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On a Ford Focus. When I jacked the car up and shook the wheel with my hands there was a bad shake, like a wobble.Is the cause of this the bearing needing to be replaced or is it something else too?
For barrel horses it is better to use a joined bit most of the time to allow them to bend and flex. However I do know a few people who use solid bits and do fairly well. If you choose to use the Tom Thumb remember it is not a snaffle. It is a curb with shanks that increase pressure. I see the Tom Thumb as a bit that you need to know how to use one correctly and need to know how the force acts. If you do not know how to use one or are a beginning rider I wouldn't recommend using one. I would recommend a simple snaffle. The reason Tom Thumbs get such a bad rap is lots of people who don't know how to use one treat it as just a snaffle or just a curb not thinking how it is actually a mix of the 2.
What is the best wheels and wheel size for riding mainly street and a bit of park?
You'd want to get a harder wheel and the size is up to you, choose whatever you're comfortable with. I'd go with a wheel that's in the mid 50mm's
The ancient Mongols in the capture of the enemy tribe is not only killed more than the wheels of the man?
Genghis Khan father generation between the Mongolian tribes do not kill the car is not higher than the man's nomadic culture and customs. Genghis Khan expedition to the generals prescribed: urban residents do not resist, do not kill the residents; resistance, kill the residents.
A lot of driving school driving license can be selected for school car and then apply for a study car, but there are people who are very eager to discount, discount, if the user directly to school registration, driving school to the cost is no discount. Then the wheel of this APP is how to give the user in this case, to achieve their own profit purposes?
The wheel is not just getting financing? The general APP are pre-financing money to subsidize users, in order to achieve the rapid development of products
what size wheels would i need for citroen saxo mk.2. and what size tyres.
Standard wheels or aftermarket? Standard wheels will depend on the model and engine size of the car. I think standard Sxo wheels for smalle ngined basic models will be 165/70/13 or similar. Some Ford and Peugeot wheels will fit if you're after alloys as they share the same fitment which is 4x108.
Mainly the front and rear of the quick release!
Find a wrench down
Which vehicle is better on snowy, and / or icy roads? Front wheel drive, all wheel drive. or 4 wheel drive??
All wheel drive is best on snowy , icy roads, 4 wheel drive is best for OFF-ROAD conditions The reason all wheel is better on icy road, is it's instant changing of individual wheel traction for control 4 Wheel drive only controls power to axels.
Hi,I‘m planning on carrying some fairly heavy weight on my bike.Question is should I convert my rear 32 spoke wheel to a 36 spoke? The bike is 26.Thanks
they told you right,what would happen if someone put tape over half of your mouth,could you breath as well as before,same thing,if the unit can't breath it causes all kinds of trouble,like burning the blower motor up,in the summer,freezing the coil up,and in the winter starving the heat from circulation,so that's a no brainer