Dark Color Natural Sisal Rugs

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Product Description:

Specifications of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1 Material: Natural sisal

2 Thickness: 5-10mm

3 Regular Roll Size: 4*30 M

4 Regular Rug Size: 2*2M,2*3M,2*4M,3*4M,4*6M,4*7M or other size as your request

5 Pattern: Customized,we have available design for your choice,don't hesitate to contact with us

6 Width: 4m

7 Lenth : Can be adjustable

8 Backing : Latex

9 Additional Backing : Non-woven backing,PU leather backing or other backing as your choice

10 Border: 3-12CM

11 Use Range: Home, commercial, hotel.

Advantage of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1) 100% natural  sisal yarn.

2) Made from infinitely replenishable resources.

3) Sisal absorb moisture from the air when it's humid and release it when the humidity drops, this stabilise the surroundings for sensitive noses.

4) Natural colours - fits almost any decor.

5) Hard and resilient fiber provides excellent scrubbing action (ideal for door / entrance mat applications) .

6) Sisal carpet and rugs: hard wearing, rustic and elegant.

Pictures of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

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Q:I am looking for floor rugs that do not attract animal fur.?
I desire you may make clean the question. Do you merchandise basically to fur, or additionally to leather-based? What approximately eating meat? To me, there is not any ethical or ethical distinction between any of those issues. I devour meat and that i positioned on leather-based, so I have not have been given any reason to criticize all and sundry who wears fur. If somebody avoids all animal byproducts, I understand their perspective, whether i do no longer trust it. If somebody products to specific animal products yet no longer others, then they have not fairly theory the concern by way of alright.
Q:Residential And Commercial Carpets?
Floors scrubbers perform the same work as getting down on your hands and knees with a scrubber in hand. The difference is they do it better despite not being able to clean under obstructions and corners. They're more hygienic as the anatomy effectively separates clean water from waste water while a squeegee attachment scoops up dirty water. A scrubbing head works cleaning agent dispensed by an automated system onto floors as the other components gear up to finish the job.
Q:Tea stain on carpet!!?
I am a professional carpet cleaner- This is what will work but you must be careful not to damage your carpet so try this in an area that is hidden first.... Mix ammonia and peroxide together and apply to the spot. Cover the spot with a white cloth and apply an iron over the white cloth. The trick is to heat the fiber causing the stain to change it's appearance. I recommend never using store purchased stain removers unless a professional has recommended it specifically.
Q:What is the best way of cleaning the fixed carpet?
Q:How much does a huge grizzly bear rug go for these days?
Advertise it on Guns America, Guns International, Gun Auction. These are 3 places used by people who have the money to afford it. From what I found, you can expect to get $3,000. to $5,000. for it; IF it is in very good condition. Grizzly Bear Rugs The fur of a grizzly bear rug is commonly medium to dark brown but in rare cases can have a silver tip or blond color. The long guard hairs often have a lighter tip, giving the bears their 'grizzled' appearance. Grizzly bear rugs have very soft and long thick hair. The head is very large and round with a concave facial profile and the claws are extremely long and thick. Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages: 1 6 foot Grizzly Bear Rug #10950 SOLD $5,239.95 $3,495.00 6.8 foot Grizzly Bear Rug #31517A - SOLD $6,679.95 $4,450.00 7.2 foot Grizzly Bear Rug #183 SOLD $7,429.95 $4,950.00
Q:How can I add fringe to a wool oriental rug with missing fringe?
Sure you can. The most authentic method would be to use a 2-ply wool yarn and a darning needle. Pull them through in the right place, carefully putting 2 loops in each hole of the mesh. Use a piece of cardboard about 4 inches high and the width of your rug to keep your loops even. When you get to the end, go back over the spots where your loops come through the rug and use a backstitch to catch the thread of the first with a thread of the second...anchor it...do the same thing to do the thread of the second (which is part of your first tie) to the thread of the third. Keep going until they're all anchored. Then if you want cut fringe, go back over your threads and tie them a second time about 1/2 lower than where they're sewn down. Once your little pairs are tied, snip the bottoms open. The other option won't look as authentic, but it works. You can buy lengths of fringe in the trim section of a good fabric store. Buy a length that's about 5 longer than you need for each end (so you have enough to turn under at each end). Stitch it down by hand as no machine will sew well through a rug. Use a little Fray Stay or superglue on the ends to keep them from unraveling.
Q:beige walls, dark carpet?
Dark purple is quite a commitment for wall-to-wall carpeting! Think about how long you plan to live with this color scheme before you make such a bold leap. You might consider a neutral carpet for the wall-to-wall (or a hard surface like wood or tile) and then use an area rug with all the colors of the room in it. Area rugs anchor a seating area and are also great at the foot of the bed. Rugs with pattern create visual interest and don't have to be expensive. You can get a 5 x 7 rug, in nylon, for under $200.
Q:Carpet problem. Please Help!?
I had a not so inexpensive hand hooked wool area rug in my home. Whenever I moved it to clean or vacuum the floor, there was this ivory powdery substance on the floor. It was the backing of the rug that was disintegrating. The thought of that substance in our breathing air landed that rug in the garage as a mud mat. Wall to wall carpeting never appealed to me for many reasons, particularly when I saw what was sucked out of rugs after vacuuming. No wall to wall carpeting, ever again.
Q:Dark Red nail polish on carpet?
To remove nail polish from carpets, nail polish remover will work but you need to use caution because it can also remove dye from your carpet.On light coloured carpet it might not be noticeable but on darker colours. TEST FIRST!For carpet, always test any kind of chemical stain remover/cleaner in an out of the way place like a corner. Non-acetone polish remover is probably safer but no guarantees. Nail polish remover may be harmful to carpet or fabric.Do not use nail polish remover unless you read the label as it may be harmful to different types or carpet.You could also try using a lot of water, keeping the stain wet, then use about 15-20 squirts of hair spray and 3-5 splashes of rubbing alcohol. Scrub gently with a small scrub brush. Blot with paper towels. Repeat as necessary. Don't forget to keep pouring water during the process. You could try using shaving cream, Windex,or rubbing alcohol. I have heard some of these have worked. You could even try one tablespoon of ammonia and 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide depending on what colour your carpet is but make sure the room is well ventilated.
Q:Carpeting and Built-In Bookshelves?
If the built-ins are going to be permanent, remove the carpeting in that area. If you want to un-install them when you move, leave the carpet and securely attach the shelves to the wall behind.

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