tile corner bead pvc , pvc tile corner bead

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1. tile corner bead
2.Stable quality with all kinds of color
3.Anti - UV ,environmental
4.Size: mm

Tile corner bead for wall protection

all kinds corners , including vinyl corner bead,casing bead,angle bead,pvc casing bead,drywall products,perforated angle bead,Movement Joints.

Wehas been exported all over the world since 2002. We have cooperation thousands customers from over 116 countries , and our hot product even take up over 70% for some of the markets , such as Puerto Rico , Ethiopia , England , America.

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Q:Wall Corner is what to use, you can explain why the installation of this?
1, the glass is fragile, easy to hurt. 2, the glass is a combination of two, the protection effect is poor. 3, angular edge whether the humanized rounded angle processing. 4, color is not beautiful, fit the home decoration. 5, is also the most important point, whether environmental protection.
Q:White wall white door fitted with any color of the corner of the good-looking
installation method: 1, the wall is the original wall of cement. 2, a wall paint, and directly stick to the wall paint. 3, the glass glue or construction glue coated on the back of the horn, about 1 cm thick, point-like. 4, the wall as needed to do the mark, with 2mm thick double-sided adhesive attached to the back of the corner of the corner, the alignment mark on the wall, so that double-sided adhesive full contact with the wall, you can let go. But do not touch, until the glass gel can be used after solidification.
Q:Which norms are staircase stepping angle using steel bars to do corners of the practice
This is not standardized provisions need to do reinforcement angle
Q:What is the classification of paper corners? What is the role of paper angle equipment?
Paper Corner Classification: 1, L-type paper angle 2, U-shaped paper angle corrugated paper Corner waterproof paper Corner wrap around the paper angle Paper Corner is also called paper wrap angle is a number of kraft paper after the paste, the angle machine from the stereotypes suppressed. Both ends are smooth and smooth, with no obvious burrs and perpendicular to each other. At present widely used in electronic appliances, high-tech products, home and other products such as packaging and transportation. Can enhance the edge of the packaging support and protect the overall packaging strength, with low prices, light weight, strong, in line with environmental requirements and so on. Belong to the green packaging materials.
Q:Can the bedroom be in the corner?
1. Change the traditional method of using hand or borrow a simple tool to fan the gray to repair the inside and outside corners of the wall, the use of the process without the need to use the foot board, just put the PVC corner of the first fixed with the putty wiping the corner, Corner, so easy to operate, simplify the construction process. Reduce construction costs, several times to improve construction efficiency. And this can reduce its technical requirements for the construction workers, the general construction staff can be very good to the original technical requirements of the work done well. 2. Anti-collision ability, to prevent the construction workers encountered in the construction of the corner, resulting in gaps. Effectively avoiding the trouble of repeated repair due to the corner of the trouble. And after the completion of the building in the use of the process,
Q:What is the staircase angle?
In the stairs of the corner embedded in a length and step equal to the copper or steel bars, in order to improve the anti-wear at the corner of the anti-wear and anti-bump ability, called the staircase angle steel.
Q:Wall is a good paste or paste the good eye
1, paste the corner of the installation method: the use of glass adhesive to the corner, and then seal the edge can be sealed. 2, punching angle installation method: 1) The installation height is adjusted according to the individual aesthetic angle. Recommended height: corner of the corner from the ground 20-30 cm can also be directly to the ground or with the base line flush. 2) first affixed to the wall on the wall, put the required height, and do a good job in the installation hole mark, in order to take the corner after the accurate punching. 3) Please use a drill bit of 5mm adjustable speed hammer drilling, the plastic expansion bolt into the hole. 4) Align the hole on the corner with the hole in the wall, tighten it with the screw, and then cover the buckle and then seal it with the sealant.
Q:Can I put the tiles on the tiles?
Yes, the use of corners to help the corner of the construction, the operation is very simple, three steps to complete: The first step, will be mixed with cement slurry (white cement: white latex 3: 1, and add appropriate amount of putty powder) smear on both sides of the corner to be constructed; The second step, the corner against the corner, find the level or vertical, and then scraping the overflow of the slurry; The third step, dry and fixed after relying on the top of the positioning of the corner, and then scraping a layer of putty leveling can be. For indoor and outdoor decoration, in addition to the commonly used indoor yin and yang angle, there are cracks used to prevent cracking and repair cracks.
Q:What is the corner of the wall?
Corner is a corner for the corner, the door corner, window angle construction and difficult to design a new type of building materials. One is decorated, highlighting the "corner" effect, and achieve the color of the partition. Second, to cover the direction of the line, but also on the wall and the ceiling of the junction is not at right angles (that is, not a straight line) from the role of cover, in short, is the role of cover ugly. Third, the ability to crash, to avoid the construction process encountered in the corner, resulting in gaps and repeated repair of the trouble.
Q:What is the cement corridor?
Corridor is part of the corner of the building, such as window openings, door openings ... is to prevent the corner part of the damage, with cement mortar to wipe again to protect the damage is not played, but also from the aesthetic effect. To extend the meter, that is, the length

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