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Doesn't a lightning rod on top of church show a lack of faith?
Maybey a bow n arrowWell my pack has it allI'll just make sure wolfie comes along and bring the brews for afterwards!!
I've been searching on the internet and I find that the law varies from state to state. Some states have specific wording that tail lights must have so much red reflective material on them, which would make all clear tail lights illegal while others don't have any such wording. I wasn't able to find anything specific in Pennsylvania so if anyone knows, I would appreciate it.
The Eclipse doesn't sit low enough to cause you problems. I think my wife's 04 spyder sits lower than the 4th gen cars. You do have to be careful pulling out of a driveway, especially a steep curb, but that is true with a lot of sports cars. I think it will be okay for you. These are well built cars but don't rely on the car magazines, they all hate them, just test drive it and make up your own mind.
Within 25 feet of a fire hydrantWithin 15 feet of a fire station drivewayWWithin 5 feet of a crosswalk Within 5 feet of a sidewalk ramp for the disabledPlease help
Obviously your brother is having to submit a urine sample periodically and likely because he was caught under the influence of a substance at he time he was cited for the DUI. Be careful with your brother if you decide to talk to anyone about this, as he might be using something that might cause him to harm you. Try to talk to him about the urine, but do this nicely and quietly so that he will not become angry. Let him know that you are worried that he might get himself in deeper trouble.
how do you wire smoke detectors to go off at the same time?
Could be very difficult, might even be impossible! Speed bumps make the road harder to care for, and sometimes even fail to slow traffic down. Better idea: You and your neighbors complain to your representative in city and county government, requesting speed enforcement in your area (video of the offending vehicles will add strength to your case).
i had windows down wanted to know exactly what the alarm would do if i reached in window nothing how exactly or what is this supossed to do???? i assume it's factory alarm can someone help me please explain????? thanks so much
have it checked could be bad ball joint or struts both will have to be replaced before two years
I went to Lowes and saw 4 caps and 6. something caps. Bought the 4 and it don't fit and I think the 6. something would be too big. What size do I need to be looking for?
what do you mean, shifty eyes? that's just my face dude, i always look like that. and come on, who doesn't carry around a fire extinguisher 24/7? you never know when one will come in handy.
i dont have a myspace but ppl at my school want me to find out and this is the only way i can help
hmm yes..but why is this in womans health?
Hi yes I want a fire extinquisher for my black mustang but i'm looking for something that looks aftermarket or matches the car (not a traditional fire engine red one)Where can I get oneHere is a sample picture of what i'm thinking
Worn or loose suspension parts and bushings and or bad wheel hub bearing. gl