Wheel stopper rubber

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Name:Wheel Stopper

Name:Wheel Stopper DWQ-014
1.High  intensity rubber, firm and useful , special designed
2.Fix the position accurately, easy installation
3.Black color, international standard, bright color , effectively catch the attention of the drivers
4.It is widely used in parking lot to protect the corners of the wall and the cars.

Botton width150mm
d Base Model
Base Size
360*360mm  3.4kgs
1.These items can  meet the needs of  force protection,physical security, crowed control.
2.It is easy to install,and the production is durable.
3.These portable  cones are light  in weight , and  very easy  to transport ,making  quick  development and  recovery possible.
Used in the crossing of  the   roads  and  tollstation to warn the drivers and  reduce the accidents .

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They're not speed bumps becuase you can't drive over them. They are retractable bollards, and are simply a very solid barrier in the road. They are found on some roads that are closed during certain hours and also on roads available only for emergency services, busses and postvans. The videos on youtube are of people trying to illegally cheat the system (which is pointless because they couldn't get out of the other end of the road anyway).
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I'd have to suggest sticking with the Eibach Pro kit. Sportlines are too low and require additional expensive parts to keep the steering and suspension geometry correct. Sportlines are for those who don't drive their Mustang as a daily driver and who basically just drive it to the road race track. Sportlines will make it look cool too but 2 inches is going to cause clearance issues with speed bumps, parking space chocks, curbs, and potholes not to mention potential rubbing of your tires with the fenders. The ride will be extremely harsh and uncomfortable as well. Not that the Pro kit won't make it harsher but you can at least live with it. If you look at any 2005-10 Mustang that has the Pro kit in it you will be impressed with the stance. Moreover, you can get away with only needing to buy caster/camber plates or just even camber bolts with the Pro kit. With the Sportlines you need rear upper control arms that are adjustable to offset the much altered pinion angle(driveshaft to pinion gear shaft) unless you don't care about wearing your u-joint prematurely. You'd also really need a panhard rod with the Sportlines to center the rearend otherwise the wheels would be off center by a full inch(half of 2 inches). A bump steer kit is also necessary with that much drop. Alignment will be impossible without all these parts which in addition to making the tires wear unevenly and costing you more in new tires will also make the car steer and handle worse because the geometry has been changed so much without correction. You'll have virtually no road feel in the steering, more understeer, and the car may pull to one side. Go with the Pro kit and caster/camber plates. You won't be disappointed.

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