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What should I pay attention to purchasing carpet?
How to choose carpet, buy Carpet, want to recognize material first. The simplest way is to remove a few pieces of wool from the carpet, and then identify the material of the carpet according to the burning conditions and the smell. Wool without burning flame, smoke, blistering, smell, ashes are solid black shiny, with a finger on the broken pressure; no flame combustion of nylon fiber, rapidly kink, melting into jelly, a leathery Brown hard sphere after cooling, not easy to crush, a faint smell of celery yellow flame; polypropylene, fiber curling, rapidly melting, almost no ashes, after cooling into not easily crushed lump; acrylic fiber combustion is relatively slow, bitter smell, ashes to brittle black lumps; polyester fiber flame yellow white color, very bright, smokeless, ashes into the black lump. Through the above method, it is easy to identify the types of materials, avoid deception. The thumb on the carpet, as quickly restored after, said woven cashmere density and flexibility are better; or the carpet bending, more difficult to see the mat, said Plush knitted more closely, more durable, as the weight of villi can be read on the label instructions. When purchasing carpet, we should pay attention to whether the factory has the guarantee of dustproof, antifouling, wear-resisting and static electricity control. Generally excellent household carpet, all wear resistance, anti-static, antifouling treatment. In addition, we should also pay attention to the location of carpet laying and the amount of walking. Different activity areas should choose different materials such as carpet, hall, hall, it is necessary to choose a higher density, wear-resistant carpet (such as the short loop velvet, velvet twist); a small amount of activity places such as bedroom, you can choose a plush high, soft carpet (such as velvet).
So we recently just moved into a new house, and my room is hardwood flooring. I have this HUGE empty space in the middle of my room and want to get a rug.Well since everything else in my room is pink, where can I find a pink rug?Possibly around the size of 5ft x 4ft.Oh and for under 40 dollars.I just need the store names pleasssssse (:
Also look around when dorm furniture and sales start, you'll see a lot of pink.
I used one of those machines to clean a rug and it's left it all streaky. I want to start again when it's dry and not using the can anyone tell me what carpet cleaner to use or has any tips or suggestions. Any help appreciated. How do you clean your rugs/carpets?
Get some pro company to do it ,a little more but its the best way.
It can reduce the noise of the foot. To pay attention to cleaning the dust between the carpet and the floor, so as not to wear the floor surface Laying carpet on the wood floor is a common combination. That can not only protect the floor surface, but also is a very scientific way
I have a large square area rug (12x16ish), it has different colored (brown, blue, burgundy, tan, etc.) squares all over it. It got left out side in the weather most of the winter. If I were to dry it out and clean it could I do anything to make it nicer? Like, could I paint it or something? I put it outside in the first place because it was starting to get thin in spots and some of it was faded. t had to be vacuumed all the time because it was like colored dry rotted thread dust was coming off of it. I was wondering if anyone could come up with some last resort ideas before I take it to the dump. I'm not really sure if it could be painted because its like carpet???? but is there a type of vacuum-able fabric or something I could glue to it or any ideas like that?
sounds like the rug is pretty much worn out, I think the only thing you could do would be to make small door mats from the areas that are still somewhat in good shape and throw the rest away. Once a material has become so degraded as you describe, there is is no way to save it, plus it only makes cleaning and maintenance more difficult because it is constantly falling apart right under your feet.
I have 5 kids and we rent our house .well it got so bad we rented a rug doctor it took so much of the dirt out I couldn't belive how dirty the water was. It didn't take long for the carpet to dry after we did it but now when you get down next to the floor it still smells like dirty socks!.does this mean I got the pad to wet or maybe I didn't mix the soap right?what can I do to take out that dirty sock smell?
carpet always smells like a wet dog. lol You can rent the rug doctor again but this time when after you shampoo... rinse with vinegar water. this will help remove soap residue and help keep your carpet from picking up more dirt that sticks to soap.
can someone give me an estimate on replacing carpet with wood 10ft by 10ft =100sq.ft.
Your wood installation price will probably be about 3.50/sf (square foot). Your carpet demo price will be about 1.75/sy (square yard or 9 sf). Moving and resetting large furniture items only will probably run $55-100, depending on what you have. Your wood price will range from about $5/sf to $10/sf, depending on what you choose. Good luck with that!
it has a big yellow spot on the carpet now..
Of the three previous answers, I'd go with the Rit dye. Just make sure you dilute it well, and apply a small amount at first to see the results. Apply a second, or third coat if necessary to get the desired color. Also, you could try blending it out into the carpet that was not ruined for a cleaner blend between the two. Good luck!