Aluminum wheel rim for all car New style

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Product Description:

 Application:Aluminum wheel rim is used to all brands cars




Size ETCBHoleP.C.D


1.Specialized in light aluminum and high-level wheels.

2.chemical composition ;A356&A356.2 alloy steel(Si 6.5-7.5,Mg 0.30-0.45,Ti<0.2,Fe<0.12 Mn<0.1 Cu<0.05 Zn<0.05 Al)

3.Finishing:black,silver,gray,hyper black,hyper silver,hyper silver,machining face,machining lip,color line,chrome,color-ele

4.Process;lower pressure and vacuum pressure.



Our Advantage:

  • T6061 Forged Aluminum Rim & Disk

  • ISO/TS16949 Certification

  • Finite Element Analysis passed

  • Customization choices of design and finish

  • TPMS perfectly compatibal

  • Special sealing technology to avoid air leakage

  • Titanium bolts optional

  • Flat / Concave / Deep Concave / Super Concave of center disk optional 


  • Type of Wheel/Rim (Material)
    A. Wire Spoke Wheel
    B. Steel Disc Wheel
    C. Light Alloy Wheel
    (1) Aluminium Alloy Wheel
    (2) Magnesium Alloy Wheel
    (3) Titanium Alloy Wheel
    (4) Composite Material Wheel


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