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I had these 70mm 78a abec wheels then i just took them off and now the berrings and spacers and stuff are stuck in the wheel how do i get it out without damaging it??
put the wheel on the axle bearing flush with the end of the axle. Gently pry the bearing out of the wheel. Flip over and do the other side. Freezing the wheels can make removal easier. If it still doesn't work, take it to a skate shop and have them remove it with a bearing press.
looking at a deisel dodge ram truck and the description says 5th wheel. what exactly does that mean? theres 4 wheels on the trucklol. why call the extra wheel the 5th? or why call it a wheel?
That is the plate in the bed to hook up a trailer. Looks just like a semi fifth wheel. It is called that as it acts as a wheel. Look at a semi with no trailer attached. Same thing
I have bought a set of 15 Grand Voyager wheels but they wont fit over the front calipers of my 2002 Grand Voyager. Are 15 wheels for a Voyager and never intended for a Grand Voyager? I seem to have bought a white elephant.
the wheels on a regular voyager is,nt dished out as deep as they are on the grand voyager so they won,t interchange. did you try the wheels off a caravan? they might fit your voyager.
What is the fish in the wheel? Why is it ominous fish?
Letter is the spirit, do not believe is not working
I would like to ask why the driver in driving the steering wheel when how to know the angle of the wheel?
Direction refers to the car in the case of moving can feel the direction of the car if the car stopped he also do not know the direction of this sense you need to drive a period of time to find
Whether it is fuel cell or what other way, and ultimately converted to electricity to drive the future direction of the development of the car. But to see the introduction, now Tesla as the representative of the pure electric vehicles, are only the engine replaced by the motor, still use the gearbox for power transmission. I think why not use four sync or stepper motors to drive four wheels directly? This eliminates the gearbox and the clutch directly. And then by the car computer precise control of the four wheels of the speed and torque, than what timely four-wheel drive, double clutch what is not too strong?
Although the list of many advantages and disadvantages, but I have always thought that a good new technology can not be promoted, the biggest problem on one: the cost.
How do you get the tires?
Easy to penetrate the tires of foreign matter, including nails, screws, wire, glass fragments, sharp stones, tiles and so on. Among these foreign bodies, nails and screws are most likely to pierce the tire, resulting in tire leaks, but also inserted in the tire damage, not timely clean up, it may exacerbate the damage to the damaged parts of the tire. Check the method: the tires tied to the foreign body, we only carefully observe the tire surface can be found. If the parts of the foreign body is more subtle, we can also sprinkle water on the surface of the tire, find the place where the bubbles emerge, and sometimes even hear the "hissing" of the gas.
Why should I lock the inner wheel when I enter the corner?
People do not want to lock the inner wheels ah. The The Simply because the cornering environment is not good. The Such as the pressure imbalance ah such as late brakes ah such as alignment mistakes ah. The The