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Q:Why do tires have different designs on them?
Tread designs are made for different driving situations. Like tread for rain,snow or mud. Some tires are designed for high performance. They not only have different tread but also the rubber compound is different, harder for more mileage, softer for grip.
Q:Tire sizes.?
Shouldn't be a problem but some tire outfits have a hissy fit if you want to have them put non-OEM size tires on your car.
Q:What about bigger tires????
More strain will be placed on the drive train with larger diameter tires. The larger diameter tires cause more strain. The reason is due to the leverage resisting acceleration (the turning effort (torque)) at the spindle and the outside of the tire on the ground Weather checked tires don't have much time left.
Q:How do I read my tires?
first number, 205, is the thread width in cm; 205 centimeters wide. 2nd number, 55, is the ratio of the sidewall to the width of the thread. The sidewall is 55% of the thread, or 112.75 cm "R" means its a radial tire "16" is the size of the rim "91" is the load index; how much weight the tire can carry, which is 1,356 pounds maximum load. "H" is the speed index; the tire is rated to travel no more than 130 mph Keep in mind that these specs are applicable only when the tire is in brand new condition. As the tire is used, it undergoes wear and tear, and the specs will go down as the tire ages.
Q:Tire Rotation Question?
look on the flyers and classified ads despatched on your abode from community garages. Tire rotations could be everywhere from unfastened to $20. it is likewise possible to do it your self. it somewhat is uncomplicated. each so often with an oil exchange, some garages will do it for unfastened. On generic, i know that Wal-mart expenditures a nominal value. some thing like $10. A tire rotation is distinctive than a tire stability or tire alignment.
Q:2011 Dodge Caliber Main Street all weather tires?
The best tires for dealing with winter conditions that you will experience in Boston are a full set of winter tires. All weather tires are essentially aggressive all season tires. They are okay but for best winter traction, you need proper winter tires.
Q:tyre rotation and wheel alignment - difference?
A tire rotation is when the swap ur front tires to the back and the back to the front to maintain the tread wear on the tires even .A wheel alignment is when the alter the tires and suspension to make sure your tires are straight when the steerage wheel is straight to be certain the car doesnt pull to one side even as driving down the avenue .The biggest difference is fee a rotation is like 20 buck or somethimes free at some retail outlets and a wheel alignment stages from 80-150 relying on a shop.
Q:Why do my new tires make noise?
4 oz. to stability each tire? Max. could 3/4 to a million ounce, something is faulty with the tires or Rims. I advise you have the perimeters Balanced (on my own) then remount the tires and stability returned. center Ware on a tire is extra stress. If 32 is 3/4 of the max. tire stress (Stamped on the sidewall of the Tire) and it nonetheless wares in the middle that's greater information that there is something incorrect with the tires. (pass to Goodyear or vast O and function them verify the Tires and Rims)
Q:Best practice when swapping in snow tires?
Just leave a day later or earlier. 600 miles is a 10 hour drive. Definitely doable in a day-especially if you have 1 driver. Also you don't need to start at 6 am - you can start at 9pm to avoid the weather. You can also stop halfway. Lots of options that don't involve tires/chains.
Q:What are the common problems with car tires?
Tire pressure not only directly affects the life of the tire, but also closely related to traffic safety, but how much suitable for tire pressure, but there are a lot of argument. In fact, each car has a clear pressure regulations, the standard value of the vehicle tires in the cold state of the measured pressure prevail. But because many of the owners of the tires are hot before the gas, so check the pressure will be higher than the actual value, if at this time by the standard air pressure, the tire may be in the low pressure after the state, so many The refueling store will be slightly higher than the standard value when the owner is filling. But the number of high is entirely determined by the experience, so the lack of accuracy of the value. Therefore, when the tire is hot, try to make the tire in a cold state, the standard pressure should also be measured in the case of tire cooling test. If the owner thinks that the temperature of the tire is high, the pressure of the tire should be slightly lower than the standard value. The reason is that it avoids the risk of tire puncture when the air is inflated and the tire is too high. In fact, almost all of the tire traders will not advocate the owner to do so. Because the tire pressure decreases, the tire and the ground contact area increases, will cause the tire to heat up too fast, but rather easily lead to puncture. In addition, the tire pressure is too low there are many negative effects, such as: the tread on both sides of the normal wear and tear, to increase the amount of sidewall deformation, easy to damage the sidewall and so on.

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