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Q:i noticed that different tires had different patterns on them. some are all squiggly, others are different.why is this?
Tires with swooping grooves are for rain, tires with squigly lines are for snow
Q:What is the best way to hang a tire swing??
From a branch on a tree?
Q:when you ladies were pregnant when did you start to feel tired?
2 days after my positive pregnancy test at 4 weeks.
Q:Do you want to change your car tires?
Not on the high-speed line
Q:When their is a caution, and all cars are slower, they all swerve around, to warm up their tires. Why?
too keep the grip between the tyres and the floor so when they speed up they don't flip over on corners.
Q:would my mud/snow stock off road tires get better mileage for a tacoma if i got street tires? and the ride would be smoother and quieter as well correct?
An SUV type tire with a highway oriented tread pattern will typically have less rolling resistance than a AT ot MT tread pattern tire, which can improve fuel economy. A typical example would be the Michelin Cross Terrain which is a popular OE fit due to its relatively low rolling resistance which gives the vehicle manufacturer better CAFE numbers. How much improvement is hard to say until you fit them and try them out. Noise and ride quality should improve too with an SUV tire as well as braking and cornering performance on pavement. They may even be better in rain than a MT tire. ASE Certified Automotive Service Advisor working in the tire industry
Q:I have a road bike with tires 700x28. A few people have mentioned that if I change the tires to 700x23 I can gain a couple or so mph on my average. Is this true? If I reduce the width of the tire I can gain some speed? Also, if I do that would I have to change my rings as well to fit the 23 mm tire?
700 x 28 tires can be run at lower pressure to provide a smoother ride. If you often ride on rough roads wider tires can actually be faster. The difference in width between 23 and 28 mm is not very much, and individual variations between tire makes can mean that the difference is even less. Tire construction and the pressure you run in your tire will make more difference than tire width. Narrower tires will be slightly lighter, but they can actually have more rolling resistance than wider tires. If your 28 mm tires are lower end, heavy models, switching to a set of lightweight 23 mm tires will make a difference, but if your 28 mm tires are really good quality, you might not feel any improvement. The biggest advantage to 23 mm tires is that there is a much wider selection of high quality tires available
Q:What is the meaning of car t and tr?
The car tire R says it is a radial tire, TR-Typer precision tire.
Q:Ok i was havin a lil to much fun and was in a ditch and fooling around in my car and my tire came off from the rim theres no damage done to the tire that i see . ok i was wondering can u reconnect a tire to the rim and jus air it up and it be jus fine ? or do i need to go buy brand new tires cuz the old 1s cant be used or something.and how much would it cost to replace 2 tires ? Cheapest and best ?
two used tires installed and balanced will cost about 100 bucks for decent tires, , you can try to do it ( put back on rim) by jacking up the car/truck, take a ratchet type tie down and putit on the tire then tighten it up , then air it up, it might work, otherwise take it to the tire shopthe other way is to jack it up and take the rim and tire off the vehicle, then spray some starting fluid inside the tire, light a match and qiuckly toss it in the area between the tire and rim, this will explode and air the tire up and seal it at the same time,
Q:write a short composition sequencing the steps in how to:patch a tirestart a carchange gear
Tire Patch: 1. Remove tire/wheel assemble from vehicle, mark tire at valve stem area so that tire can be mounted in same spot so not to require to be balanced 2. Find puncture and remove object, marking location of puncture. 3. Bleed air from tire, then seperatre tire from wheel 4. Clean inside of tire at puncture area, sand smooth. 5. Glue and patch puncture. 6. Replace tire on rim, set bead and fill tire to proper pressure. 7. Mount on vehicle. Start car: 1. Get inside car, insert key into ignition 2. hold brake and clutch (if manual and place in neutral) and turn key to start. 3. Release key, brake and clutch 4. Do whatever you want, drive off, let idle to warm up Change gear: push in clutch, make gear selection, release clutch (more to it than that, but it will make it happen

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