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How to distinguish polyester, polyester taffeta, nylon, pongee fabric?
Polyester, easy to ignite, near the flame that is melting, burning while smothering black smoke, yellow flame, distributed aromatic smell, burning ashes after the dark brown lumps, with your fingers can be broken.
What are the types of dyes?
4, disperse dyes, suitable for viscose, acrylic, nylon, polyester, washed fastness, polyester is better, poor glue.
What is the finishing of cotton fabric?
Finishing is the use of physical or chemical methods to use certain mechanical equipment to improve the fabric feel and appearance, improve the performance, or give a special function of the processing
What are the classification of woven fabrics?
Blended fabric - refers to two or more different varieties of fiber blended yarn woven fabric, such as cotton and linen blended, polyester / cotton blended, wool polyester and so on, their greatest feature is the spinning process in the fiber Mix together
What is fabric finishing?
Improve the appearance of textiles: including increased gloss and whiteness of textiles, enhanced or weakened the surface of textiles. Such as whitening, calendering, electro-optical, sub-text, sanding, shearing and shrink it.
What is the difference between Spinning, Precision Spinning and Ring Ring?
Fiber stripe from the front roller before the output, the first through the profiled suction tube jacket mesh apron, to be in the mesh on the movement
What is the thermal transfer printing machine?
Shift printing category, can be on the cloth, has done clothing heat transfer printing, can also be done clothing heat transfer printing, or socks or other chemical fiber fabric heat transfer printing
What is the effect of sizing?
Cotton or fiber pure spinning or blended by the single sand, in the weaving process often subject to thousands of repeated fold, friction, pull and other composite mechanical action