the rug would prevent the air from coming into the room, but the temperature of the air coming out isn't high enough to cause a problem. If it is a forced air heating duct, you could pull the register out of the floor, cut a hole in the rug the same size as the duct boot and slip the register back into the hole so you would have the warm air coming into the room.
Q:well? will it be able to keep the door shut on carpets?
It will work better because a door wedge uses friction in order to hold a door in place and it would have much better grip on most carpet types, depending on the material the wedge is made of. Any wedge with a bit of a rough surface or made of rubber will work as well or better on most carpets than it would on a smooth floor, whether it's concrete or wood. The key is to have the proper size, slope, and texture, so a little experimentation may be in order.
Three types: A, Fine pearl carpets(there is pearl powder on surface and it's smooth and delicate) B, Piece pearl carpets(there are particles and the surface color is more bright and glossy) C. Glazing pearl carpets( put a layer of glue on the original surface, the surface is smooth and drops chip)
Q:would it have dried out?my dad paid for it, and it was fairly pricey compared to the other rugs we normally get, so if it's ruined he's going to go off.. gt;.lt;also, i was wondering if you could rug a wet horse?like if the rug was dry, and the horse was wet from the rain, could you throw the rug on her?or would you have to dry her off first? thanks!
I have been using a heated dryer (DriMee) to dry mine out. I have 4 rugs to deal with and leaving them hanging in the tack room overnight wasn't working, we have had a lot of rain this winter and the rugs have been getting soaked! Would recommend this way, is much easier.
Q:so i had my friend stay the night.. and like we were all talkin about guys n stuff n i was talking to her about my boyfriend . and so shes like im a carpet mucher., im like hahahahaha . i pretended to kno wat it is! she lafed. hah someone!!! tell me ! plz. i mean what the hek. does she mean carpet musher or wat. weird. lol oooh and she winked at me . hahah
umm im not sure how to answer this but most of the time it means to go down on a girl
Q:Funny but its stained red! How can i get it out of the carpet.
Fill a quart jar with a cup of ammonia, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup vinegar and the rest can either use more ammonia or fill with water. I use more ammonia on tough stains and maybe because of the red color more would be better. Dampen some cleaning rags with the mixture and rub into or spray into the areas to be cleaned. When you've got it all then rinse with plain water or a little vinegar. You can also use a soft bristle brush to work it out and then rinse. maybe some of it is still there and it might have to be done twice to completely remove it all. Good Luck. Take an old towel to dry it somewhat and just put the towel on the floor and walk on it zig zaggy.

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