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Product Description:

1. Material: Natural or NBR

2. Brand: CNBM or we can print your name on the tube

3. Performance: Good air tightness, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, excellent wearing resistance and good appearance.

4. Tensile strength:8MPa, 10MPa, 12MPa, 14.7MPa

5. Elongation at break: more than 500%

6. Certificate: ISO9001-2008

7. Packing:Weaving bag or plastic bag or according to your request

8. Customers: North America, Middle East, South Asia, Africa.

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Q:Why car tires sub-sports economy comfortable high-performance, where the difference, how to distinguish?
High-performance tires are mainly flat, relatively low, high speed, good drainage, low noise, good handling, high safety tires, he does not pay attention to wear resistance, tire can not be used, so dynamic balance Will change.
Q:What are the figures above the car tires?
Example; 190 / 60R18 90T indicates the specifications of the tire. 190: cross-sectional width (mm) 60: aspect ratio of 65% R: R = radial tire structure 18: rim diameter 18 inches 90: indicates the load index (this index corresponds to the load capacity of 600kg) T: that the highest The speed of not more than 190KM / H Tire specifications: car tire specifications commonly used a set of numbers that the previous number that tire cross-section width, the latter said the rim diameter in inches. For example, 210 / 50R18 represents a tire width of 210 mm, a flattening ratio of 50, and a rim diameter of 18 inches. The middle of the letter or symbol has a special meaning: "X" that high-pressure tire; "R", "Z" said radial tire; "a" that low-pressure tire.
Q:How long do tires last?
As for getting new tires for your trip depends on the trend on your tires ,also how the tread is wearing.Is the tread wearing more on one side then the other of tire? If so you may need front end aliment and new tires. Go to a dependable tire place ask them what they would recommend. Also keeping tires inflated with rght amount of air will help maintain the life of tires. On side of tire is amount of air tire should e inflated with. Always buy a good brand of tires.
Q:how to inflate flat wheelbarrow tire?
They usually have a tube inside, just start filling it up like you usually would, it should set how it should automatically. (Only if tire is around the rim)
Q:big tires affect caster and camber?
Tire size will have no affect on camber and caster. It does not matter if you have a 20 tire or a 60 tire the camber and caster will always be the same. The only thing that would change with tire size is the toe setting but it would be a very small difference unless you were changing tire height by like 6 or more.
Q:How often to buy Tires?
Age is unimportant. Tread wear and damage is what you look for. I was taught to use a penny as a gauge. Take a penny and turn it with Abe's head toward the tire. Put it into each groove in the tread. If the top of Abe's head is just slightly covered by the raised part of the tire, your tire is still legal. However, do not just do this in one groove. Go across the whole tire making the same test. The link below will explain this whole matter for you.
Q:Honda ATC250ES Trike tires ?
as long as it is the same size as the old one you can put any type you want
Q:Tires replaced with lower speed rating.Who is liable?
Liable for what? For one, there is no law against fitting tires of a lower speed rating than that which were originally fitted to the vehicle. It changes the maximum speed capability of the vehicle which for any tire legal for sale on public roads will be rated for speeds far in excess of the legal limit anyway. For another, there is no law preventing the replacement of one tire with another of the same speed rating. Indeed, it is best that all four match. Third, why didn't you know you were driving on tires of a lower speed rating than originally specified for the vehicle. Your owners manual and the tire placard inside the drivers door tell you exactly what you need. It is your duty as a consumer to make sure you purchase the correct replacements or if you opt not to, that you understand the MAXIMUM speed capability of your vehicle will be reduced. You have some responsibility in this too ya know! Lastly, this shop you took it to after the blowout clearly doesn't know their **** or perhaps just want to sell you four new tires instead of one. You don't NEED four new tires. Shop elsewhere.
Q:cars, rimms, tires.- question?
the 225 would work just fine on that same rim. i have a firebird that came with 235s from factory but now i have 215s on it and they work fine too
Q:Accidentally got wrong tire size?
The new tires should work just fine. Check the clearance from the tire to the fender when the wheels are fully turned to make sure they don't rub. If they do, just put them tires on the rear and get two new tires the correct size for the front.

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