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how do i tell if my car has mag wheels? they look like mag wheels but i have heard that this doesnt nessacerilly mean they are. i heard you can get fake mag wheels which look like mag wheels but arent really mag wheels. so how do i tell if they are mags?
Mag wheels are just that - wheels. The only thing that would look like a rim but is not, would be a hub cap that you can easily tell by just looking at - even if it has fake lug nuts on it. The hub cap covers the actual wheel.
And you don‘t have the the money to get it fixed so it‘s a two wheel? Does this affect the truck?
Depends on how it is broken. If it is stuck in two wheel drive and you have no noise then you should be fine to drive it. If it is stuck in 4 wheel high or low then it could cause problems. It really depends on the vehicle as a lot of newer vehicles are advertised as 4 wheel drive but are closer to all wheel drive due to how the transfer case works.
its been explained to me before but i dont understand. and a car only has four wheels so logically you would think four wheel and all wheel are the same, but of course they are not.thank you in advance and please answer seriously.
let me try to explain this way, most older cars are rear wheel drive so that means the only wheels pulling are the rear tires, most newer cars are front wheel drive, which means the front tires are pulling, A four wheel drive is when you push a button in newer vehicles to lock in all four wheels so they will pull, this way if you get stuck or driving in bad weather you can use it as needed so all wheel will be pulling, what this does when you get in a situation were you need more traction the axles will switch from one side to the other to give you better traction. In all wheel drive is the same except it has a electronic switch which activates when you have slippage or loose traction it will then catch and lock - in to give you front rear pull.
*Two Wheels*One wheel turns at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. A second wheel turns at 45 revolutions per minute. At some point in time, a mark on each wheel is at the lowest point on each wheel at the same time. What is the least number of seconds until the marks on both wheels are again both at the lowest point at the same time?Justify your answer and show all work!This is a problem challenge for school and it is very confusing. i have ideas of how to solve it but i‘m not sure how to go about it. This is for extra credit and due tomorrow, 10/24/07, so please try and solve this as soon as you can. Thank You!!!
36 seconds It takes the first wheel 1/(33 + 1/3) or 3/100 of a minute to make one revolution. It takes the second wheel 1/45 of a minute to make one revolution. Finding a common denominator for these fractions, we see that the first wheel takes 27/900 of a minute to make one revolution, and the second wheel 20/900 of a minute. Now, 27 and 20 have no prime factors in common, so their least common multiple is just 27*20 540. Therefore, the next time the marks on both wheels are at the lowest point will be at 540/900 of a minute, which is 54/90 27/45 3/5 of a minute, of 36 seconds.
my wheels are 78mm and I‘m having a hell of a time finding that size.if I bought 76mm wheels would they still fit or are they too small? thanks
Why would you bother? 99.99999999999999 % of riders deal with the throttle and brake on the standard side. I don't think it's practical, and it would take some fabrication and creativity to get it done. After that, unless you change it back, you will only attract left hand buyers.
What is the best wheels and wheel size for riding mainly street and a bit of park?
size depends more on how long you've been skating. bigger wheels (52mm or so) will feel more comfortable if you're just starting out. you can get going faster with less effort and the little bumps in the ground won't run through your legs so much. this also helps for street depending on how rough your streets are. mids (50mm) should feel pretty good for street if you've been skating for a while. you'll have to push a little more to get going as fast, but the lower center of gravity will make your flip tricks feel more comfortable if you've been skating a long time and you've comfortable with your streets and your riding, and you want to get really technical with your flips and slides you can go with some smaller wheels. like 45mm or 47mm. your center of gravity will feel really low, but it's better for landing your more technical flips. it gives you just a little bit more space for them to come around. but the little bumps and cracks in the sidewalk will feel like mountains.
A wheel is revolving at 20.0 rad/s when a brake is engaged and the wheel is brought to a uniform stop in 15.92 revolutions.A.) How long time did it take to stop the wheel?B.) What was the deceleration?
Bottom line: If the motorcycle is stopped or nearly, de-clutch so not to stall the motor. If you are going to be stopped for a while, over a 1/4 minute, you *may* go into neutral. Otherwise, you should be in the correct gear for whatever speed you are at. De-clutch only momentary switch gears, about a quarter of a second. The front brake is your best friend. The front brake does the work, the rear brake just helps. I have 33,000 miles on my bike, about 5 or 6 sets of front brake pads . . . still on the original rear shoes.
I have a 84 half ton Chevy Suburban 2WD with nice wheels and I want to put them on my 92 GMC Jimmy 4X4, they both have 15 wheels now and the same size tire. The wheels on my Burban are aftermarket and have a large oval shaped bore for the lugs, I believe they are made by Eagle wheels. Will they bith switch out or will one just switch for one??? Need some help before I go spend the $$$ to switch things all around,,Thanks!
measure the backspacing on the rim from each truck. You will require a larger backspacing to fit the newer truck. On my 89 Blazer, the backspacing needs to be at minimum 4, this should be the same for your jimmy.