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Product Description:

1. Material: Natural or NBR

2. Brand: CNBM or we can print your name on the tube

3. Performance: Good air tightness, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, excellent wearing resistance and good appearance.

4. Tensile strength:8MPa, 10MPa, 12MPa, 14.7MPa

5. Elongation at break: more than 500%

6. Certificate: ISO9001-2008

7. Packing:Weaving bag or plastic bag or according to your request

8. Customers: North America, Middle East, South Asia, Africa.

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Q:Tire PSI? Tire or Door Panel Rating?
The tire's inflation is a maximum inflation rating - the listing on the door is the rating for your vehicle as a proper blend of ride quality, tire wear and decent gas mileage - you should go with the listing on the door. If you replaced the tires with something that the car didn't come with, you should still keep close to the rating for the vehicle. All bets are off if you have aftermarket rims and changed the profile of the tires! You still can inflate the tires to something over 40 psi, but well under 80. As long as you don't feel like your ride has compromised and you don't see abnormal wear on the tires, you'll still be good to go.
Q:tire pressure inside of door or on the tire?
Not a single person got this right. Time for the professionals. To begin, there is no RECOMMENDED inflation pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire, only an informational listing of the tires maximum load carrying capacity at the tires maximum inflation pressure. That is not a recommendation. In fact if you really look at the sidewall there is a notice there to refer to the tire load and inflation tag inside the door for the recommended pressure for your vehicle - but nobody EVER looks at that bit. If you contact the tire manufacturer they will tell you the same thing. Go by what the car says. The vehicle tag will be accurate for any tire from any manufacturer so long as it is the same size as originally installed on the vehicle. Inflation pressure, contrary to popular myth frequently perpetuated around here, is determined by tire size, not brand or model. If you have changed tire sizes then different inflation pressures may be required. There is a simple way to calculate this but I would need to know your vehicles original tire size and recommended inflation pressure (or at least year/make/model) as well as the tire size you are currently using - including the load index. Its the most important part but nobody knows what it is so they always leave it out.
Q:Tired Every Day.?
Sleeping more may make you tired! Caffeine is bad and withdrawing from it makes you tired. You may be depressed! The only solution is go see a doctor! In the mean time, eat well and drink water! Sugar crashes also make people feel like they want to die!!! Question--do you feel sleepy tired or physically exhausted tired? Make sure you tell the doctor all your symptoms! write them down and take them with you!
Q:Where should i get my tires?
You could check craigslist.I just bought 5 brand new rims and tires for 500. A guy bought a new truck and put bigger tires and a lift kit on it.He sold me his factory 17wheels for 500.I was going to buy tires anyway,but I checked craigslist and got a way better deal.
Q:Where is the brand of car tires?
There are English names on the wheels.
Q:Where do I purchase Top Brand tires for lowest price?
Iron non alloyed Iron is elemental and has no other chemical name.
Q:Why does Nascar only have one tire manufacturer?
Goodyear paid to be the official tire of NASCAR. Back in the day you would of seen Goodyear, Hoosier, BF Goodrich on the cars, maybe others as well. But the bottom line is they paid for exclusivity. I wonder what would happen if Michelin wanted to be the Primary sponsor of a car. Would they be denied based on last years ATT vs NEXTEL (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about) and Sunoco vs Shell (on Harvicks helmet the Shell symbol was too big and Sunoco had a problem with that)
Q:Did the tire guy rip me off?
Danial, First off, yes, a tire that has sidewall damage has little or no chance of being repaired, so a replacement is almost always necessary. Secondly, as far as the price it depends greatly on the specific model of tire you purchased. If it was a top quality tire, such as the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring, then paying $137 is quite fair. However, if you got a lesser brand model, like a Fuzion or Firestone, then yes, you probably over paid.
Q:max air pressure in bike tire?
I'm a bike tech at ***** sporting goods, and from what i understand there is always a limit or a range on the side of the tire somewhere and u should fill your tires up at an inbetween number, usually the range on most 26 tires is 40-60 so u should be ok with 50psi, also I dont have much experience with slime tubes or tires but i do sell them at *****, and I think u should probably stay away from them
Q:What should I go by for filling up my tires?
Go by the trunk sticker. The pressure on the tire is only the maximum pressure the tire is rated for. Auto manufacturers do not make their own tires. They design a car and compare appropriate tires from big name tire companies like Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich etc, and simply buy and throw their tires on their cars. Auto manufacturers determine the appropriate tire pressure for safety, fuel economy, and maximum tire life for their vehicles, so its best to go by what they say.

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