Semi Radial Tire for Cars

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Semi Radial Tire for Cars

The size of PCR car tyre

1.Passenger car tire

13’--165/65R13,165/70R13, 165/70R13C, 175/70R13,185/70R13



15’--185/60R15,185/65R15,195/50R15,195/55R15,195/60R15,195/65R15, 205/60R15,

        205/65R15, 215/65R15, 215/70R15,


       215/65R16, 225/50ZR16,  225/55ZR16,  225/60R16

2.UHP tyre (Ultra High Performance Tire)







3.LTR Tire: 185R14C, 195R14C



1. Certificate of ECE, DOT, CCC ,ISO9001, GCC, EU-LABEL,Soncap,Nom etc.

2. The warranty time is within 3 years and 120000km.

3. with wide range and competitive price

4. Wide circumferential major grooves design enables excellent water drainage and side skidding-resistance at high speed

5. Smooth and lateral grooves and sipes provide super grip ability and braking ability

6. Suitable for various medium and high-level cars from home and abroad.

7. Large capacity and Large stockguarantee the fastest delivery:15-20days after deposit;

8. Best no-stop services given by our professional sales team;

9. Top 500 enterprise provide credit and quality guarantee.


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Q:best buy on four tires?
Just about every tire store these days has tires on sale. Without knowing your tire size, it's impossible to estimate how much they will cost. Almost all tire shops have an alignment department and most places charge in the area of $30 to $40.
Q:Bike Tire pressure?
Open your eyes. Recommended pressure is stamped on the sidewall of every tire, by law. It might say something like 60 to 85 psi. Never run under the minimum recommended psi level never over too. You have to find the right pressure for you by experimenting. Start at or close to the max. If the bike rides too rough, drop about 5 pounds out try again. Higher pressure usually means faster speeds on roads smooth as glass. But roads are NOT that smooth. Too much air you could actually be bouncing down the road instead of rolling down the road. Experiment - find that happy medium between speed comfort.
Q:will low tire pressure cause sliding?
My bet would be at the least 2 things. 1) A tire with much less air pressure would have extra grip 2) Tires with extraordinary air pressures would impact the steadiness of the automobile as good. When a vehicle starts off from a restart the air in the tire could also be bloodless and the strain may be too low for suitable handling. After a number of laps the air in the tires heats (hopefully to the suitable air stress) and your car begins to handle higher. If a tire is inflated to traditional air strain at the establishing of a restart then the tire will warmness up and construct up an excessive amount of pressure inflicting the tire to be rough and slide more. It is all a part of the equations.
Q:The difference between car tires 97v and 101w
The difference between 97V and 101W is that their load and velocity levels are different. 97 and 101 indicate that the load factor is also called the load index, 97 is the maximum load of 730 kg, and 101 is the maximum load of 825 kg. The so-called load index refers to a tire can withstand the maximum load in the form of code. The unit is Kg.
Q:Car tires.Performance, High Performance, and Touring tires--What is the difference between them?
A Grand Touring tire will have a softer ride probably better winter traction than the high performance tire all season tire.
Q:Accidentally got wrong tire size?
The 215's are just a little taller than the 205's. The only thing it might affect is the ABS system because of the rotation speeds of the tires being different than the shorter ones, but even then, that difference might not be enough to cause any problems.
Q:Tire mounting question?
If the tires are directional, meaning they have a single correct sense of rotation by design, it is always marked on the tire sidewall, usually indicating ROTATION and an arrow. If there isn't such a marking, they are non-directional. Even in non-directional tread designs it is better, though, that the tires be used as before (for the same reason, the tire rotation should be made on the same side of the vehicle). You might try to infer the sense of rotation (and therefore the side) from the tread pattern: if it has longitudinal Y-like elements such as in a tractor tires, the upper (open) part of the Y on the road (mud, snow) should be oriented forward. hth
Q:What is the problem with the car tires?
When the car is running or running, the engine and other parts of the operation, vibration will sound. This sound can be divided into normal sound and abnormal sound. The so-called normal sound refers to the slight noise that is allowed to exist, such as the friction between the piston ring and the cylinder wall in the engine, the splash of the oil, and the sound that is allowed during the operation of some other cars.
Q:What does twi mean on car tires?
Tire wear Indicator Tire wear indicator. The tires of the car tires to the mark. According to the wear of the tire to choose the time to change the tire, all tires in the pattern depth of 1.6 mm there are wear marks, where there are wear marks have a small bump, the boss called "tread wear mark" Boss next to the "tread wear mark" abbreviation "TWI", in the normal use of the premise, the tire wear to reach this raised place, it means the need to replace the tires.
Q:Should I reinflate my tires?
the correct tire pressure is given when the tires are cool. as in overnight sitting. it will vary while driving due to heating caused by temperature and speed and driving conditions.

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