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I am not sure what I want to do for my career and I am a senior in high school about to graduate. I do know that I LOVE everything to do with Latin and Greece, but Latin is sort of disappearing. So i was wondering if there were jobs that you could point me in the direction? Thanks
Teach. I honestly cannot think of anything else. And I do research on careers almost daily. Note: I hope you are going to college. If so, make sure you do not spend too much money on your degree. It will be HARD to find any job, and the pay will be low. Also know without college, there are no jobs in this. You get to work fast food or retail. --- Additional note: I never remember having a class on latin or greek history. You might be going into a seriously tough field to find a job.
If I met a woman who ran an excavator at a precious metals open pit mine, would she be a gold digger?
Yes, she is a gold-digger. Can I say yes at least here though? without Feminists hounding me with a million TDs and/or violation reports?
There was a big Mack Truck with a long trailer hauling a CAT machine,(huge excavator) in the slow lane, and I went to go around him and pass him in the fast lane, as I did so, a rock flew from the wheels of the machine and struck my windshield and smashed it. The wheels on the machine were covered in mud and stones, like it wasn't even cleaned off before they started to haul it. I got in front of the truck and was trying to get the guy to pull over, but of course he was on his cell phone and wouldn't and just blew the horn at me. So I ended up getting the license plate # and the name of the company and filed a police report. My question is, do you think that that company should be held responsible, because my insurance is trying to charge me my deductible, and I just don't have that money right now. I think that it was the companies fault for not making sure that the equipment was clean and was able to be hauled without something like this happening.
You wont be able to prove the rock came from their truck, or truck tire kicked it up from road. I had same thing happen to me some yrs back. Just pay deductible and get new windshield.
Deck Name: Deck OutThe Deck strategy is simple use morphing jar and needle worms until your opponent runs out of cards and you win.Monsters3 Caius the Shadow Monarch1 Raiza the Storm Monarch1 Cyber Dragon I plan to use this until I get a Raiza because, you can use it to bring back morphing jar.3 Needle Worm1 Sangan 1 Morphing Jar3 Nimble Momonga1 Marshmallon 1 Spirit Reaper1 Night Assailant Is able to bring back morphing jar.1 D.D Warrior Lady1 D.D Assailant1 Treeborn Frog1 Snipe HunterSpells1 Level Limit- Area B1 Swords of Revealing Light1 Brain Control1 Card Destruction1 Heavy Storm1 Smashing Ground1 Pot of Avarice3 Book of Moon1 Lightning Vortex1 Soul ExchangeTraps1 Gravity Bind3 Compulsory Evacuation Device2 Bottomless Trap Hole1 Magic Cylinder1 Torrential TributeWhoever helps give a good modified list of this deck will get 10 points, the only rule on modifying keep the cards cheap, I don't want really hard cards to get, the last list I did was missing two cards sorry about that!
try getting ironchain dragon x3 every time it inflicts damage your opponent must discard 3 cards from the top of their deck but its pretty good so far 4/5
I would like to know where to find any information on how to start and run a construction equipment rental business. I would like to rent things such as backhoes, bulldozers, excavators etc. I am curious about many things such as financing and the overall all scope of the business and how to start and run it succesfully.
Go to the link below and in the search, type in 'equipment rental'. They have model plans that you can use for your business. They will either be free or of reasonable cost.
Which do you think is better? Intel is all about performance with not a care about power usage. AMD has decent performance, but their power saving is just phenomenal.
I have used both, I prefer Intell,but AMD is just as good and a bit cheaper, either way they are the most expensive part of your PC. AMD is leaning more to gaming with larger heatsinks etc. If I want to keep costs down I would use an AMD CPU, for maybe a build on a tight budget.
loader excavator crane?
What is your question? The link you gave showed several pieces of equipment. If you want a specific one identified, a picture is needed of just one. If you are asking something else, there isn't enough information to compose an answer.
How much does it cost in gas to run an excavator for 10hrs a day?
oh you are going to be running around 5-18 galons an hour times around $3.00 a galon off road diesel not gas times 10hrs.= a good $300+ greese, a person to opperate it., hydrilic and motor oil., ect..