Shaggy Rug / Carpet through Hand Make from China

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50 kg
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100000 kg/month
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We have a large stock of neutralized and then over-dyed vintage rugs in colors ranging from neutral, beige, tan, brown, black to pink, red, yellow, blue, turquoise, green, purple etc. and with a light and dark tone of each colour. 

Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Detail:

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic is in Standard export carton, 20pcs per cartons.

Delivery Detail:

25-30 days, please confirm it again when ordering.



Technical Specifications   

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic Specifications:



1.Yarn :

100% PP


4  colors as picture showed  . 

3.Pile weight:


4.Pile height:



PP woven




300SQM if it has stock, if not ,2000SQM

7.Samples Time:

(1)7-10days-If you want to customize pattern and material

(2)1day-For our existing samples for reference.

8.Use palce

low price PP carpet in rolls,wall to wall low price loop pile carpet for hotel flooring

9.Certification available:


10.Packing Details:

4m wide ,25-27 long /roll ,roll size : around  diameter (50-1500px )*4.1m ,a cylinder

11. Loading

2500SQM/20FT ,4000-5000SQM/40FT ,6000SQM/40HQ



We do custom make over dyed and patchwork rugs in any colour and any size you request . If you wish to have a patchwork or over dyed rug in different colour and different size, you can directly contact us to let us know the colour and the design just after you purchase the size you need.


