Black and red lip car aluminum alloy wheel rims

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1,auto wheel rim 
2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength 
4, low price 
5, Standard:TS16949/IS2


 BK409 auto wheel rim for a car

1,auto wheel rim

2,saving energy 
3, Our car alloy wheel has great competitive strength

4, low price

5, Standard:TS16949/IS2002,VIA,.TSE and GMC

13X6.0 +30 100-114.3 4H

  • My company produces and exports alloy wheel s for years with good quality and competitive prices. We offer the quality customize wheel for aftermarket as well replica wheels. We have the size range from 12 inches to 24inches. We can make the wheels as chrome or paint finish. We promise the prompt delivery and reasonable price. We have the capacity of 15,0000pcs per month . So we can meet the quantity you want. Welcome anybody who want to deal these products to contact us.Up to now, we have enjoyed good popularity all over the world.

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  • 2.Hold the flag of continuous improvement we will make the product to satisfy the customer

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  • Forged T6061 Aluminum Rim & Disk to strengthen the surface density of the wheel and to minimize into lighter weight 

  • Three Piece Forged Wheels


    • T6061 Forged Aluminum Rim & Disk

    • ISO/TS16949 Certification

    • Finite Element Analysis passed

    • Customization choices of design and finish

    • TPMS perfectly compatibal

    • Special sealing technology to avoid air leakage

    • Titanium bolts optional

    • Flat / Concave / Deep Concave / Super Concave of center disk

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Q:Why are big wheels better in a mousetrap car?
The short answer is that the circumference of the wheel scales as the radius and the distance traveled is determined by the circumference. The idea goes something like this: 1) Locomotion is driven by pulling on a string that is wound around the axle. 2) When 2*pi*(radius_axle) length of string is pulled, the axle undergoes 1 rotation. 3) The number of rotations undergone by the axle the number of rotations undergone by the wheel since the wheel is mounted to the axle. 4) When the wheel undergoes 1 rotation, the distance it turns through is 2*pi*(radius_wheel) 5) conclusion: pulling on 2*pi*(radius_axle) length of string results in 2*pi*(radius_wheel) distance traversed (assuming the wheels do not slip.) Caveat: Too large a wheel is not good either. The spring pulling the string supplies a limited amount of force. This force produces (force * radius_axle) amount of torque to spin the axle. Again, because the wheel is mounted to the axle, (force available to move car) * radius_wheel (force_supplied by spring) * radius_axle. (force available to accelerate car) (force spring) * (radius_axle / radius_wheel) So the same radius ratio that provides the distance advantage via circumference also provides a force disadvantage via torque. This creates a natural limit on how big to make the wheels. Make the wheels too small and you lose the distance advantage. Make the wheels too big, and the force disadvantage will prevent your car from accelerating at all. The objective is to use as large a wheel that you can to still have enough force provided by the spring to create the torque necessary to accelerate the car.
Q:What is the difference between front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and four wheel drive?
Front wheel - engine causes front wheels to move in turn moving the vehicle Rear wheel - engine causes rear wheels to move in turn moving the vehicle Four wheel - a little more complicated, but engine causes all four wheels to move in turn moving the vehicle Most passenger cars have front wheel drive Most trucks have rear wheel drive (minus minivans and some small car-based SUVs) Four wheel drive can be found on many trucks and SUVs.
Q:when the cars do need wheel balancing & wheel alignment ? what are the symptoms & what are the merits ? thanks?
Absolute worst case scenario ever no matter how unlikely it is to happen is your cat will get electrocuted.
Q:How does the wheel community app group create?
Click on the bottom of the [create], and then click the bottom of the input group name, then enter the group profile, and finally click 【create】 can be.
Q:What is the transition from the ancient to the present?
Usually the wheels are regarded as the oldest and most important invention of mankind, and we often compare it to the use of fire. In fact, the history of human tame fire more than 1.5 million years, and began to use the wheels only area six thousand years time.
Q:The mystery of the wheel: the upper part of the observation of the wheel as if the second part of the rotation faster than some.
Is your visual error that should be as fast as it is
Q:Steering wheel issue?
My light came on when my catalytic converter went back try another shop like o riley or auto zone
Q:How to improve the efficiency of locomotive wheel polishing?
After the lathe processing, the direct use of Hao Ke can be processed, instead of polishing, Ra raised to 0.2, to meet the processing requirements, greatly enhance the valve surface quality, reduce the valve carbon deposition
Q:An archaeologist found an ancient wheel of debris. How to find his radius
Can be the arc of the two points of the tangent of the vertical line, the intersection of the two vertical line is the center of the computer in the amount of the outer edge of the point to the center of the distance just fine.
Q:Whats the better hamster wheel?
The wodent wheel is apparently very good, personally I recommend the 11 Trixie wheel. It doesn't arch the Syrians back so it's perfect for them. It's also very quiet!

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