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How do I put a Visor on an Arai 'condor' Helmet?
Because you only have 1 blown-up shock absorber. Get it fixed because if it is a rear one it will wear out the front tire rapidly.
A bolt hit the ground very near me the other could feel the energy reverberating out. Very strange and humbling sensationThis ever happen to anyone else?
I always wash mine in the washer on gentle wash. It won*t hurt it at all. However do not put it in the dryer it will melt the rubber in the cord. Hang it on a line to dry. Preferably outside in the air Hang it so the wires do not bend; in other words hang it so the wires run parallel to the clothes line.
Hi guys and Gals, I just purchased an old house in NY. I discovered that the plumbing has been fitted almost entirely with brass Pipes. There is a section in my Laundry room that has exposed pipes that have been painted over. How can I remove this paint to expose the beautiful brass pipes and fittings from the 1960's??? The exposed area consists of 1 in main line a couple of elbows and tees branching out to 3/4 and (I believe 1/2). I do not want to remove anything, as they might be fragile and under enormous pressure. Also, It would be to costly. And quiet frankly, they do not make American brass like the old days, just cheapy China.
well. who do u really love? not looks but by Personality? because really Personality is all that matters because your not going to stay hot your whole life but ur personality wont change unless you want it to.!
Every night I let my dog outside, she usually stays out for about 5-15 mins. Now, since I don't want her to wait in front of the door on cold I wanted to build a device mounted on her neck that will send infrared impulses to receiver mounted in the hall. There are two options; using an old remote (that will send impulses continuously) and tv receiver; and second option is to somehow connect movement-activated light sensor in hall just to trigger a light/buzzer just to indicate that something is in front of the door and moving. Sorry for my bad English it's not my native language. I hope you will know how to make a circuit for that and thank you. Any help will be satisfying. : )
In my state its the tenants responsibility. I mean, its a battery, it doesn't cost but a few dollars.
What is on the back seat of your car?
Electricians don't usually wear gloves. turn off the juice at the main box. I f you don't know how, you shouldn't be fooling with this job to begin with. The only wires you should be working with are in the residence, not from the pole to the main box. Personally, If I were you, I would get help from some one with experience. And never, ever crawl under a building with an extension cord
hai i have this fire extinguisher from my car the type of fire extinguisher is ABC i took out and put in my house so i didn use before and never go for service i wonder would it still at use. And if need service where to go and how much does it coast the capacity is 1.0kg working pressure 12bar company name EONTECH. (I stay in penang)(Malaysia)
Interesting, 1: Perhaps with the right technology we could compress mass enough to create a black hole. 2: The technology for a meta material aside, perhaps. 3: No. Consider, to create what you propose, an engine which turns matter into energy, the black hole would have to convert 100% of the mass it's fed into energy. If it does not, it would grow. Only if a theoretical immortal black hole could serve this purpose. The law you're ignoring is the law of gravity. Unless we somehow find a material that stops the gravity of the black hole affecting anything outside the container without the container becoming so heavy, itself exerts a significant pull of gravity on it's surroundings, a black hole large enough to be fed anything larger then atoms would tear up the planet.
It is a one point PPR league. My team is: Qb:Kaepernick Rb: M. Lynch Rb: C. Johnson Wr: Mike Wallace Wr: James Jones Te: Jimmy Graham Flex: Eddie LacyBench: Ben Jarvis green Ellis D. Hopkins B. Tate S. Greene A. JefferyShould I trade: Chris Johnson FOR Matt Ryan and Greg Jennings.I could easily then trade Matt Ryan or kaepernick for another rb or wr. Should I do it?
The BEST thing is to avoid them whenever possible. If you HAVE to go over one, do it SLOWLY and at an angle.
Add in anything you know about flotation and survival. Tips in safety measures when swimming either at the pool or at the beach.
Mine was to call an electrician and pay him to come out because an outdoor light was not working even after I replaced the bulb, switch and the fixture. When he came out, he re-set the GFI outlet below that was linked to the fixture and, presto, it worked just fine. $80 to push a buttonstupid.