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The difference between Galanz light wave oven and microwave oven
Light wave stove barbecue tube is composed of quartz tube or pipe into the halogen tube (i.e. light tube), can quickly generate high temperature heat, cooling faster, higher heating efficiency, and will not be scorched, so as to ensure the food color. From the cost point of view, the cost of the light pipe is only a few dollars more than the copper tube or the quartz tube, so now the use of the lightwave tube in the microwave oven technology is very common.
What's the quartz tube in the microwave oven for?
Such as transparent, is an ultraviolet tube (not in the microwave oven, used in the disinfection cabinet), used for sterilization, disinfection.
What are the defects of the ceramic heater and quartz tube heating?
The ceramic PTC has high heating efficiency and no open flame, and the hot air circulation flows out heat energy to the space. The quartz tube is heated inside the quartz tube. The heating wire is heated and has an open flame. It radiates heat into the space in the form of radiation. The service life of ceramic PTC heating is many times longer than that of quartz tube heater.
Quartz tube type two-color liquid level gauge, how to measure good or bad?
The liquid level meter directly displays the position of the liquid surface by using the optical principle, and the boundary of the gas, the red liquid and the green is very obvious. The liquid level meter is a fluorescent double color display, which is suitable for night and long distance observation.
The difference between infrared heating tube and quartz heating tube
Quartz heating tube is infrared heating pipe, heating pipe is not all but the infrared quartz tube, a far infrared coating metal tube tobo!
Water heater quartz tube heating in three seconds possible?
High thermal efficiency, heating body is pure black carbon fiber material, in the process of electric heating conversion, visible light is very few, the electrothermal conversion efficiency reaches more than 95%, than the nickel, chromium, molybdenum and tungsten materials as the heater until the heating body, can save 30%; under the same power, than the Ni Cr metal heating tube high radiation temperature of 30 DEG C tube, 15 DEG C higher than quartz electric heating tungsten molybdenum wire. The infrared light by the human body, clothing, such as direct water absorbent, the heat transfer process in the heat loss is small; the absorption of more carbohydrates, with good carbon atom resonance effect, greatly improve the efficiency of products.
What does inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer mean?
After the sample is processed into a solution, the atomizer is changed into a full sol from the bottom into the tube, and the quartz tube is injected into the plasma torch from the nozzle through the center shaft. When the sample aerosol enters the plasma flame, most of the sample breaks down into the atomic and ionic states of the excited state. When these excited particles recovered to a stable ground state to release some energy (performance spectra for a certain wavelength), determination of spectral line specific to each element and strength, compared with the standard solution, you can know the types and contents of elements contained in the sample.
Electronic energy saving heater and quartz tube heating rod
The electric heater converts the electric energy into heat energy through the electric heating element, and the good electric heating element can not convert the electric energy 100% into the heat energy.