Truck Tube tire flap 12.00r20

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Product Description:

Agricultural /truck/OTR/motorcycle inner tube&flap, all size provided.

inner tube data:

26.5-2524.00 700/750-202.20
23.5-2520.50 650--201.90
20.5-2515.00 83/95-242.50
1800-2515.00 83/95-202.40
17.5-2510.00 10.00-152.25
15.5-259.30 900-162.30
13.00-259.50 825-162.30
18.4-3814.00 750-161.80
18.4-3414.00 750-161.80
18.4-3013.00 700/650-161.55
16.9-3813.00 700/650-161.55
16.9-3412.00 750-182.10
16.9-3010.50 12.5-183.80
14.9-309.00 650-191.80
16/70-186.00 1000-162.70
14.9/15.5-3811.00 500-100.75
13.6-3810.50 600/650-161.30
12-389.20 600/650-161.30
11.2-386.80 750-151.80
13.6-369.20 750-151.80
11-327.70 700/650-151.50
9.5-323.60 700/650-151.50
16.9-289.00 550/600-161.15
14.9-288.70 450/500-161.05
12.4-285.80 450/500-161.05
11.2-284.60 400/450-160.95
23.1-2622.50 600/650(175/185)-141.10
18.4-2612.00 550/650(175/185)-131.05
1500-248.80 135/145-131.05
13.6-246.30 450/500-140.85
16/70-247.20 400/450-140.75
12.4-245.00 450/500-120.85
14.9-247.00 400/450-120.65
16.9-249.00 400-80.55
1600-249.80 400-80.40
1400-247.00 500-151.00
1400-206.80 375-190.75
1200-245.70 450-191.20
1200-204.30 450-181.20
1100-224.10 600-121.00
1100-204.00 28*9-151.60
16/70-206.80 825-121.70
11.2-203.00 700-121.35
11.2-243.60 650-101.00
1000-203.20 600-90.95
900-203.10 700-91.00
825-202.50 500-80.65

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Q:How many kilometers of car tires are guaranteed
50,000 km
Q:i need new tires on my ‘07 civic. i need your input on goodyear assurance tripletread vs. michelin hydroedge. they are rated highest and best choices online. what i need to know is the first hand users experiences. please tell me what you‘ve experienced with these tires.
most importantly make sure the tires have'nt expired i have heard horror stories of brand new tires flying apart.
Q:Can you buy Mercedes Benz tires at Sears or Big O Tires?
no mercedes does not mfg. tires. but they do recommend brands and types that they have tested on their vehicles and they feel like optimizes that models performance
Q:I‘ve noticed a lot of motorcycles are running car tires on the rear. I have a 2003 Honda VTX 1800 Retro with a rear tire size of 180/70R 16. What size car tire could I run on my bike?
Slick tyres are for maximum traction, they have more contact area with the road surface. Slicks are used only for racing, they are not road-legal. Off-road knobbly tyres can be good on poor road surfaces but they have less contact area and a less regular grip. They aren't so great at high speeds either. If you tried riding a dual-sports or off-road bike and compared it to a road bike you'd instantly feel how different they are; the road tyres give a smoother ride and better grip on well maintained roads.
Q:3. How often the tyres be rotated ?
205 approximate width in MM 55 % sidewall height of the 205 R top speed 16 tire size in inches (wheel size) Soft tires (high performance) last between 20,000 - 60,000 miles. Harder tires (snow tires, touring tires) last between 30,000 - 80,000 miles. Tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles or at twice a year.
Q:Can I just let the front tires wear out and then replace the front tires only? Why or why not is it better to rotate tires regularly?
if you rotate your tires the life of the tires will last longer, in other words save you money instead of buying 2 tires more regularly and the rears will need to be replaced to just not as often so why not rotate the tires so you won't be at the shop as much and you can get all 4 done at once, plus you'll get worse gas mileage with uneven tire wear in other words don't be lazy, rotate the tires like your supposed to, some people say to rotate maybe every oil change but i do it about every 5,000 to 10,000 miles at the most also im assuming you have a front wheel drive car since you talk about just replacing the front tires when they wear out, i have a rear wheel drive so my tired wear a little faster since the front is for steering of course and the rear is for acceleration
Q:Does anyone know, under normal circumstances, how long it would take a tire to dry rot? I bought a used car, and found out immediately that the tires were dry rotted. The car is only 2 years old, and tires are up to $225/ea. I want to know if I have a fight against the dealership. I had the BMW dealership (not where I bought it) and Pep Boys inspect the tires, and both concluded that they were dry rotted, and losing air because of that fact.
the tires aren't two years old then.even if new tires are put on a car and the car is never drove and sit out in the sun for two years the tires would not dry rot. if they told u they were new on the car they lied
Q:What is the different between car‘s tire and aircraft‘s tire ?--gt; What kind of material is in the cars and aircraft‘s tire?--gt; (cars and aircraft‘s tire), which one can stand higher temp ?--gt;Which one can stand more friction?If the aircraft‘s tire can stand more friction and higher temperature, then what kind of material are needed to became lasting higher temperature and more friction in cars tire ??
Car tires are made for prolonged travel on the ground, aircraft tires are stronger and are at higher pressures to absorb land stresses (hitting the ground and spinning up to 150 miles an hour in less than a second).
Q:and which of the two tire compounds is the toughest?
Soft compond mean the rubber is more softer i.e it will have a better girp on road bcz the heat produced by the friction melts the tyre and helps in better grip. Hard r one which lasts long.They r u specifical in circuits in which more turns r there and in circuit where there is lot of understerring and downforce.
Q:Where do i install tires if i were to buy them offline ? Is that even possible? i found cheap tires on ebay and wanted to buy them and have the store install them . Thanks
I use the front brake, exactly as guardrailjim described. If I have to sit there a bit, I'll hold with the rear brake and relax my arms. (Neutral, watching the mirror) At my warning to get ready to move, I swap. I don't usually sit in neutral unless it's a long wait and my back isn't totally exposed. I love having two-finger operable levers.

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