Truck Tube tire flap 12.00r20

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Product Description:

Agricultural /truck/OTR/motorcycle inner tube&flap, all size provided.

inner tube data:

26.5-2524.00 700/750-202.20
23.5-2520.50 650--201.90
20.5-2515.00 83/95-242.50
1800-2515.00 83/95-202.40
17.5-2510.00 10.00-152.25
15.5-259.30 900-162.30
13.00-259.50 825-162.30
18.4-3814.00 750-161.80
18.4-3414.00 750-161.80
18.4-3013.00 700/650-161.55
16.9-3813.00 700/650-161.55
16.9-3412.00 750-182.10
16.9-3010.50 12.5-183.80
14.9-309.00 650-191.80
16/70-186.00 1000-162.70
14.9/15.5-3811.00 500-100.75
13.6-3810.50 600/650-161.30
12-389.20 600/650-161.30
11.2-386.80 750-151.80
13.6-369.20 750-151.80
11-327.70 700/650-151.50
9.5-323.60 700/650-151.50
16.9-289.00 550/600-161.15
14.9-288.70 450/500-161.05
12.4-285.80 450/500-161.05
11.2-284.60 400/450-160.95
23.1-2622.50 600/650(175/185)-141.10
18.4-2612.00 550/650(175/185)-131.05
1500-248.80 135/145-131.05
13.6-246.30 450/500-140.85
16/70-247.20 400/450-140.75
12.4-245.00 450/500-120.85
14.9-247.00 400/450-120.65
16.9-249.00 400-80.55
1600-249.80 400-80.40
1400-247.00 500-151.00
1400-206.80 375-190.75
1200-245.70 450-191.20
1200-204.30 450-181.20
1100-224.10 600-121.00
1100-204.00 28*9-151.60
16/70-206.80 825-121.70
11.2-203.00 700-121.35
11.2-243.60 650-101.00
1000-203.20 600-90.95
900-203.10 700-91.00
825-202.50 500-80.65

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Q:where to change tires?
Hi, Hope I helped.RE: where to change tires? Hi I want to change 2 tires for Honda accord 4dr V6 -2000 Mileage 109000 I don't know which company tires will be good and if winter tires are good for all year use ? Sears charging me 500$ for 4 tires and 300 for 2 tires. I don't know if this is what it should cost... Suggest me cheap and best place in Chicago, IL region Thanks
Q:How much would it cost to replace my car tyres with solid tyres (to eliminate the need for replacements) ?
at least i am not surprised by this. look, what countries do people write TYRE instead of TIRE. the same kind where people think a solid rubber tire is a good idea. lets say you saved 200 bucks a year. that 200 bucks does not even cover the ball joints you would have replaced twice in that year.
Q:what is radial tyres?
In the old days tires were "Bias Ply". That means the cords in the rubber ran around the tire. Radial ply means the cords that are closest to the pavement run the radius of the tire. Radial tires roll easier and grip better in hard turns. Much better than the old tires.
Q:dk opsis tires psi?help?
The tyre will have it's recommended pressure range printed on the sidewall and you should never go over the highest figure. The highest pressure is determined by the sidewall construction, and if you go over that, the tyre could fail. If you can't get to see the tyre, try looking on the tyre manufacturer's web site, they should have the specs of the tyres on there.
Q:Tires replaced with lower speed rating.Who is liable?
Did you drive over the speed rating of the tires? If the car specifies say 130 mph tires, and someone fitted 120 mph tires, they should still be safe UNLESS you drive over 120 mph If you never drove over 100 mph, then the lower speed rating has ZERO effect on why the tire blew out. And if you make a habit of driving over 100 mph, then YOU need to check the rating and condition of your tires yourself. Now the second tire shop may not sell you that tire for your car for legal reasons. People bring lawsuits for all sorts of frivolous reasons. like their new tires aren't the EXACT correct spec. But, you could go back to the original company and discuss the matter. Looking at the tire should give some clue as to WHY it blew out. If it's got a freaking big nail or cut in it, then that's just bad luck. If there is no obvious reason for the tire failing, then maybe it was faulty and you are owed a replacement?
Q:Should I plug my tire?
Yes plug nail out and shove a plug in. I have used plugs in tires for the last 15 years and never ad a prob. I don't know what all this BS about don't use plugs is about. I guess something else to save us from our selfs, or the fact alot of people now are morons with no common sense and can't install a plug right. Oh well, to each their own. For me I will keep plugging nail holes in all of my street tires
Q:flat proof bicycle tires?
You can replace the tubes with tubes made by Slime brand. They have a silicone sealant in them, and if you get a puncture, take the object out, and the slime seals the hole. They are like the run flat tires on some cars.
Q:How To Choose Best Racing Motorcycle Tires?
Many kinds of motorcycle tires are manufactured for Various motorbike riding vicinity or according to surfaces. But motorbike riding surface are not the only fissue for selecting bike tires. Selection of tires are also depends on way of riding style or climate condition.For more advice about Motorcycle accessories and it's usage review
Q:Car tires that brand the best comfort
Used a lot of brands, I think from the comfort in terms of Michelin good.
Q:how do you reset a gmc low tire pressure light?
This Site Might Help You. RE: how do you reset a gmc low tire pressure light? tire psi light on in dash

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