Q:I have tried rug cleaning sprays and powders and vacummed it many times. I don't know what else to do and don't want to replace my rug!
White vinegar--it relatively is a large deodorizer, even on puppy urine. Plus it relatively is low-fee, organic, and works as a cloth softener,so it leaves the carpet delicate. It would not pass away a residue as many detergents and soaps do, meaning it won't entice dirt interior the destiny. The vinegar scent dissipates because it dries.
Q:Carpet has rich patterns, gorgeous colors and diversified shapes, which can beautify your decorative environment and reflect your personality. According to the usage, carpets are divided into commercial carpets and artistic carpets.
a) Tufted carpet The carpet belongs to a major category of mechanically manufactured carpets. It is not interwoven with longitude and latitude, but is made by inserting pile yarn into the carpet base cloth through steel needle, and then holding the city head through glue in the subsequent process. As the carpet has high production efficiency, it is the first choice for hotel decoration. b) Woven Wilton carpet The carpet is woven with warp, weft and pile yarn, and then finished by subsequent processes such as gluing and shearing. Because the carpet technology comes from Wilton area of England, it is called Wilton carpet. This loom is a double-layer fabric, so the production efficiency is relatively fast. c) Woven Axminster carpet The carpet is also woven by warp, weft and pile yarn, and then finished by subsequent processes such as gluing and shearing. The process used for the carpet comes from akeminster, England. This loom is a single-layer fabric with low machine speed. The carpet weaving efficiency is very low, and its efficiency is only 30% of that of Wilton loom.
Q:we bought several new throw-rugs to protect carpets at door-ways. They were folded in half on a pile in the store. It has been impossible to remove that crease, which as the traffic goes on it bunches up in the middle even worse. Any ideas on how to get out these creases where the fold was? Have washed, weighted down, turned over, hung up.....can't seem to prevail! Need advise on how to get rid of these creases. Will never buy a folded rug again.
I have no idea if this will work or if it was part of what you have already done. But what if you washed it or at least got it very wet, then hung it on a clothes line (maybe you can rig something up in the shower) with weights on it? Your line would need to be pretty taut but it might be worth a try. I never thought about creases in rugs but I have several in the garage that are now bent so it's something I will likely need to figure out at some point ... or toss the rugs when I move.
Q:I currently operate a rug store that sells almost all persian rugs in Santa Rosa California (in the San Fransisco bay area). Operation is rather stable but I have two issues.1. I sell high quality rugs and hence the prices are more expensive reflecting the quality. However, many customers can find designs similar to mine on the internet at 1/3 to 1/4 of the price. (internet is 600, mine are 3000). If you put the rugs side by side you can DEFINATELY tell the drastic difference in quality. How should I cope with this?2. I am hoping to think of an idea used to promote the sale of these rugs. Any sort of promotion would be great just to get people to start buying.I have money to spend on ideas. Thanks, All help is appreciated. Best Answer will be chosen promptly.
You sell such a luxury item that your client base is much smaller. You have to infiltrate the market by showing that you have great taste and an eye for quality. Get a couple of high profile (rich, important, and powerful) clients and then word of mouth should help you immensely. It is all public relations. Hire a specialist if you must. Buy one of the cheaper rugs and have it on display (don't be real in your face with it-put it in a corner so that you can direct people to it if you need to make the point-keep the receipt on display and be genuine. Personally, I bought a handmade rug from Iran (I can immediately tell that it is better quality than whatever they sell at retail stores for twice the price (I bought it for $300 with shipping on OKorder). It is a low psi (120) with a thicker wool and some low pile, but you must remember that most people intend to have furniture, children, and feet on their rugs. I don't mind the lower quality because I don't feel the pressure of keeping it pristine when I bought it for function (then beauty). If you wanted to expand your client base you could open a seperate place that dealt with the more affordable and function driven rugs that would cost under $1000, but still be better quality than synthetic machine woven options. Good luck in your pursuits and I hope that I have been helpful! Just provide a service that fills an honest NEED.
Q:i have a cream colored rug and i got mustard in do i get it ou? anyone know an old trick or any other advice????
yes and this works. get a white damp cloth (rag or towel) then get an iron. put the damp cloth over the stain and iron over it. The stain will be lifted off the rug onto the cloth. Use a white cloth so you can see the stain as its removed. If it doesnt work dampen/wet the cloth so more and try again! You can either dampen the cloth or dampen the stain with water. I do this all the time on my carpets and it works! goodluck!
Q:It's dark brown colour, the carpet is nearly brand new!!Any sensible ideas on how to get it out?Thanks.
An unfortunate accident with hair dye can make cleaning carpet a nightmare. In many cases, it may even mean the end of your carpet. Hopefully it won't come to this. There are a few things you can try to remove carpet stains of this nature. First of all, it should go without saying that if hair dye is spilled on the carpet one should act immediately. Dampen a sponge and apply dishwashing liquid. Blot the stain with the sponge until you've lifted as much of the dye as possible. You can also try doing the same thing with vinegar. If this doesn't work and the stain hasn't set into the carpet too deep, you might be able to snip the very top fibers of the carpet without anyone knowing. If none of this works, you'll have to call in a professional who makes cleaning carpet stains his business or rearrange your furniutre to hide the stain...
Q:Help! what can I do? That rug really tied the room together!
are you near sears. you might want to call them to the task for you. check site for more info
Q:Looking for more info on a carpet I am thinking about purchasing but cannot find anything on dreamweaver carpeting. Says made in usa.
Dreamweaver Carpet
Q:I'm in a 5 piece band playing in about a 20x20 room. 2 walls aren't covered with boxes and the floor is linoleum. It's really loud in there and we need to dampen the room to a bearable level. We were thinking about getting 3 or 4 rugs for said 2 walls and floor. But then we started considering acoustic foam. I'm sure acoustic foam is more effective than rugs, but since we're on a really tight budget, is it really worth it to spend twice as much on foam? Or will rugs suffice? Side question, if we get rugs, could we just get 2 and put them on the floor since i'm certain the linoleum is the main culprit, or do the walls probably need it to?
Since okorder / . You will see the eggcrate foam here also LOL
Q:if i use oxyclean and water in my floor scrubber for a cleaner to do my whole carpets will it work nice?
Do not use laundry products on your carpet, they may contain harmful bleach additives that will damage the carpet dyes, especially if the carpet is Nylon. what ever soap you use, use very little as these toy machines do not have the ability to properly rinse the soap from the carpet fibers. Any soap residue left behind will become a dirt/soil magnet and the carpets, especially the traffic areas will quickly re soil.

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