Tyre Inner tubes and tire flap

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Product Description:


tyre inner tube and tire flap
1.both butyl and natural rubber inner tube
2.Tenslile strength: 7mpa, 8mpa, 10mpa, 13mpa, 14.7mp

Tire flap / Tyre inner tubes and tire flap / Tubes flap,size:26.5-25,23.5-25,20.5-25,17.5-25,1600-24,1400-24,1100-22,1200-24,1200-20,1100-20,1000-20,900-20,825-20,750-20,16/17-18,825-16,750-16,650-16,1000-16,900-16,700-12,650-10,600-9,500-8.....

1. Tenslile strength: 7mpa, 8mpa, 10mpa, 13mpa, 14.7mpa

2. Elongation rate: 380% 400% 450% 500%

3. Packing: Weaving bags and cartons

4. Material: Butyl and natutal rubber


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Q:tire. size. question?
It should fit on the wheel fine, but if your suspension is stock it might rub.
Q:How much would it cost me to replace a Mazda6 2008 tire?
Have it fixed for about 15-20 dollars. Used tire mount and balance about 35.
Q:questions about buying tires?
There should be a sticker on the driver's side door frame that indicates the tire size and inflation that your car should have. Take a lincoln cent and stick it head first between the treads on your tires. The penny should go in far enough that you can't see the top of Lincoln's head. If it doesn't, the tire is too worn. Snow tires have a very distinctive tread. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, you're supposed to use four snow tires or none at all. I live in Maine and I've driven on all season tires for years. I can't even remember the last time I bought a snow tire. Regarding tire size - most states only allow tires a couple sizes bigger than what came on the vehicle originally. If you go beyond that, the vehicle won't pass a legal inspection.
Q:hole in my tire?
No legal repair can be done on a sidewall. It will need to be scrapped and replaced with a servicable tire. You can take it to any tire shop and ask.they will not do a repair on a sidewall.
Q:best tires for a porsche 911 carrera?
It's not a good idea to mismatch tires - ie, the tires in the back should be the same kind as in the front. So in this case, the best tires would be determined by what you have on the front of the car. Beyond that, which tire is best will largely depend on what you want in a tire. It would be easy to say, for example, that a Hoosier A6 is the best tire. there is no other road legal tire that can offer the same grip. Of course, the fact that driving it on the street would likely see it wear out in a couple hundred miles, that it would be very rough to ride on and loud, and would be like driving on ice if you came across even small amounts of water are all fairly major drawbacks (as is it's cost). In order for any tire to do something well, it has to do something else less well. Do you want comfort? Performance? All weather use? Longevity? Low Cost? And which of those are you most willing to sacrafice? Bridgestone R11 or RE050A Pole Position, Michelin PS2; Khumo Ecsta MX, and simialr tires will likely be the ones you would be choosing between for a Porsche (if replacing all four).
Q:H rated tire or V rated tire?
There are two main purposes of the writing that you'll see on the sidewall of your tyres. The first is to help identify the size and specification of the tyres correctly. The second is to confirm that the tyre has been tested and approved to European and other country safety standards. The European mandatory is known as 'E' marking. Click here to see a diagram explaining each part of the tyre reference. Although not illegal, it is not recommended to have tyres with a lower speed rating or load capacity than the manufacturer recommended tyre specification for your vehicle, or to have a combination of different tyre construction types. Consult your vehicle handbook, which will confirm your vehicles tyre speed and load ratings as well as any additional requirements. Load Index and Speed Ratings The majority of tyres carry coded markings on them, which correspond to their load carrying and maximum speed capabilities. For example: 91V 91 Index of maximum load carrying capacity per tyre, in this case equates to 615kg. V Symbol which equates to a speed rating of 240km/h (approximately 149mph) The load index is a numerical code, which corresponds to the maximum load a tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed symbol, under specific service conditions. For specific load index details see below. Load Index Kilograms Load Index Kilograms Load Index Kilograms 65 290 80 450 95 690 66 300 81 462 96 710 67 307 82 475 97 730 68 215 83 487 98 750 69 325 84 500 99 775 70 335 85 515 100 800 71 345 86 530 101 825 72 355 87 545 102 850 73 365 88 560 103 875 74 375 89 580 104 900 75 387 90 600 105 925 76 400 91 615 106 950 77 412 92 630 107 975 78 425 93 650 108 1000 79 437 94 670 The speed symbol indicates the speed at which the tyre can carry the load corresponding with its load index. For specific speed rating details see below. Speed Symbol Approx MPH Approx KM/H Q 99 160 R 106 170 S 112 180 T 118 190 H 131 210 V 149 240 VR 131 210 W 168 270 Y 186 300 ZR 149 240
Q:Do we need to put snow tyres for 2003 corolla?
If you have all season tires on your car, you'll probably be fine. If you have performance tires on your car, then you'd want to switch them out for snow tires. I think snow tires are slightly better than all season tires but not by a whole lot. Considering you're talking about a Corolla, I'm guessing you've got all season tires so you'll probably be fine. It's not THAT big a deal to put snow tires on. The tires may cost a bit up front and if you buy them already mounted that'll add up to. But then there's less hassle when it's time to change them. It costs us $10 total to get this done at Rinderle on 35th. It would be more if they actually had to remount them all. And Milwaukee gets plenty of snow. I don't know which Milwaukee that other person is living in! Plowing.eh, not so much. Certainly not much happening on the side streets!
Q:tire chains for Cayenne?
Why would you need snow chains? You said your vehicle is a Porsche Cayenne. It can swing journeys through snow without snow chains better than anything that would require snow chains.
Q:Can I use regular tires? ?
I've used car tires on trailer in the past without issues. They put a weight capacity listed on the tire sidewalls, and I bet a car tire will suffice. Some trailer have small tire sizes that they don't make in a car tire size however. Get new valve stems, too.
Q:Where to install tires?
Any local tire shop, most gas stations can mount your tires. But as has been stated , after the shipping charges, and mounting charges (say $100 plus on 4 tires) and no warranty, are you really saving much. Many salvage yards sell used tires too, then you can save on the shipping fees,

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