plain polyester shaggy rugs

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hand made shaggy area rugs

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Cut Pile
Model Style High Quality Hand Made Carpet
Hand Made Carpet Runner
Home,Hotel,Bedroom,Prayer,Outdoor,Decorative,Bathroom,Commercial,Car,Restaurant, Ballroom, Casino, Cinema, Theater
Customized Size
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China (Mainland)
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Customized Modern Rug, Red, Brown, Grey
Using Areas::
House, Room, Hotel, Any Area
Customizd Carpet,
Cotton Cloth or others


Acrylic Carpet
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Product Description

hand made shaggy area rugs:
1.100%  Polyester Pile
2.Pile Weight: 1000-2400GR/m2,
3. Pile Height: 1-6.0cm

hand made shaggy area rugs :

1.100% Polyester Pile
2.Pile Weight: 1000-2400GR/m2, Pile Height: 1-6.0cm

Shaggy “Sofie”  - H.S. code: 5703300000

100% SOFT Polyester Pile,

Grey Cotton Backing, Backing ground and Backing border to be assorted with the color of pile

Pile Weight: 1000-2400GR/m2, Pile Height: 1-6.0cm

1x20’GP = 1550m2

1x40’GP = 3100m2

1x40’HC = 3600m2

Shipping time: 45 days after receipt of L/C or Deposit

New quality - Pile Weight: 2200GR/m2, Pile Height: 5.0cm available

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Q:What shape of rug should i use?
A rectangular rug would look choose the correct size measure the length and width of the table and add at least 4' to each measurement, the chair legs shouldn't fall off the rug when people are seated at the table or pulling the chairs away from the table to seat themselves.
Q:Area rug moves around too much - what can I do?
HI, Two sided tapes as many people suggested will not be of much use as the back side of a wool rug is generally averse to sticking material. Using a rug pad is a good idea, but then you may not find on suitable to the size of your rug. Now, what I am suggesting is to be done only if your rug is Hand Knotted, and not to be done in any other case. If it is an authentic hand knotted rug, you may safely pin it down to the floor using safety pins or nails, in a handknotted rug there will not be any holes once you remove the pins. Trust me
Q:What is the most effective way to remove the stains on carpet?
Q:How do you wash a bathroom rug?
you can do them in the washer and dryer but the rubber backing will fall apart after a few washes. dry it on a cool setting and then hang over the side of the tub or kitchen chair or porch rail to finish drying.
Q:A way to recover a natural fiber rug that got soaking wet?
Absorbent Pads, lots of air flow, and a little Lysol spray on moldy areas, great homemade mold killer,2 teaspoons tea tree oil 2 cups water. Combine in a spray bottle, shake to blend, and spray on problem areas.Do not rinse.
Q:OMG HELP!! How do I get cat diahorrea off my rug?
Vinegar works very well on stains. Trust me! My dog has had an upset stomach several times, but you can't tell! I know you took care of the smell, but for future reference, vinegar takes care of the smell too. Spray/pour some white vinegar on stain, scrub with a carpet brush/scrub pad, rinse if possible, then vaccum. Hope this helps
Q:How many kinds of carpet machine?
Common carpet machine extremely priceCarpet cleaning machine price:1. super treasure washing machine2. Granville three in one carpet machine3. multifunctional carpet cleaning machine4. Hao Tian carpet cleaning machineIn our life, household carpet machine brands are mainly super treasure, Wei PA, Hao Tian and so on. Carpet machine divides into dry bubble to wash carpet machine, gush steam draws suction carpet machine. At the same time dry foam carpet washing machine has sub roller brush type and rotary brush type two, with the method of washing the carpet is relatively simple, not good for dirty carpets and pure wool carpet cleaning effect, less damage to the carpet. Steam suction washing carpet cleaning machine, work is often spray liquid, water scrubbing and washing simultaneously, particularly strong, good decontamination effect, but the operation is relatively cumbersome, and the carpet more destructive. So in our family, we usually use the dry foam carpet machine.
Q:Is this a good idea- fabric decorative rug?
I've seen rugs quilts made from strips of material I think they are gorgeous totally different than everything else that's on the market today! Someone has used a bit of initiative thought of a different item to decorate the home. Before I got married my intended wife were on a tight budget between us we made a woollen rug from wool - It was a dusty job for a sensitive nose, but got there in the end it adorned our home for many years it was my pride joy for making it I'm a bloke! If you can make a fabric rug in much the same manner as i did looping the fabric within itself, as I did with the wool, you will be able to make a lovely rug I'm sure! Cheers!
Q:I spilled Iced tea on the carpet?
Dang! If its still fresh take a towel and apply as much pressure as possible (like stand on top of it) and just keep on repeating untill you soak up as much tea as possible. Then head to the store and pick a stain remover. good luck
Q:Fixing Flat carpet.?
Having it professionally cleaned is your best best.. Rented cleaners don t have the power to always extract all the cleaner out and it will soon get dirty and matte down again. Some carpets won t be helped by a steam clean since not all carpets have heat set fibers so a steam clean wont reset the fibers plus age and if the carpet doesn t have a matte and crush warranty it just mattes down. GL

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